dot.(com) what may!

The Passion of Creativity

Well here we are. It is the year 2014. Nothing seems to be larger than interactive internet and the innovative technological inventions that permeate all, totally and completely overwhelming, and we are extremely addicted to same.

So what’s next? I don’t know but I believe it will be exciting and a very good thing. The global internet (as we know and understand it today) has brought people from all parts of the planet closer together. There is the business to business aspect of partnering world-wide (ecommerce), for not only multinational concerns but also the small business entrepreneur, and even greater than this is the private citizen’s amazing ability to communicate almost immediately, anywhere with anyone.


Team Spirit

More humans on the planet are understanding that the passion of a thing (fires the hard work that is necessary and) can produce results. And building reality from a dream, happens faster with a team and team spirit. (One only has to look at Silicon Valley to fully be aware of this.) Many, many, more humans are realizing there is potential, and that their dreams can become reality. The internet fosters those dreams and this is a very good thing, I believe.

hopeful dream to idea

Hopeful Dream to Idea to …

In conclusion I’d just like to add, there is no doubt or question that we humans are the proud parents of the Internet and while our baby continues to grow, we will continue to learn and grow with it. Why? Our passion for the creative, our need to grow as humans and our desire to be all we can be … come what may!

Congratulations to Jack Ma, his wonderful team and of course Alibaba … May you live long and prosper!

Penny L Howe, 2014

Is copying another blogger’s “style” okay?

I was asked this recently by another blogger. From a marketing (legal perspective) there is nothing illegal about it. Most bloggers get a customized blogging background and then write and present photographs or illustrations within the existing background. I fit that category.

But there are also a few who customize the “look and feel” of their blog. You know it’s theirs, as soon as you go there to view their latest post. I know a few who have done this, they have worked long and hard on a look that is “distinctive” to who they are. A particular font, the coloring, a pattern to how their written words are laid out, a certain kind of illustration, all sorts of little special things that make their blog unique to themselves.

Personally, I think it’s rude to “take” and copy someone else’s look when you’ve not put the effort in yourself. But there’s not much to be done about it. There are those out there who are diamonds. They glitter with their originality, their beauty, their love of all things. Their creativity so clearly reflected in the look of their blog. 

And then there are those who pretend to be so, but are like artificial diamonds, they can’t pass the test of being the “real deal” because they’ve taken the easy way out and are busily copying someone else. And profiting from it too, taking credit for what is not really theirs.

 It is not good or healthy,to be a pretend (faux) person. Most especially if you are someone that discusses and extols the purity of your faith, so eloquently. I really have a problem with the reconciling of that one.

But that’s just me, and how I feel about things. Theft will go on in the online world of things and most people will just pretend it hasn’t happened. It’s the real world we live in today. Not much honor or honesty, out there – at all!

Sorry guys, if I sound upset, it’s because I am, on behalf of two amazing bloggers that I have followed for more than a year.

(To the copycat blogger I am referring to: I look forward to seeing your own original layout and design at some point in the near future. I understand some find it very easy to “borrow” things online, and I recognize you’ve only been blogging for about half of a year – it is therefore all too easy to be attracted to the appearance of someone else’s blog that they have developed. And think it’s okay to present, as your own a “certain look”. Right now it is hard to view your words without seeing the two women, who I greatly admire for dealing with and overcoming pain and adversity, each of who’ve been blogging and writing in a certain style – their own – for more than a year.)

~ Penny