Just saying “Hi Five”!

on this beautiful Autumn day!

Hi there

“Oh, and if you see any nuts, acorns, seeds, just any ol’ thing lying around that you think I can store away for the winter months ahead, I’d be most obliged!”

Thanks, well back to work, have a great rest of your week!

Hey everyone, Here’s a photo to brighten your day!

~ Penny

Blogger Minions – Get Yours Today!

Blogging is a time consuming thing.

Not enough hours in the day.

So I created “blogger minions”.


by wd2007 - dreamstime.com

My Blogger Minions

They are quick, and they last
they do blogging very fast.
These little guys are very sweet
and of course they love to tweet.
They are clever and watch for trends
Their creativity never ends.
They read emails, sort, respond
The things they do, goes on and on.
These little guys with their PC’s
are really cute, as you can see!
Order now, buy this new trend
Blogger Minions – your new best friends!

Buy today, only $19.95  per 100, 200 minions, (plus shipping charges $595.00 and all applicable taxes)!

Special offer: *Buy 200 and get the second 200 minions free!

*Not responsible for how quickly they reproduce – I haven’t got that part figured out yet! They seem mysteriously attracted to each other, it may have something to do with the rabbit DNA I added to improve their cuteness.


Have an excellent Friday everyone, and have a little fun today too!

~ Penny


Feel good feelings!


“Smiles and Laughter are ‘feel good’ things!
They give you a psychological advantage
from negatives that can threaten to overtake you.” ~ Penny, 2013


Do something delightful that brings a smile to your face.

Do something that makes you laugh spontaneously!

Have a good laugh today!

Watch a funny movie! Share a joke with friends!

Read a humorous book!

If you have children nearby, play a fun game with them.

If you have a pet, play with them.

Think a funny thought!

Okay I admit it may be a bit of a reach –

drawing a happy face on a cotton swab.

Although I have to say that the other swabs look quite jealous,

or perhaps envious for his happy expression!

I hope I brought at least a smile to your face today,

hopefully a little laughter too!

Have a great Thursday everyone,

~ Penny


A Very Special Sketch

This is the second week of my participating in Lisa’s (Playamart – Zeebra Design) wonderful Timeout for Art! If you like to sketch or even think you might like it, check it out.Timeout for Art:  Through A Child’s Eyes     Creative fun, and great therapy for calming the inner conflicts of your mind.


When I picked out the sketch shown here. I did not know her title for this week Through A Child’s Eyes and the fun quote that went with it. We were commenting back and forth just before she posted it and I shared with her that I had a special drawing to share.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her title because my drawing concerns things as viewed through a child’s eyes. Artists (This includes all creative souls by the way) are kindred spirits indeed.

This drawing in my sketchbook is unfinished (just a little shading and details not completed) but all the more special because of what it does contain. (notice the child like drawings)

Ever since I was small I would draw things around me, I still do.

About six years ago I was visiting my daughter and her family and decided to sketch little Jack and his older sister Jordan who were intently watching a TV show.

I drew in the main details of their back sides and some of the pieces of furniture, part of the lamp, tv and so on when Jack decided to leave the room (of course) so I began some of the shading and filling in of the drawing. I figured I’d finish the rest of the detail and the shading the next day. I set the drawing pad aside for the day.

When I looked at it the next day, the very youngest member of the family had added her own art to the drawing. She was very proud of her work. She pointed out to me the picture on the wall and the characters in the TV, the clock underneath and so on! The sketch became priceless to me, just as it was!

It’s a few years later now and at the ripe young age of 11 Emma loves to draw more than anything else. And she’s good!

My message for today, draw for the joy of it and if you have children, be encouraging if they show an interest in drawing. It’s a very good thing to do!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Much ado about … everything!

This musical video “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!” has a few words in it that can be considered offensive (I am being serious here). The song is from Monty Python’s movie The Life of Brian (1979) but the point is still well made. We take ourselves and our lives (and everyone else’s) far too seriously, too often.

The good news is … (wait, there’s good news?) … as I was saying, the good news is there is so much news, events, activities, things happening that everyone seems to have an opinion about, and so on, that the word “boring” (unless your referring to a drill) isn’t in most people’s vocabulary. At least not too much.

This is official “Lighten up Week” (well I don’t know that it’s actually official) but for goodness sake (your own sake – for starters!) look on the bright side of things. It is waaaaay to easy to look on the dark side (Imagine Darth Vader breathing here!) of things.



Take a break this week from the “Much ado” aspect of living. Be thankful and grateful for what you do have right this second. Enjoy those around you, make their day and yours a little bit better.

Have a great week,

~ Penny

penny l howe

A serious study in the importance of …



contrasts one


Sometimes the right thing to do, to get a true feeling for the importance of contrasts, is to experience them yourself.

Certainly if one were to partake of an ice cream bar on a sunny day at the beach, one might be able to indeed compare the subtle and unique differences that can occur with contrasts. One might even say – up close and personal.


contrasts 2


 You find yourself enjoying the first few scintillating icy bites of rich chocolate and creamy vanilla ice cream, while sitting in the hot sun near the sandy beach contemplating the contrast of hot and cold.


contrasts 3


After a few bites, however you determine there are too many contrasts to be considered as the creamy melting ice cream glides over your lips and down your sand covered chin.

Wisely you decide contrasts are one thing, but a mouth full of delicious flavor suspends any further contemplation that one might wish to make on the matter. Your focus becomes the task at hand. Enjoying the delicious taste of an ice cream bar on a hot sunny day.

The study of contrasts is postponed for another day, maybe a rainy one, unless there are mud puddles. Ah, the never ending complexities of life to be considered.


Hope you’re having a great weekend,

~ Penny


Alastair’s Photo Fiction – So what’s in the glass?

Alastair’s Photo Fiction. I’ve decided to take part in a new weekly writing challenge. In this challenge the goal is to write a flash fiction (short-short) story using 150 words or less (approximately – those who go over the 150 count will have all their personal belongings confiscated and will pay a fine of $5,000 – okay not really but it sounds kind of cool doesn’t it? Talk about money making ideas! lol). Seriously, the prompt each week will be from a photograph provided by Alastair. This weeks photo prompt below.




A conversation going nowhere!

“So, what’s in the glass?”

“Nothing much, why do you ask?”

“Because I’m curious as to what it is?”

“You mean the swirly stuff?”

“Yes I mean the swirly stuff, what is it?”

“Well, what would you like it to be?”

“…What kind of an answer is that?”

“My answer! What would you like it to be?”

“Oh this is ridiculous, WHAT’S IN THE GLASS?”

“Well, it’s magic, think about what you want, hold the glass in your hand, drink it and the wish is granted!”

“Oh, too cool, I know what I want, give me the glass.”

“I’ve already made my wish. Why do you always get to do everything first?”

“Because I just do. Give me the glass.”

“Well alright, here you go.”

Sound of someone drinking, then sounds of someone choking and gasping final breaths.

“What’s happening to me?”

“Sorry! I said I made my wish first!”


~ Penny

shot 1

Just why I will have a great weekend! 3 expert opinions (well 2 for sure)!


Well I figure I’m small cute and cuddly so even if I’m grumpy I’m going to get a lot of love!


And I’m thinking that even though it’s colder than a … on a …., I can still throw out a pretty good tune. You know sing a pretty bird song which should be a pretty cheerful and happy thing to do!



And as for me, the Penny of it all, Well looking around me I’m thinking I’ve got everything I need for an absolutely perfect weekend!

If the weather were a little better I’d go for a walk by the river, hang out with the geese and the ducks or take a nice hike up in the hills, but it is winter so a good book seems to beckon.

I hope your weekend is a good one for you, enjoy, relax and embrace the moment, it’s your life after all!

~ Penny


Just Dance

Yes it’s true what you’ve heard. This family loves music. And this family loves to move to the beat. I’m there in the background, sort of, with Jack! lol

My offering on this Friday night for everyone. A family moment! Having fun. The kids spent the day together teenagers and preteens, A great day!


Thanks for the visit have a happy weekend, move to the beat!

~ Penny