No Safe Side to Midnight – Scarier Sequel to earlier Scary Story!

I wrote (for me) a scary story a few months ago. The Safer Side of Midnight. Being Halloween I was persuaded to write a sequel to this story. We left our heroine in a rather precarious situation, happily she manages to get away (that’s another story though). But for this story it’s Midnight and our heroine is …

Scary story, part 2

No Safe Side to Midnight

Was this hell? She couldn’t tell! Things were so unclear, she opened her eyes, only to be horrified by what she saw staring back at her.

the beginning of evil

“Do you see what I see, my pretty one?” He leans in towards her, his words smooth, a sinuous whisper.

She shudders, struggling in a futile attempt to move, trying to look away even as his hands and arms hold her securely. Staring deeply into her lovely green eyes he notices the gathering cloudiness as they fill with fear, dread … and … something more.

“Ah, yes” He thinks. He feels both her fear and her growing desire. He pulls her closer, sighing deeply. His hot breath flays her flesh, while his lips rest gently against her ear.

“I can feel it, you know” he whispers.  “The evil without. The boundaries of your immaculate being contain an evil. Not inside your soul, mind you.” He pauses to laugh. “Not yet anyway!”

He laughs harder. A harsh sound, resonating like echoes from bat wings, flapping in a cave, wakening for a midnight feast. She closes her eyes, he continues to whisper, assaulting her other senses.

“The evil you wear without is of the finest veneer. A covering so paper thin as to have almost no existence.” His tongue savors her taste as he lazily laps an earlobe, pausing once again in contemplation. Her body shivers. He laughs. Playing with her emotions is such a delicious sensation.

“Yes, hardly there at all. This evil laid upon you in a previous life. You were so innocent, more easily tempted then, but it’s still there, your weakness. I feel this exquisite coating, layered upon the exterior of your soul. This ‘oh so slender veneer’ of evil calls you to me as does your purity.”

“Such a heady mixture of both, I can barely contain myself now that I have you, my ‘oh so’ pretty one.” His voice rich, sultry, seductive, playing with the nuance of each whispered word, hypnotic in its intensity of purpose.

the evil within

She feels him staring at her again! Compelling! She opens her eyes. His look, piercing. She tries again to turn away. Her fear, the captured prey of a wild beast. A beast as surely he is, and yet there is a longing – growing deep inside her – a craving, a desire! The fear is real, yet so is the growing need. How to resist? She senses him, can smell his heat and her own, a dampness to her skin, she shakes with the intensity of need, panting …

Waking suddenly, she sits straight up in her bed! Another nightmare. They were becoming more frequent and certainly more realistic.

More than a year since her escape from the cemetery. A lucky thing. The ‘being’ that had first spoken to her had whisked her away from the others. She still wasn’t sure how he’d accomplished this feat. Her body and spirit still badly bruised from the ordeal. He had left her in another part of the woods. His final words were, “I’m saving you for myself, I’ll find you later, after I take care of Him”. She wasn’t sure what sort of creature he was, but grateful for her life, she had made her way home.

And then she moved, far away. Changed her name, did everything she could to leave no trail. Created a new life. The past had stayed in the past until recently – when the dreams began.

What was she going to do now? During daylight hours she had begun to recall previous lives. She remembered the constant running but knew there was something else. But what? She needed to remember in order to protect herself; and even more to the point – why?

Why were they searching for her? Who were they? If it came to that, who was she and what is so special that she can’t remember? And in the meantime – Dear God! She covered her face with her hands. A nightmare when asleep, a nightmare when awake. Too much for any mortal to take, and now she’s beginning  to wonder – is she mortal? She doesn’t know anymore.

Looking through her bedside window she could see it was still dark outside. Did she even dare try to get more sleep? She had been safe during the day, since she moved. But now, he could find her in her dreams. And there were two of them chasing her, the creature from the cemetery and the demon he had summoned. It was all too much. Her memories of the past, her recent memories and now her fear.

What was she going to do?

“Perhaps I can help?” A voice said quietly, from the other side of her bedroom. There was someone there. In her room, sitting in the bedroom chair. Shadowy, indistinct but there, none-the-less …  and she was awake.

No safe side to midnight!


~ Penny

Sleepless in Seattle – Zombie Identity Crisis!

An Official First Ever Zombie Rant

“If you honestly believe having pieces of myself falling everywhere is some kind of a great kick in the pants (much less the need to go back and collect them, well okay, mostly I don’t do that, unless I see a dog, like, chewing on a piece and well, that’s just gross) but come on lighten up already! And those movies … Aww come on already!”

“So do you really think that being among the undead is something I coveted, something that I couldn’t wait to happen. (actually I’m not precisely sure how it happened – it just did!) Exactly what do you think I’m supposed to do with myself? Well more precisely the various pieces of myself.”

“Yeah, I’m ticked off about stuff. You would be too. How’d you like to wake up and be …well, like me.”

“The average day spent groping about for direction, I still don’t have a clue of what I’m supposed to be doing, ya’ know, my M.O. (so to speak). So I hang out with other undeads, I have an in there, naturally, but then there’s this “like” group of us milling around. Although I have to say it was exceedingly groovy and cool to help Michael Jackson in “Thriller”. Who knew we could dance like that? We didn’t even need a choreographer, it just came naturally. Those awesome funky moves, I mean.”

“So there you have it. I (we) need serious direction because well, we’re basically clueless, kind of like Buffy the vampire killer, so we do what we do because … we do. The redundancy of our redundancy kind of thing … did that go over your head? I hope?

“I like to think of myself as being a somewhat intellectual zombie! Smarter than the average zombie. I wonder? Are all we zombies ‘average’, you know the same as? Or are we individuals, unique onto our selves (parts and pieces)? Sigh, heavy thoughts for one to contemplate. Over my head or off my head, as the case may be. The thoughts get lighter than … ha, ha. See a sense of humor too!”

“I’m thinking there has to be more to it then that. Okay so that’s my rant. Enjoy the video. Oh, and if you can come up with any thoughts on what my focus as a zombie should be – let me know, in the mean time, I’ll stay “Sleepless in Seattle”! Yeah I do puns really well! Oh and it’s okay if this goes viral … I’m totally cool with that also!”

“Your zombie friend, borrowing Penny’s THE WHY ABOUT THIS space (thank you Penny), so I could rant!”

Love and hugs (“I thought that was a nice friendly ending, but you probably wouldn’t really want to hug me – unless you want to take part of the hug with you, literally speaking”).

I. M. A. Zombie

The Safer Side of Midnight

To all readers, this short story genre is horror. Only read on if you’re comfortable with reading this type of material. Not to worry, Penny, the cheerful upbeat person that I am, will return on the ‘morrow after allowing her muse a bit of freedom to explore the supernatural (creepy) aspects of fiction!

“The safer side of midnight,
is always on the sunshine side.” – Penny L Howe, 2013


… Or not!

The first time I stepped into the long forgotten graveyard, blanketed with mossy green and flowering vines, I was mesmerized. The setting, peaceful, serene and uplifting, even though surrounded by monuments reminding of those departed. Yet still, I was comforted.

It became my calm place. A tranquil place to visit, I would go frequently; called back each time, by those lingering feelings. The dew would still be clinging to the moss covered edifices as I sat and contemplated life in the land of the dead. I certainly did not think of it in those terms at the time, I was simply at peace.

After several months of visits, it was most unexpected to hear a quiet voice speak out, “Hello there!” So softly spoken were the words, blending in with nature sounds, I thought I had imagined them.. Birds were chirping, cool soft breezes rustling nearby branches and leaves.

“Hello there.” This time I heard the voice clearly, although still very gentle like mist clinging to the air. I wasn’t afraid and looked around for the person who had broken my reverie.

I answered the greeting, “Hello?” Searching the graveyard for the companion to the voice.

No one, nothing! not at first glance anyway. And then my eyes were drawn to a faint image slowly appearing, perched atop one of the larger headstones not far from me. He was transparent, I could see through him, but he was most definitely there.

At this point, most people would have turned and run away, fast and furiously. But I am not most people. My first thoughts, pure fascination. I walked over to where the “ghost”, as I assumed it must be, was sitting.

He had a very sweet smile on his face. He gazed directly into my eyes as if searching … for something. “You don’t appear to be afraid of me,” he said, still smiling as he cocked his handsome head, bemused I believe, by my calmness.

“No,” I answered. “Why should I be?” While there was a strong feeling of surreality, I had in that moment, never felt more alive, there was a magnetism in the air. I knew it as did he. I think he was more surprised by the strength of the sensations than myself.

I watched as the bemused expression on his face slowly changed to one of awareness and then recognition and excitement. “Ahhh”, he said, “It’s YOU. This explains much. We’ve been waiting for you, for such a very long time! And it was I … I who was the first to find you!”

Those were discomfiting words to say the least. I was, now, not sure if I wanted to continue the conversation with this being who was only with me in a spiritual sense, a silvery glow cast about him, but no shadows or reflections from the glow. As I thought on what to do or say next I felt a chill, which I quickly dispelled.

“Your warmth is glorious,” he said. “You chase away the things that frighten us so much with just your thoughts. We were told it would be so. May I come nearer? You are the warmth of a fire on a chilly day,”

Moments passed in silence. Realizing I had been holding my breath, following his last words, I slowly released the air from my lungs. As he drew near I watched other apparitions taking form, throughout the graveyard.

“What do you mean Sir Ghost?” I replied a bit faintly. The dual feelings of dread and yet a longing to be here, filtered through my conscious self.  The graveyard quickly filled with more and more of these beings … an eerie essence of otherness permeating my senses. Awareness growing within me.

He was no more than inches from me now, breathing in my exhaled breath with pleasure. He turned to the massing crowd of spirits and triumphantly announced, “I have found her, I have found her.” The small silvery glows now changing to a deep foreboding gray, spreading out over the assembling spirits.

And I … felt … trapped. A magnetism was pulling on me. The energy radiating all around, my soul’s purity and richness within me bursting to overflowing … as the young demon entities rushed to engulf me.

too late I remembered in countless lives from my past, why and who I had hidden from for so long  … only at the very last as evil began to feed, and I lay trapped within a mixture of growing sensual desire and horror, did I realized that those feeding on me, were but minions, keeping me at bay, preparing me for their master’s voracious appetite. The one I could now hear coming to claim me. The devil who had searched for centuries for my immortal soul, had finally found me, in this lifetime, on the sunny side of Midnight!


A Short Story by Penny L Howe, 2013,

Hey guys, still me here, all’s well, just a little escape from reality. My question to you my friends, should there be a part two, where she escapes, or should this be a stand alone piece!

I hope you enjoyed!


Setting the scene – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Many of us have noticed that some scenes being viewed are classic when it comes to lending themselves to a mystery setting. The photograph is one of them. You can almost imagine this as a precursor to a Sherlock Holmes setting where something spellbinding is about to happen.

I can do no less:




“It was the second lamppost from the corner, sir … where we stopped.” An extremely nervous cabby stammered; blinking and swallowing, while shaky hands twisted together in agitated motion.

The cabby paused here and the inspector asked, “Then what happened?”

“Well, I had been driving slowly down Wisteria Street to the address he’d given me, 205 North Wisteria when I noticed this figure walking along side the road. My passenger must have seen her too because he tapped sharply on my shoulder and said, ‘Stop, stop right here!’ Then he leaped out of the cab and ran back towards her.”

Gulping, he cleared his throat and continued. “Well sir, it was very foggy, and although it was mostly light out, they both seemed strangely shadowy, so perhaps I … didn’t really see … what I thought … I saw.” His words faded away as he stared directly into the investigator’s eyes. The expression on the cabby’s face, abject fear and terror.

He glanced over the inspector’s shoulder and shook his head, not willing to believe the gruesome carnage near the lamppost.

“Just tell me what you saw!” A terse response from the investigator, intense curiosity as to what this man must have witnessed.

“You won’t believe me … you won’t!” The cabby shuddered, took a deep breath and continued “…but my passenger held out his hand, you know like an apology or something and then the other person raised her arm and pointed and then there was this bright blue light and then, he aimed his palm at her and this red beam shot out and then another figure appeared and then more came and then, oh my god …”


(whoops, sorry way too many words guys, gotta stop now, it would have been a good ending too, oh well maybe next time!) A most excellent photo prompt this week Alastair. For more details on how to be a part of this weekly writing challenge Click on this link Alastairs Photo Fiction .

Have a great day today,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe