Acts of Kindness

This Sunday I have but one act of kindness shared with me during the course of the previous week. Which I will be passing on to you in a moment. If you look at the categories at the top of this page you will see a category ACTS OF KINDNESS. If you’ve heard about, witnessed, received or been a part of an act of kindness please share in the comment section there.

Or you can share today in the comment section at the end of this post. Either way I will pass it on to readers to enjoy and appreciate the everyday acts of kindness that mostly go unnoticed but are all the more special because they happen to everyday people like you and I each day. I hope you’ll have one to share too.

Todays Act of Kindness is from Harula, her blog is Words That Serve ~ breathe, read…smile! She wrote:

Recently I was at the checkout in Tesco, when a lady next to me exclaimed, ‘ah, help, it’s gonna kill me…’. There was a spider, wandering over the counter amongst the plastic bags. The woman held her arms tight to her chest in fright, and told the cashier to ‘do something, do something!’

I was both curious and nervous. I expected the cashier to kill the spider, so I was kind of half turned away as I didn’t want to see and felt too shy to intervene. All kinds of judgmental thoughts were passing through my mind about the woman who was making such a fuss, and about the cashier whom I thought would kill this small being who wasn’t doing anyone any harm.

What happened next filled me with great happiness and a healthy dose of humble pie. The cashier came from out behind her desk, despite the fact there was quite a queue waiting. She took a piece of cardboard and encouraged the spider to climb onto it. Once it was secure she walked over to the nearest window, lying the piece of cardboard down gently and leaving the spider to make its next move, well away from all the fuss and fear.

She then returned to her desk and continued to serve with a smile. Not once did she tell the woman to stop complaining. or not to make a fuss etc, she just calmly moved the spider to a safe space. This act really touched me and woke me up to how wrong I can be when I make snap judgments about what I expect someone to do. Not a day goes by without people surprising me, and mostly for the good  🙂

Thank you Harula. I will say that a spider isn’t one of my favorite creatures that I share this planet with, and yet I was delighted in the manner in which the cashier handled the situation. There is a gentleness and serenity to many loving people and it comes across very clearly in this act of kindness. She calmed her customer and set free a spider to go about it’s business as if it were a regular occurrence in her day! Making very light of a small affair in the process! It is the little things that can make a big difference in a day!

Thank you for stopping by to read, have an excellent week ahead,



The first thing each morning …

We tell ourselves how the rest of the day is going to go … or we let the day decide for us!


“The beauty of each day will only be enhanced with your embracing it!”  ~ Penny L Howe, 2013

Today may your thoughts and actions take you to exactly the places you want to be – all day. From your first morning breath to your last thought before you go to sleep tonight.



From Morning to Night ~ My wishes to you!

“I wish you morning dewdrops to moisten the rough textures of your day,
golden sunbeams to brighten the pathway of your travels,
and starry skied moonbeams to fly you away to your fondest dreams!”

~ Penny L. Howe, 2013



Have an excellent week, thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

penny l howe