This Post is brought to you by the color Pink!


When it comes to beauty, few things illustrate this better than nature.



Beauty is that which leaves us breathless in the moment.

Beauty creates the most glorious sensation, beginning with the view and then working it’s way deep down inside our souls enriching us.

There is a feeling of wonder gazing at each of these three beautiful pink flowers! A feel good uplifting experience.


Just think if we could achieve the same sort of feelings of wonder when in contact with other people. Just by being with them and sharing ourselves.

Much the same way the flowers share their beauty!


Because ultimately every one of us is beautiful … each in our own uniqueness.


How glorious it would be If our souls could radiate beauty the same as these living pink flowers of nature.

But perhaps they do – radiate beauty that is – maybe we aren’t looking close enough to tell.

Today might be a good day to beginning looking!


Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going smoothly for you, filled with lots of color and beauty!

~ Penny


Prelude Finale – Embedded Passions

Passions of the Mind

Hello and welcome.

Today I will be discussing once more – the nature of passion. In the next post I will begin exploring each of the individual senses within our body (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell).

The thing is (sigh), passion is tightly interwoven with our senses. So intimately are they connected that you can’t discuss the one without at least understanding the other.

When I first wrote about passion, I discussed the passion of both the writer and the reader. Later on I referred to “symbols” and used the heart for example while relating to love and the desire for one another. But passion is so much more vast in its encompassing.

Our passions in life are really what move us to do what it is we do and I believe the power of passion is embedded within every single one of us! It only needs an opening to be released.

Being passionate is really about your thoughts and senses overflowing with the strongest of your emotions – IN ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE on ANY SUBJECT!

There are those who feel great passion inside, but releasing it is a whole ‘nuther thing. Embedded passion needs a spark to be ignited. But there’s a trick here, I think.

You are the one that will allow your passions release. For some this comes so easily, it seems…for others it is a struggle to open up your senses fully – breathe life in with big huge gulps – and embrace all that amazing passion. Yours for the taking, just sitting there inside – waiting.

Passion is risky. You know that. There can be…consequences. But important things in life come with a risk. Living life itself is a risk, but we can’t grow if we don’t challenge ourselves. This is the very nature of the fabric of life and your choice as always…But one worth taking, I think. Right now would be a very good time for you to release your passions.

Passion’s Release


I am here, inside waiting

Release me

I can promise you emotions you have never felt

The depth of my promise is as deep as

the deepest ocean,

as high as the mightest mountain

as wide and full

as the canyons of dreams within your mind,

You will live as never before,

this I promise you

Release me,

I will give you all you desire and so much

more, yours for the taking

We will explore everything in life

and beyond

the reaches of time and space


I can do this, I promise

release me

I will set fire to your dreams

I will recreate ever wonder ever conceived

fashioned only for you


Release me

I am your reward for daring to live and love

and dance and sing and laugh

Set me free


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

The Accidental Gift – Part 3

By the time I reached high school I had acquired a huge capacity for living and loving life but just did okay in the classroom. I still retained all of the emotions associated with a negative feeling of self-worth that had begun at a very early age.

My junior year in high school I was among a group chosen to have an I.Q. test administered by nearby Oregon State University for the purpose of some research being conducted at the time.

As it turns out I tested quite high. (Yeah, I even had it checked again later on while at Penn State University – and I’m really smart! Who knew?)

My parents were notified and appeared very confused by the results. After the earlier debacle regarding my hearing, they had decided that while I wasn’t retarded I was just average, although a good artist and reader (yup, I spent lots of time alone). They were sure that my other siblings were the brainy ones having inherited this from my dad (his IQ was well above 140).

After the results from the IQ test and my introverted nature my parents decided I must be an under achiever as I spent so much time reading and drawing. With very little encouragement I grew up wondering about that myself.

…to be continued.

The Accidental Gift – Part 2

Right around the age of 10 something happened inside my ears and suddenly I could hear – perfectly.

The morning I woke up with perfect hearing I could hear the padding of footsteps on the floor and voices and small sounds of movement from other rooms.

I, loudly, (or so it seemed to me at the time) announced to all the new status of my hearing by saying “Why is everything so loud?”

The doctors had no real clue as to why or how my hearing had improved so dramatically. They told my parents that there must have been some form of blockage that had cleared itself. It wasn’t a good answer then any more than it would be today.

But I could really hear everything I’d been missing! The nuances of everyday background sounds that most take for granted I had never before experienced. Birds singing, the whispering sound of a soft breeze, the gurgle of a meandering stream, a seemingly never ending myriad of brand new sounds. It was astonishing to me and I know for weeks and weeks after I would go on and on about the many and varied “new” sounds I was hearing before I actually began to become accustomed to the differences.

I could also hear the way I sounded when I would talk. It didn’t take me long to figure out that much of the fun being made towards me at my expense by my fellow students was caused by the manner in which I spoke. It took even less time for me to correct this.

…To be continued!


       I’ve been thinking about imagination and the role it’s played in my life. MAJOR! To say the least. I was definitely very shy as a child. While growing up I was more comfortable living in my pretend   world using my imagination. I’m guessing this is probably true for many of    us. But once grown up I believe the process of imagination is still constantly at work assisting us with being creative every day.

Two of my all time heroes on this planet are Walt Disney and Albert Einstein. Each had very strong feelings about imagination. Albert Einstein wrote “Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life’s coming attractions”. Walt Disney wrote “imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” These two amazing gentlemen sum up my own feelings. When it comes to imagination, the more the better. Specially in today’s highly  technological environment (I must note that most probably the highly technological developments have come about as a result of both high creativity and imagination) however for the users of said technology the constant change and complexity of new interactive ways of communicating can be overwhelming. The need for exploring our own imagination was never greater than it is today.

Imagination happens suddenly in our minds. Where we go with it…well that’s up to each of us. I’d love to hear from you and have you share your thoughts on imagination.