There Is This …To Light Up Your Life


When we hold onto beauty of life
   … with our eyes
   … with thoughts & actions
       and our hearts
We light up our lives & our souls!” ~ Plh


Have a most wonderful weekend, my global friends, take care of you!

with much affection,
~ Penny

The Birthday Month


One day during the month of February I will have a birthday. The specific day doesn’t matter. I decided at around file000812859281file000978068007the age of 28 that the whole month is mine – at least that’s how I feel. I’m nestled in among some wonderful things here in the month of February. Valentine’s Day – the day of romance. But for half of the month there are hearts (and lots of chocolate) and pretty pink/red/white/gold things, and (lots of chocolates) and beautiful bouquets of flowers everywhere (and lots of chocolate) celebrating in advance the coming of the day of love. Not bad for starters.

And of course February is also the month where two of the most famous presidents of theGW1782 United States were SHSND-13496-Print-Lithographic-Abraham-Lincoln-Sam-Patrick-corborn. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. In addition Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Jules Vern, Babe Ruth (hey, I like baseball), Susan B. Anthony, Michael Jordan (naturally I’d include the best basketball player ever), Steven Jobs (one of the geniuses of our generation), Victor Hugo (les miserables), John Steinbeck, and Mario Andretti (I love racing cars), were all born in the month of February. There are many more I just decided to illustrate a few. So not only was I born in a month filled with love but I was also born with very distinguished birthday associates.

On another historical note Dutch Bros. Coffee is a privately owned coffee chain headquartered in Oregon (mycoffee treat home state) It is this country’s largest privately held, drive-through coffee chain. The note of import here: They were founded in February 1992!

Finally and for toppers. February is the shortest month of the year and sometimes even shorter than others. So if you’re waiting for a paycheck the wait is much shorter in the month of February.

So then to tie the whole thing up in a nice little present like package:

aquarius22I celebrate my birthday with famous and distinguished individuals, have lots of love and get paid quicker!

It just doesn’t get any better than that. Oh, and my birthstone is Amethyst, and yes I am an Aquarius, actually should have included that in the above paragraph because everyone knows it is the age of Aquarius (the next several thousand years actually in terms of planet alignment and stuff like that of which I actually know diddle about but since it’s my month I decided to include it).

So if you would like to, you may wish me a happy “birth-month” as I lay claim to all 28 (this year) days of February!

Thank you for the visit, hope you enjoy a little fun and whimsy. Good for the soul!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe