Vote for the committee of your choice

A committee is a group of people appointed for a specific function, frequently this group isΒ appointed by a legislature to consider the details of proposed legislation. In this hypothetical case the group is being picked to give an honest unbiased perspective of a current situation.

I’ve assembled for your voting pleasure a few different “groups”! In your opinion which group do you feel you would trust the most for this hypothetical situation.

Proposed committee groups:

Group A

business men

Group B


Group C

flock of sheep

Group D



Please vote for either A, B, C, or D! The results of this vote will not be made public (unless you read the other comments made by the other visitors). Do not be influenced by cute faces. It is important that you vote for the most qualified in terms of which group you believe would be “open”, “honest” and “sincere”! Thank you for taking part in this discussion about the nature of committees!

Hope you had fun, have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

~ Penny


Definitely in the Wrong Place … Finale!


“Hey look,Β I don’t mean to keep being a nuisance … but have you noticed it getting a lot warmer in here?”

“Yes well, have you ever heard the saying ‘Out of the Frying Pan into the fire’?”

“Yes, it has a familiar ring.”

“Well, I believe we won’t be worrying about the ‘Out of’ part!”


I’m sorry but when I saw this photo it looked like the same two fish from my post of the other day and I just couldn’t help myself! For those who didn’t see the first “fish out of water” – the wrong place, Have a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

~ Penny