Horton the Elephant – hears a “tardis”

For all you “Dr Who” lovers – a bit of fun! 🙂

Horton-Hears-A-Who-T-Shirt (1)

copyright Nick Holmes

Horton Hears a Tardis

The day started out simply pleasant

In fact Horton knew it was great,

His favoritest meal

the bestest real deal

Was of course a nut full of plates! (actually it’s “a plate full of nuts” but then it wouldn’t rhyme would it. hello?)


Suddenly, Horton hears a strange sounding

and thinks to himself “Oh, no …

Not Whoville again?

They just would not send …

In fact, this time I’ll refuse to go.


But it turns out it wasn’t the Whoville

But rather “Dr Who” that arrived,

In his tardis he came

Horton hardly could blame

The Whovilles for who was inside.


And so Horton looked at the tardis

and then, of course at Doctor Who,

he said “no offense

And don’t think me dense,

but exactly ‘Who are you?’ “


And of course Dr. Who replied “Brilliant”

“What a capital elephant you be,

for though we’ve just met

You already get

The person, of course ‘Who’ is me!”


And Horton looked first at the tardis

And once again at Doctor Who,

Still shaking his head

and wished for his bed

replied one more time “Who? Are you?”


“Yes I am”, the good doctor responded

“And most happy to meet you am I,

If you really don’t mind

and would be so kind

We must wait for the Dalek to arrive.”


Now Horton, as you know is a thinker

Deep thoughts are really his forte,

But Doctor Who was a puzzle

And in a bit of a fuzzle

Horton knew not what to say.


And so Dr. Who told him the story

The Daleks were bad guys, he knew,

So Horton told them (Dr. Who and his companions) to stay

And they left the next day (actually it was longer, but that doesn’t rhyme either),

The tardis, the Daleks, and Dr. Who.


Well Horton was glad when they vanished

Back to whenever they were from,

Now when Horton listens

He’s not listening for a who

but rather the sound of the drums (spoiler).

(you’ve gotta watch the tv series to figure the last line out!)


For all you “Dr. Who” TV fans I hope you enjoyed this little bit of farce! Other individuals who live here (whom, shall remain nameless) have been watching the entire series!)

~ Penny

Friday Fictioneers – “Bee There” News Report!

Friday Fictioneers – A writers challenge. Be specific – write one hundred words or less. The format – flash fiction. The prompt – A photo by Jennifer Penderfast, thanks Jen. Your gracious hostess – Rochelle. The fun you get when you read each of the stories from an International group of writers gathered each week to partake of this creative fun and entertainment: Priceless. For more info and to sign on: Click here!


photo by and copyright to jennifer pendergast 2013


FLASH – A Special “Bee There” News Report
Reporter Johnnie Bee Good reporting… All bees avoid beeing seen in the following locales… Bee careful, beecause it’s a jungle out there.
Old MacDonald had a farm – The BeeGee’s have claimed it – as their own. They are beehaving with extreme violence to infiltrators!
In the Still of the Night – The fireflies are beewitched, shining their lights in front making scary faces and scaring the beezeejus out of us.
Bee kind to your web-footed friends – Don’t have a clue on this one, but old Mother Goose has got a bee in her bonnet today! And no it’s not one of ours!
Beelieve it or not … Johnnie Bee Good signing off!
Song heard in the background (not really ) is “Ain’t misbeehavin” – with too many extra words this week – just having too much fun here!

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!



Alastairs Photo Fiction – Froth




“How could you do this? Look at all the froth!”

“What’s a froth?”

“The white foamy stuff on top, you moron!”

Oh yeah, right, the froth!” He smacked his lips, taking another big swig from his mug. “Yeah, I noticed the, what was it you called it, the froth, but man … all the beer you can drink … ?” He wore a goofy smile while he dipped his mug into the beer swirling all around them; up to their chests now.

“Are you crazy”, his friend yelled! “What good is all this beer? We’re going to drown, if it doesn’t stop!”

The level of the flooding beer continued to rise.

“So this weird person, whose life you saved, said you could have one wish and you wished for beer?”

“Of course not! I’m no dummy,” his friend, floating both literally and figuratively, answered. “I said I wanted a beer supply that would never run out!” He happily answered before his head bobbed and then disappeared beneath the frothy liquid!


 photo by mconnors

There’s nothing like having a head on your beer, definitely frothy!


Join in the creating fun. Write a short short story (Flash Fiction) like the one above for Alastairs Photo Fiction – Just click on the link for details and to get started. Good Luck!

Hope I started your week off with a smile! Have a great day!

~ Penny


One or two too many … (comic relief)

Have you ever noticed how friendly strangers become in a bar after awhile, bosum pals as it were.

So the following is a humorous take on this.

Not meant to be anyone in real life just having some fun here! … Well actually I do sort of recognize one or two now that I look closely …lol

new friendsGroup Photo

Conversation between two fellow workers during a work day:

“So last night I had one or two, or three or four (mixed drinks/beer) at the local pub/bar and I decided to take a group photo of my new friends before we each went home for the night.”

“Upon reflection in the morning and after viewing the photo I realized I may have had more than 3 or 4 (drinks)!”

Again this is only in fun, Hopefully a few laughs, hope your day was good and your tomorrow better,

~ Penny