A song, A reminder and a gift for you!

Sowing MiraclesA gift for you, please take and share as you like! Spread the love!


“When you’re worried and you can’t sleep, count your blessings … instead of sheep and you’ll fall asleep … counting your blessings!”

When all is said and done we’re just human beings. One of more than 7 billion populating our planet. We have many different beliefs, faiths, and backgrounds; where we come from, where we’re going, how we want to get there, what we want to change – but we’re still all people – every one us!


This week look for whats good inside each person you meet or hear about – try counting your blessings and then bless all those with whom you harbor ill feelings! When you open your heart, good things will happen!

May your week be filled with love. Bless you, one and all!

Aren’t Quotes wonderful things?

Hello everyone, Today is the start of a new week. As I begin my day today I think on the many quotes out there about the ‘present’, ‘future’ and ‘past’ of things! Each quote reminding us of some important quality of each of these three words.

remember yesterday

My thoughts today are to find …

A Place for All Three

Live in the present – today is the day you are living. The now of things!

Look to the future – the future is our hopes and our dreams, we need those!

And most especially, learn from your past.


live in the day

The third one “learning from our past” is the toughie. Our personal memories as well as the history of our ancestors is filled not only with what went right, but what went very wrong. We humans tend to get “hung up” with our negative emotions there.

Do try to remember that yesterday is over but can be a positive learning experience, if we don’t dwell on what went wrong but learn on how to do things better.

think on the future


By our choices each day we are a product of our own making. So it certainly makes sense to take advantage of what we (and our ancestors) have learned from the past. This gives us a more fruitful day to live in the present so that our lives will be richer (in health and happiness) tomorrow!

Incorporate each of the the three into your lives. Learn from the past, Live in the present, and Look to the future! Your choice, as always!

Have a great week!


~ Penny

Awww … and Reading Inspiration too!

Reading – the foundation to learn upon!

I love this picture!

Reading words became my learning foundation when I was 4 years old. I had difficulty hearing as a child so I was taught to read early (actually my mother taught all of us to read early, she felt it was important.).

My imagination happily took flight when I would get lost inside the the story of a book and when not reading I would daydream and imagine all sorts of wonderful things as a child.

Reading books is a very good thing for children. Based on my own personal experience I cannot encourage you enough to encourage children to read books. There are electronic formats now, in abundance.

And these are good too. They can be used to further encourage children to use, write and read words. Word power is the thing.

The more words a child knows the more he/she is able to learn.

Education is the key to a better future. Word knowledge is the main foundation for education.


Share, be involved and encourage children to read. This is Good!

This is very good!



A Child Reading ~ Our Future!

Thanks for stopping by today

~ Penny