The Reflection of One’s Soul


“So graceful, so beautiful the reflection of one’s soul

as viewed in the doing of loving deeds for others.” ~ Plh

Our soul or spirit glows so very brightly during acts of unselfish thought. The wonderful thing about December is more people celebrate these loving acts than at any other time of the year.

Many of us feel less distant and closer to each other during this time and for whatever each person’s rationale or understanding as to the “Why Of This” I for one, am just so very happy that we do.

Happy holidays. A glorious time for us to share the love!

Have a great week.

With much affection,


Elusive Happiness – or located in your heart right now …

… just waiting to come out!




How many times do we say or hear the words “I’m just not happy?” Frequently! And yet happiness is only elusive when we dwell on it (or our perception of the lack of it). The state of happiness is an emotional feeling. Not a place. Or if it does dwell in a place it’s in your mind, your thoughts and of course your heart. This means you’re in control (if you want to be)!

When actively involved and engaged in life, happiness becomes part of what we experience, some days more than others, but always with the potential of occurring because we’re busy … living and loving with our lives to the fullest!

Share your love, especially at this time of year. Share your time with others. Give freely, you will find your heart filling with joy, as you do all these things.

And most of all be grateful for what you have.



Hope your having a warm, loving and happy holiday season. If you’re not, get out there and start living – it’ll happen to you too!

~ With great affection,


A Season of Festivities – To be who we are!

We’re humans, give us a reason and we’ll celebrate or come together if it’s a crisis. During this time of year, many tend to create a more positive environment to live in. We try a little harder to be nicer, to share, to give. We have a reason, you see.

And whatever your spiritual beliefs, many of you will find the extra bright and colorful lights, the extra hustle and bustle, the beautiful holiday music and special events, a reminder that we are human and we have a common purpose.

To be who we are.

We’ll get it  right or we’ll get it wrong, wish we could do more for those who have less, some will find this time of year depressing for those self same reasons, and many will simply feel a little bit or a lot happier through the seasons festivities, and that’s okay! We are human and that’s what we do…

What we do best, actually … be who we are!  Enjoy this season of giving and loving, as you can. Take especially good care of you (try not to be too overwhelmed with responsibilities) … you matter, you’re important and you do make a positive difference (even if you don’t think you do), you do!

All my love,

~ Penny

The Flavors of Love


Have you ever thought of love as having flavors? And just so we’re clear on this subject I am referring to a non physical application. Love of a sunny day.

Or the pure love of a parent/child relationship. Or the love of footballwatching your favoritefirst steps sports team in a close game of skill. Yes even love of different kinds of food.

I know when we think of food, just a million different potentialities come to mind. What kind of food, sweet or savory, strong or mild, delicate or heavy, just so many possibilities.

I think love does have flavors, A variety of flavors that mix and match on any given day for any given reason. a special feel good spot that can have nuances to it in the moment where some particular extra something happens that sets that moment apart for you. Putting in the last piece of a difficult puzzle.puzzle A day spent with a friend or family where each moment adds a positive feel good feeling.

Christmas villageIn this country, at this time of year. the flavors of love are plentiful. Many of us have cherished memories to associate from holidays past, decorating is a love/chore in and of itself.

Viewing the decorations everywhere is a daily pleasure. But more than that the verbal exchanges from people,

the happy music, and videos, the hustle and bustle, the smells and tastes of delicious treats all of it blending together weaving so many flavors of lovenew years right up to the New Year.

I for one love bringing in the New Year, the ending/beginning and the rejoicing of same!

I’m hoping this year as many of us ‘as is possible’ will  hold true to the spirit of the holiday season and cherish the many flavors of love.

~ Penny