The Power and Art of Your Written Words … Can Change Lives!

They are awesome, did you know that? Those creative words you say and write.


So why and what is it about the power of words? Studying the structure and meaning of words (in all languages) is called Semiotics but there is also a field that studies not only the words we communicate with, but the biology of it –  biosemiotics.

Scientists have learned that when we communicate we are altering (at a biological level) both ourselves and our perception regarding the nature of things.

Distinguished biologists (Ernst Mayr, Manfred Eigen) believe we are evolving in the physical world as the result of our “shared” communications.


There is no doubt that language is central to our grasp of the world we live in.

So when you write, blog and communicate do you fully realize the potential you hold in your hand when sharing an opinion or idea; a short story, (article, book, play, poem, song)?  Do you know you may be changing someone’s life with your words? Heavy stuff, huh!

What we say and how we express ourselves is becoming more important than ever today. Our words, (to an ever expanding degree )are the collective bi-products of world-wide social interactions. And while we’re connecting and perhaps influencing each other, most importantly, we are evolving into all we are meant to be! And I … well, I personally think that’s wonderful!

Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, singing on YouTube or exchanging thoughts and ideas on any social media platform, you are affecting those who read/hear your words.

Thank you, to all of you from around the world, I feel the meaning in the words you are writing, the thoughts you are sharing, the love you are sending.

They are beautiful and important – your words – so keep writing, keep sharing. Don’t stop! Your thoughts and ideas are unique to you and this creates a purposeful value for others. Every word you write is building towards our Global future together, as one people, on one planet – An International Community growing and coming together through the power of our words.


Thank you for stopping by, have an excellent week to come and as always remember … take care of you.

With much regard and affection,

~ Penny

The 6th Day of Happiness – Finding the Real YOU!


Are you the Real You? 

In today’s modern world, from the time we’re born, we’re inundated with information about who we should be, how we should be and so on. With this never ending and ongoing input we can get lost in a miasma-like state of existence, permeating every thought we think and action we take.

Often, we become who we think we should become based on what others tell us. But who are we really?

How many changes have you made to accommodate someone other than yourself? How many things that you’ve wanted to do have you not done because of fear of the unknown.

When will you let the real you emerge and come out from behind the exterior shell you’ve built in the mistaken belief that you’re safe, when in reality you are letting LIFE – your life – pass you by.

So ask yourself this. Who am “I” inside of me, really? How do “I” feel about where my life is heading? What can “I” do about it?

On this sixth day of happiness I’d like to give you a huge “heads up”. I know the real you. And you’re amazing! And awesome! Uniquely individual and loaded with all sorts of original thoughts and ideas. Don’t let exterior influences take over. Be your own person. You are far more worthy than you realize. And if I know it, you can too.

So go ahead! Find the real you! I’m rooting for you. Begin by make things happen for yourself. Just take that first step … The one great – big – positive – harmonious thought of Believing – In YOU!


* * *

With much affection to my world-wide friends,


The Very Best Thing About Monday is …


Well okay so it took a minute but I came up with one! Another day I get to tell the people I love, that I love them!

“I love you!”

The other best thing about Monday is we have another day to work towards making our dreams come true (including making the world a better place to live in)!


“Here I am a race-car driver (I always wanted to be one)” And the car is just the right size too! LOL (Seriously, I once raced my jag (jaguar XKE against a Corvette Stingray) and left him in the dust!!!! – Ah memories!)

. . .

Have a great week everyone! To my friends in USA, Canada, Central and South American have a great day! To those in Europe and Africa a wonderful evening, to my friends in Central Asia, the Far East, Australia and all the other excellent islands and locations I’ve not included have an excellent Tuesday!

~ Penny

Music – the great equalizer!

East or west, high or low – MUSIC, the stuff that helps shape our dreams. It matters not the language, the location, the instrument being played, or the song. Music brings us all together to embrace the loving of life!


We are meant to love one another – never forget that! Celebrate life – all life!

~ Penny

Friday Fictioneers – My free lawnmower!



goats and graves by randy mazie


The “Free” Lawnmower

When living in Florida, I owned property that included a tiny orange grove of 100 trees. A definite challenge to keep the grass around the trees cut, until the day we bought a goat. The goat very efficiently ate all the grass.

However he also developed a crush on me.  Early each morning, he’d be waiting to chase me to the chicken coup. His horns were wicked but he was just being playful. I got my morning exercise and he got a sweet pat on the head. The lips of his mouth would curl back and he’d smile. So a win – win for both of us!


A true story and a part of my life, raising my children. The goat had rather substantial horns that curved and he was young and very frisky. Absolutely a challenge to make it to the chickens each morning with him chasing me.

Hope you enjoyed the story. You should join in the fun. To write a flash fiction (approximately 100 words) for Friday Fictioneers. Just click on the link for all the particulars. Your excellent hostess Rochelle will guide you through the easy to follow steps! Thank you Randy Mazie for the photo prompt for this week.

Thanks for your visit, have a great day and better tomorrow,

~ Penny


Rainbows II

A follow-up to my last Rainbow post: Thank you Cat Forsley for reminding me of how we felt about rainbows when we were children. Let’s be children again and enjoy this Youtube *video by Hoopla Kidz:


*For kindle subscribers go to
Youtube and search for Rainbow Colors Song.



Stay Cool, and remember to view the potentials of life as prisms of colors – reflecting hope, like the rainbow!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Words that are spoken – meanings that are heard!

Good Morning, If you live in the Northwestern Coast of America. Good Afternoon/Evening if you live further away from me – And for some of you (as I write these words) it’s tomorrow. How’s the future where you are – lol? 

word meaningsThe topic today is WORD. I just used a handful of words to say hello to everyone who may be reading this post. Words convey much. They can be fun, they can be provocative, and they can be rich with meaning. And they can be misunderstood.

  1. word: A sound or a combination of sounds (spoken), or its representation in writing or printing that symbolizes and communicates a meaning.
  2. word meaning: The way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted.

It’s – number 2. word meaning – that can be the most troublesome for us all. Add to that different languages (and how they may be interpreted) and communicating becomes exceedingly interesting. When we express ourselves with the written word it is very easy for something to be misinterpreted. When we write creatively (as sharingin fiction, or poetry)  the reader is free to feel (through the words) what they want to feel and interpret the piece according.

But too often when we write something nonfiction (in the blogging world) it is easy to assume that the reader  “understands” the intent, but there is always the possibility for an unintended misinterpretation.

In summation I’d like to say that when I attempt to communicate or convey a message to others, I do so with the sole intent of passing on (hopefully) information that may be of some positive value to others. While I do have and share opinions also, they are my own.

Each of us has our own opinions and how great is that? The world is a richer place because of this. The world is also a richer place because of each of you. And even if we don’t always “get” each other or disagree, that’s okay too, it’s part of the learning experience of life isn’t it?

Regardless of where you live in this global community of which we are all a part I wish for you a happy day and better tomorrow.

~ Penny


Emma, Jack, smiles and a thank you!


“Good Morning!”

I made pancakes for breakfast and Emma felt the need to share a smile with hers!


photo taken this morning!

I apologize for the delay in having more posts by Emma and Jack, but each has been very busy in their world of creativity.

As for what’s been keeping Emma’s creativity muse busy, She has been learning how to make short movies uploaded from her DSI flipnotes – cartoon clips, she creates with her own original characters! And doing tons of sketches and taking more creative photographs!


photo taken this morning!

Jack sends a smile with his legos. He has been alternating his creative muse by learning and understanding why the Titanic sunk (and how) by recreating the event with his legos and bathtub water, also he’s been learning to make short movies while creating “stop motion” action with his lego characters.

While they still feel the loss of their daddy, (and then she waited), they are happy and healing well as both stay creatively busy when not learning or playing with other children in their neighborhood.

ThANK YOU for being loving and caring online to both Jack and Emma, through your comments and emails. They do read and appreciate them very much!

They also view online viewers as a part of their world-wide extended family! That’s YOU! You have helped make a healing difference for them and I appreciate you more than I can say! So again I say thank you from my heart! xo

~ Penny