Some Things Are Simple To Understand, Like Love!



That is until we humans complicate them.

Culture (within societies – local, national and international) play a large role in equipping us, as we go through life, with “glasses of preconceptions” through which we view and interpret reality around us. Most specifically when it comes to realizing that others with other values or “glasses” can view the world differently but feel the same perfect validity as we do.

Yet, I truly believe that some things are universally understood and …

“It really is that simple. One word. One people. One planet. One Goal ~ LOVE!” ~ Plh


With affection,

~ Penny

International Woman’s Day


Today is International Woman’s Day, This is the day to take a little time to explore some of the wonderful things going on around the planet to advance education, experience, opportunities and to celebrate those women already out there making a difference in the world today!

Take a few minutes to check out the link above. Read, explore, learn, share and be involved! That’s what this is all about. And if you click on the header at the top of this post you can see some excellent slide shows of women making a positive difference in the world today!

Have a great day,