“Nothing better! The foundation of life that we grow upon. Sharing of ourselves with each other. Family is only as strong as it’s weakest link, be there for yours. The results will be astounding!”

Penny L Howe, 2013

Good Morning World – We all need each other!



You’re in my thoughts – Each and every single one of you!

You aren’t ever alone. We (all living things) need each other

and because we do – we will never be alone!

Have the best week you can have

with the current resources available to you and don’t forget

… even for a second

that we share in life together!

One family living in our home – the planet Earth.

So I say good morning to my family

every single one of you!

And wish for you the best of days today!

All my love!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

When it comes to “blonde jokes” …

blonde joke

If I hear just one more …

When I saw this beautiful horse with a blonde mane I felt it a moral imperative to post this piece about blonde jokes. Although I’m guessing this horse hasn’t heard as many “blond jokes” as I have (lots and lots), so here’s a few to lighten your load today but first a disclaimer:

As an official blonde … I approve these jokes! Since we’re really amazingly intelligent (I say with great and humble modesty), these jokes don’t really bother us – much! I will add that if you laugh too long and too hard I will be able to find you! 


Locked Out of Car

Two blondes lock their keys in the car. One of the blondes tries to break into the car while the other one watches. Finally the first blonde says “Darn, I can’t get in the car!” The other blonde replies “keep trying – it looks like it’s going to rain and the top is down”.


Keeping a Blonde Busy

Q: How do you keep a blonde busy for hours? A: Write “Please turn over” on both sides of a piece of paper.


Penny L HoweThe interesting thing about “blonde jokes” is that they exist at all! Hair color is not a determining factor for intelligence for either women or men and yet the jokes abound. Psychologists have not been able to come up with a satisfactory reason for the why of this. As for myself, how I feel about being a blonde is summed up quite easily – “viva la difference” -or it works for me!

Thanks for visiting, it is a very good thing to not take yourself too seriously. Sometimes laughing at yourself is a very good thing, have a great day and a better tomorrow!

~ Penny