3:30 a.m.- love, light and technology…

…to chase away the fears.

It is the middle of the night. Very very stormy outside. Thunder and lightning in all its magestry. Initially sleeping I discover I’m waking up, the sounds of the storm arousing me. It is the beginning of what will be the start of a very early morning.

A small hand touches my arm. “G.P.?”  A small quiet voice in the dark questions. “Yes, Emma?” I respond softly. I live in a household that consists of several children, two adults, and assorted animals. As a reference point I am called ‘G.P.’ (a nickname) by all.

The youngest has woken. Th result of very loud thunder and bright flashes of lightning from a summer storm raging outside.

 “The thunder woke me up, it’s scary,” she said. “It did me too.” I say.

In very short order Emma is in bed next to me, wide awake. I get up, turning on the bed lamp before I leave to make coffee. A short while later I’m back, bringing a cupful of nice hot “wake me up” brew along with my laptop, a cup of hot chocolate for Emma and her DSI (Hand-held game/system). Since both are wireless, we can use them safely during the storm.

Franky, one of my two cats is also afraid of the storm, so at 3:30 a.m. we snuggle, occupy ourselves with our electronics, sip on warm beverages, and weather the storm with love, light and the technology of the day.

“G.P.?” Emma says as she settles in to play videos on her DSI.

“Yes, Emma?” I answer.

“I love you.” She replies quietly.

“Me too.” I reply in an equally soft voice.

And all is well at 3:30 a.m. in an otherwise very stormy night.