Love, Laughter, Strawberries and Hugs


… These are a few of my favorite things.

And you! Definitely you. And the aftermath of a rainshower when rainbows appear, birds sing and the fragrance of life bursts forth.

And giggles, I love little children giggling – so totally infectious. And puppies and kittens (goes without saying I guess). Flowers, I simple love flowers, all kinds and strawberries still on the vine, red, sweet and just waiting to be picked and popped into my waiting mouthwatering mouth.

And good news. Any good news, doesn’t matter what. And music where people spontaneously sing along, because we can’t help ourselves. How great is that?

There are just too many things to name when it comes to favorite things.

But then it seems to me even on the hardest of days remembering our favorite things that make us happy (and grateful) is an absolutely wonderful way to go on!

Take care of you.
With love and affection,
~ Penny

The Flavors of Love


Have you ever thought of love as having flavors? And just so we’re clear on this subject I am referring to a non physical application. Love of a sunny day.

Or the pure love of a parent/child relationship. Or the love of footballwatching your favoritefirst steps sports team in a close game of skill. Yes even love of different kinds of food.

I know when we think of food, just a million different potentialities come to mind. What kind of food, sweet or savory, strong or mild, delicate or heavy, just so many possibilities.

I think love does have flavors, A variety of flavors that mix and match on any given day for any given reason. a special feel good spot that can have nuances to it in the moment where some particular extra something happens that sets that moment apart for you. Putting in the last piece of a difficult puzzle.puzzle A day spent with a friend or family where each moment adds a positive feel good feeling.

Christmas villageIn this country, at this time of year. the flavors of love are plentiful. Many of us have cherished memories to associate from holidays past, decorating is a love/chore in and of itself.

Viewing the decorations everywhere is a daily pleasure. But more than that the verbal exchanges from people,

the happy music, and videos, the hustle and bustle, the smells and tastes of delicious treats all of it blending together weaving so many flavors of lovenew years right up to the New Year.

I for one love bringing in the New Year, the ending/beginning and the rejoicing of same!

I’m hoping this year as many of us ‘as is possible’ will  hold true to the spirit of the holiday season and cherish the many flavors of love.

~ Penny