Neverending Change, Captured in Words

Words, words words. They’re amazing things aren’t they? Drifting in, around and through our thoughts and emotions connecting with or latching onto every bit of life’s often overlooked creative aspects and/or acquired wisdom in our daily, sometimes meandering advenures.

Those minutiae of flotsam within life experiences, frequently add to an artisan’s imagination, collaborating with her/his words to bring forth the profoundness of a thought, idea or expression.

On the one hand we’re blessed with this finely honed awareness of life, on the other hand it can often lead us far from our original intent as life is a never ending spiral where the old gives way to the new (and upon occasion revisits the old again) and as we all recognize about change … well … it’s constant, whether we wish it were so or not.

I believe the key
here is to embrace change as often as one can, recognizing that even during its turmoil, within its essence is an neverending source of information and inspiration for the next great thing you shall write, my creative soulmates.

Thanks for reading my written thoughts. I wish you well.

The Power and Art of Your Written Words … Can Change Lives!

They are awesome, did you know that? Those creative words you say and write.


So why and what is it about the power of words? Studying the structure and meaning of words (in all languages) is called Semiotics but there is also a field that studies not only the words we communicate with, but the biology of it –  biosemiotics.

Scientists have learned that when we communicate we are altering (at a biological level) both ourselves and our perception regarding the nature of things.

Distinguished biologists (Ernst Mayr, Manfred Eigen) believe we are evolving in the physical world as the result of our “shared” communications.


There is no doubt that language is central to our grasp of the world we live in.

So when you write, blog and communicate do you fully realize the potential you hold in your hand when sharing an opinion or idea; a short story, (article, book, play, poem, song)?  Do you know you may be changing someone’s life with your words? Heavy stuff, huh!

What we say and how we express ourselves is becoming more important than ever today. Our words, (to an ever expanding degree )are the collective bi-products of world-wide social interactions. And while we’re connecting and perhaps influencing each other, most importantly, we are evolving into all we are meant to be! And I … well, I personally think that’s wonderful!

Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, singing on YouTube or exchanging thoughts and ideas on any social media platform, you are affecting those who read/hear your words.

Thank you, to all of you from around the world, I feel the meaning in the words you are writing, the thoughts you are sharing, the love you are sending.

They are beautiful and important – your words – so keep writing, keep sharing. Don’t stop! Your thoughts and ideas are unique to you and this creates a purposeful value for others. Every word you write is building towards our Global future together, as one people, on one planet – An International Community growing and coming together through the power of our words.


Thank you for stopping by, have an excellent week to come and as always remember … take care of you.

With much regard and affection,

~ Penny

My Imagination is alive and well – How’s yours doing?

Credit line: © Everythingpossible |

Whimsical Musing

The most important thing I possess, at the moment is a cognizant mind (as far as I know, lol)!

The second most important thing I possess is an imagination. A great big healthy one. So my cognizant mind along with my imagination allows me an infinite reach of potentials and possibilities. Unlimited, as it were.

Solutions and fascinating discoveries occur while I’m busy problem solving, or solution finding, or trouble shooting or (you get my point). It’s actually better than reverse engineering, where you start at the ending to figure out the beginning (love that one)! In my case I move from what I know to what I think might be. (Did I mention unlimited possibilities – I think I did!)

And, lest I forget to mention, having both a cognizant and imaginative mind, I can create at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. Ideas fall like raindrops, if I could collect all of the ideas I’ve thought of in my mind, it would truly be the dawning of a new era. But my mind is also restless, sigh. So it moves quickly on to the next aware and imaginative musing.

Still, that’s okay. I’m content with the duality of my ability to perceive and imagine. It works for me. So how about you? Hows your imagination doing?

Have a great and imaginative day!

~ Penny

The Ripple effect – How to succeed in life!

ripple effect

The Ripple Effect – Creating your own waves of Success


The shortest self-help guide ever!

Have you ever thrown a rock into a body of water (of course you have) and watched the ripple effect that happens afterwards? You watch the water rippling wave after wave, spreading further as it travels outward. It’s the science of the thing.

Did you know the same thing happens in Life! Your life.Yes it does.

negative ripples

negative attitude – negative ripples


Imagine yourself as the fulcrum of the ripple –“the rock”! (No not the actor/wrestler!) So then something negative happens and you dwell on it (rock dropping here). Then you begin to think negative thoughts and splash (ripple effect). You negatively affect yourself and everything you do, and then those around you, and they – those around them, and so forth and so on. You know this is true.

And that’s the point. The ripple effect is going to work regardless.

So why not let the ripple effect work for you instead of against you. Seems logical.

Just imagine if you take that really great idea you have of what you want to do or be (a published writer perhaps). Start focusing all your attention on that. You’re the rock – remember? Keep “this” particular image centermost in your focus. The greater the focus on your desired goal, the greater the ripple effect. Each strong creative wave will beget another and another.

Ripple Effect - An Attitude of Success

The Ripple Effect of a Positive Attitude


Here’s the important part: When the ripple effect starts (your ideas, hopes, dreams, goals), stay in control of the flow of the ripple. Leave no room for doubt. Maintain your belief in yourself and your dream. Never give up, be persistent, persevere. The longer you maintain this attitude the further out the ripples will spread.

You will then be exactly like the rock producing the ripples. Hard and firm in your conviction to succeed. And the ripples being produced by you will go on and on, leading you to your success.

Remember it’s science and it works! Make it work for you. Start today!


Thanks for reading,


~ Penny

Thinking inside out of the Box!

The Cereal Box Doll Bed™

So once upon a time there was a person (me) who noticed that all little girls everywhere had fashion type dolls of a certain size ( a very famous fashion doll), a little bit less than a foot in length (.305 meters). There were/are all sorts of plastic accessories that a person could buy for these dolls but this person (me) noticed that mostly the dolls ended up in the toy box.

Being imaginative this person (okay so you know who it is now lol) decided to come up with an idea for a doll bed that any child with the help of a parent could make (from throw away things found around the house) and then have fun using the bed to play with her fashion dolls.

It took quite awhile for this person to figure out what materials to use and then write directions and create both patterns and a template for the bed, but she did. The frame for the bed takes about an hour to construct.

The Cereal Box Doll Bed™

It is made from 2 cereal boxes, cut and folded in a certain way and then secured with tape and covered with cloth. All the items used to make the Cereal Box Doll Bed™ can be found around most houses everywhere.

The bedding can be leftover cloth material or cut from recycled clothing. The bedspread in the first photo was made using yarn, for most women this is also found around the house. Then came simple and quick ways to make some other pieces of furniture from throw away empty containers (the chair is from a 2 liter bottle – takes about 30 minutes to make).

So what happened to these ideas? As what seems to happen to many of her ideas, life intruded so she put the idea, the template and the instructions away for another time.  Perhaps someday…

Thanks for stopping by, remember creativity is always at hand to brighten your day,

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

The Lemmings Express – Awwwfully Interesting!

Awww-fully Interesting – Group Mentality!

Lemming is the name for a number of small, plump animals related to the mouse. Lemmings live in the cold, northern most parts of our world. One of the most well-known kind – the Norway lemming – lives in the lands of Scandinavia. I’m Norwegian so cast no aspersions here.

This little guys grow from 31/2 to 7 inches (9 to 18 centimeters) long. They live for about 2 years.

About every four years, in most cases resulting from overpopulation, the number of Lemmings in the wild become greatly reduced.

Scientists believe severity of winters, diseases, and behavioral changes due to “stress” trigger these extreme die-offs.

Some people believe that large groups of Lemmings throw themselves from cliffs. But Lemmings do not deliberately kill themselves.

Lemming suicide is fiction. They do not periodically hurl themselves off the edge of a cliff. What is not fiction is that as a result of population explosions, Lemmings do attempt to migrate to other areas to relieve the pressure.

During the course of the migration (because of being so closely grouped together), they can fall over cliffs or drown in waters.

These are not deliberate deaths but rather the result of a Lemming’s (group mentality here – staying with the herd) venturing into unfamiliar territories and being crowded and pushed over dangerous ledges.

The truth of the matter is when the competition for food, space or partners becomes too intense, Lemmings are more likely to kill each other than to kill themselves!

Now if anyone is thinking that there is a play on words here and that this is a veiled reference, a hidden meaning – BINGO you win!, Metaphorically speaking of course! GOT IT? Thought so!

Thanks for the visit, have a great day by being “that very special unique and separate from the crowd person” that you truly are!

~ Penny

The Inspiring Blogger … You!

~ The “Blogging” Thinker ~

Aren’t bloggers wonderful?

Isn’t visiting other blogs (a small part of) the best part of the day sometimes?

Isn’t it fun to create/craft new posts and then interact with others in the comment section? Yours or theirs. Yes,Yes and Yes.

I continue to be extremely impressed with the well crafted words, expressive thoughts and ideas, beautiful photographs, renderings/original art, inspiring stories of life, poetry, very funny posts, excellent videos and so on and so on…

There really is this huge heart-hugging wealth of positive blogging going on out there. And I love it.

Thank goodness I’m a prolific and vociferous reader.  Just when I think I’m all through checking out blogging sites for the day (or night) another blogging site gets my attention and I feel the need to go check that one out too.

Either way I’m lovin’ it. Totally addicting but connected too – in a wonderful and exciting sort of way. I love the connections that are growing and becoming stronger each day. I find my appetite growing also. So I say to all the bloggers out there – Feed me …

… because I’m hungry for more!


Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the blog today whether writing, reading or commenting!

~ Penny

I am not your destiny …



…I am your friend.


Who am I?

I am your Conscious Thought!

I exist to inform, to make you aware.


~ thru sensations

~ thru surroundings

~ thru experiences

I make you known to yourself.

I am not your destiny …

“I am your friend, use me wisely” 

~ Your Conscious Thought!

Thank you for visiting me today,

 ~ Penny

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A Writer’s/Artist’s Passion

A Writer/Artist’s Passion

Oh no Penny’s not going to do another “passion” post?

Sorry, (okay so actually I’m not sorry) but you guys keep inspiring me. I just can’t help myself. This is another post for every single blogging-writer,artist out there! Especially the one’s entering the Competition (see how cleverly I snuck this in here) So this one’s for all of you, you know who you are.

There is a feeling of passion deep inside me. I feel them you know, – your words, they move me, they reach out to me and they just keep getting better. I wrote about the sense of “touch” the other day and a writer, blogger, (who I believe to be very inspirational) from half way around the world commented to me “Can you feel it? I have just touched you?” (it was a virtual handshake across the miles) yet still just for a moment it seemed real … and the thing is I couldn’t get the thought, or his thought out of my mind. The connections with all of you, through your words.

… An intangible something I recognize deep down inside when I read your written word. From post to post I go and the passion inside grows, reading your emersion into creativity. I am witnessing, written words, photography, illustrations, hearing your ideas, thoughts, all of it, everything – stirring around inside me as I watch each of you grow, reaching for all you can be … Your passions are finally being released and what a glorious thing to view! I applaud you all!

The Colors of Passions

I see them gloriously descending

The colors of your mind,

This kaleidoscope of riches

Cascading from captivity,

those hidden creative wonders

A gossamer catapulting

Of strong desire,

… Awareness …

Spiraling waves of

Words to paper,

Colors to canvas,

Photographic movement


An inner dream’s awareness

Prisms of thought

Reflective evolutions

Colors of passion




To those who create ~ this is your time, your dream. Your tomorrow’s are happening right now ~ make it so!

And for all of those who have not entered the Poetry Challenge/Reward, now is a good time to do that also. For details click on The Bloggers Challenge. There’s still a week to go! Hope to see your entry here,

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the read, Penny

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Inner Truth

I’ve thought about this for quite a while now. Years, actually. I’ve found nothing to change my thinking on this subject. I believe that deep inside every single human being is a set of inner truths, call it a genetic marker, call it DNA sequencing, call it natural instincts, call it the human soul, It exists in each of us. We are born with this signature of Inner Truth.

Each day of our existence we wake up and go about our daily activities and for some of us we dwell on the why of who we are. Mostly we find no answers. A mystery as to the why of this. None the less the Truth waits inside for us to discover, nurture and grow.

Many who are creative connect more quickly to inner truth. They can’t help themselves. They become so enraptured with the beauty of life in their chosen creative format that their inner truth is revealed for others to see through their artistic expression.

And just because an artist perceives their inner truth doesn’t mean they understand it. All too frequently their emotions are tossed and turned by the ebbs and flows of life and what they know is there but cannot understand or define  – the mystery continues on.

My Inner Truth

I awake to the day of my life

Purity in thought, word, and deed

bending never breaking

a calm in a storm

always there

at peace

Caring, loving

being that whom I am meant to be.

Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe