The Accidental Gift – Part 1

I was born with a hearing defect that went undetected so I learned to speak with a bit of a lisp while running words together in a sentence.

The adults in my family assumed I had a form of mental retardation because of how I spoke and also because I did not seem to pay attention (couldn’t hear very well) therefore I was regarded and labeled as slightly retarded – today more socially correct words are used, but that was then.

My parents felt they could handle the situation themselves. No doctors were involved.

My hearing problem was finally observed and understood by both teachers and the adults at home by the time I was in the second grade. At school I was moved to the front of the class where I could hear more of what the teachers said. School was brutal the first few years as other kids made fun of me and the way I spoke.

Unfortunately the die had been cast at home and not much changed for the next few years.

…To be continued!