Rules of Your road … to SUCCESS!

By pippalou

The Successful Road Trip!

Rule 1. Never forget you are your own person. You can do “anything” you decide you can do.

Rule 2. Focus – stay on the main road. Put all your creative energy into your goal and watch out for those sneaky side roads that can detour you from your chosen path.

Rule 3. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Yes, the road can be bumpy and filled with potholes. But the road to success is always there … As long as you’re on it.

Rule 4. Ignore naysayers. They are either the ones who didn’t succeed and jealously wish for you to keep from succeeding as well, or those who never tried and don’t believe it can be done.

Rule 5. Create connections with others. Lots of positive connections with others. Support is a most excellent thing, both for you and for you to give to others.

Rule 6. Stay determined and persistent as you focus on your endeavors, but not inconsiderate, rude, arrogant and insensitive.

Rule 7. Be Passionate! This rule is a big one. Be so passionate about that which you are striving for that it creates a positive glow inside and around you … And yes, people will notice this passionate and positive energy and be drawn to it.

Rule 8. Don’t doubt yourself but if you have a phase (or two) where you do, don’t dwell long on those negative feelings, just keep on … keeping on with your eyes on the road.

Rule 9. Never give up your dream … Never! If you can’t quite believe so totally in yourself, Believe in the successful completion of your destination, after all … You are on the road to success!

Rule 10. You are the one in the driver’s seat. You make it happen. You do!



Have a wonderful week ahead with many positive happenings in your life!

~ Penny

Your Creative World … and beyond!

Credit line: © Skypixel |

… How full is it?

Good morning, my Monday morning. (Your Monday morning, midday, afternoon, evening or Tuesday depending on your location on our planet.) So what are you up to in your today of things? What’s your creativity quotient?

How many wonderful words will you write today? How many photographs creating potterywill you take? How much creativity will come forth from your mind as you convert personal thoughts, feelings and ideas into the beautiful rhythm of life – inventing creative patterns in a myriad of expressive ways; words, photographs, paintings, crafts, music, electronics, numbers, actions.

It’s all up there inside of you. Just waiting for that signal in your mind … that catalyst … that “something” that fills you with so much energy and desire, you just can’t help yourself with the need to creatively express.

And before you decide it’s not going to happen today, think again! Why not? You’re talented, capable, gifted (You are too – I heard that!). Take a good look around. View things from the eyes of an artist (you). What do you want to do with what you’re seeing? Your vistas, your imaginations, your creations … yours.

Yes, turn on your muse. It’s the on and off switch located in your brainhelping hand creating right next to the other wants and desires switches. It’s the biggest one! Turn it on! You know you want to.

Create today … or help someone else create … either way your muse will thank you!

Have a great week of weeks everyone, remember to enjoy each day your living in, in fact, make the most of it. Yours to do so!

– Penny

To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to …

… Today?

Is it the ‘you’ that you’ve decided to be just for today? The one who is watching popular opinions.

The one who is waiting to decide how they feel about a thing depending on how it is trending, or even worse how someone else is spinning a story, turning an event into something else all together, where you don’t have the true facts but you aren’t inclined to put forth any additional effort to suss out the truth of the matter?

Are you the ‘you’ that feels insecure because of what life has handed to you and you’re not sure what to do with about it?

Or are you the you who is standing up and being affirmative about what’s going on in your life and your world.

You don’t need to grab a sign and race out down the street proclaiming the injustice of things (that would be cool though), but you can have an informed view.

You can care, you can voice an opinion and … (wait for it) … if so inclined … actually make some small little change in your life by stepping out of your own comfort zone into the real world of things and … make a small positive difference.

Beginning with how you view things.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be a bystander, to make judgement calls on others who are out there, at least trying to do good things (Even if they get it wrong, or fail or fall short of expectations – they’re still out there – aren’t they?).

And thought this does seems to be an era of finger-pointing, judgement taking people (which achieves absolutely nothing of positive value and is having disastrous effects), a helping hand would go a whole lot further!

So who am I speaking to … today, which one are you … I’d like to know?

~ Penny


And so I wondered

… the musing of it all!




Unrequited Love ~ A sad but noble situation or so Nietzsche believed.

“Indispensable … to the lover is his unrequited love, which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.”

But should there be a distinction made between love never returned and love that you thought (were told) was there, but never was?

And which heart is more broken? The one whose love was never returned or the one who thought it was?

For humans going through this often confusing condition of ‘to be’ (loved) or ‘not to be’ (loved) my muse offers her thoughts on the subject in verse, for no purpose other than she chose not to be jolly, oh the folly! Sorry got carried away with the melancholy (rhyme of it all)!

And so I wondered …

broken heart

Am I the one you dream of

Your very sacred heart of love.

Am I the one your heart beats for

The one you said you so adore.

Those were the words you used to say.

I know, I’d hear them every day.

Eternal love was ours to share

You swore we made the perfect pair.

Are now those tender loving words,

Being said, and being heard

By another love that’s true.

Off with the old love, on with the new.

How very easy it seems for you.

Just one question – what should I do

with the love inside I feel for you?



Yes, now that I’ve finished writing this piece I believe that a broken promise of love trumps unrequited love! And just so we’re clear on the subject, I am personally heart whole, no worries there, just musing with my muse, hope it was entertaining!

~ Penny

penny l howe

A Force of Nature … our thoughts, our actions!

nature 5

force of nature

The other day I wrote about loneliness from the perspective of being elemental (related/comparing to an element of nature).

I suggested that perhaps we are ourselves of an elemental nature and our emotions and passions reflect hthis.

So for example if I said I was listless, bored, indifferent how might you view that in terms of nature and it’s elements. Would there be a specific terrain (locale)? Would one of the four basic elements be involved? Would there be … motion!

Yes! Often motion is a key to most things isn’t it? And if one is motionless, then that also is suggestive (the calm before the storm, the stillness of the night).

So are we then … a force of nature? Certainly if we want to be, and some more than others but we all have the capability within ourselves. And if so … are we directly or indirectly connecting with nature itself?

I’m guessing the answer is yes!




He came silently in the calm before the breaking dawn.

masterful in his movements,

Silent, no one heard his approach.

She lay still in her bed, stirring slightly.

The air was thick, she was sweaty and pushed back the blankets covering her,

Something, there was something, her breathing quickened

She pushed the damp strands of her hair away and turned her face towards the pillow.

Semi-asleep she was in a state of not indifference but of otherness.

Aware, yet unaware.


She had retired late in the evening

Allowing herself to wallow in empty unknowing.

Not despair as much as feeling listless,

needing something but indifferent to life and it’s offerings.

There was something missing deep inside her.


He had come for a purposenight6

He had but one thought that had taken root one day,

One motive, one desire.

As the dampness of morning closed about him

the chill vapor from the river cooled his fevered brow.


He approached her dwelling.

The air already dense with his longing,

grew even richer and heavier with his need.

Soon the sun would emerge to

chase away the shadows where he had moved so quietly from within.

He must make his move.


night 7The door to her house slammed open.

The walls shuddered.

She sat up, clutching her bedding close about her.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw him standing there.

The look of intensity in his eyes burned her soul.

“I am here”, he said

striding determinedly to her bedside and gathering her up into his arms.

… For you!”


Okay, did you feel the blending of emotions, nature’s elements with human motions and actions? Did you catch them all? Hope you enjoyed this elemental story of love!

~ Penny


The day after the night before …

Out of it!

For those of you who had a little too much cheer last night …


and are feeling the effects today I hope it will be of short duration and you’ll recover quickly and realize you have a whole new year to do something with.

Relaxing in a chair

Something fun, filled with joy and laughter! Happy 2013!

~ Penny

Not a Dalek!

Preserving a way of life …

chaos - change

chaos – change

… by embracing change … Perhaps? And perhaps starting up “again” some of those comforting things that have fallen by the wayside that are within your sphere of influence. We all have one of those spheres, and yes, some are larger than others, but we all do influence … most of us more than we know.


Journal Entry ~

plhI find the words “Needing to preserve a way of life.” an interesting turn of phrase at a time when there is a worldwide environment of change descending upon us. Upon refection, I understand! All of us have comfort spots, things that become routine in our lives – things we derive pleasure from. For many of us it seems we are losing these comfort spots while racing towards the unknown future. So preserving a way of life is perhaps ambivalent at best! The now and near future seems like a considerable mish-mash of a whole bunch of amalgamated messes, most everywhere one looks. But I think that chaos is a companion to change isn’t it? So the solution … Cherish memories, open your heart and mind to change, and … go with the flow, as best you can!

End Journal Entry ~ plh, 12-10-12


Summing up: I found a few quotes, some more than a thousand years old, related to what I believe the best m.o. for today is “Go With The Flow”!


Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
The quality of the imagination is to flow and not to freeze.

All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Chuang Tzu
Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.

go with the flow

go with the flow


Just my thoughts on the subject, thanks for the visit,

~ Penny

Virtual Closet of Bloggers Awards – Exploded!

Blogging AwardsWhat is so special about them?

In order of the least importance to the most importance reasons why the Blogging awards are special then:

The Award itself – A physical acknowledgement! But more important than this – The thoughtfulness of the blogger nominating you – And most important of all – The Blogger him/herself!

Top of the list, numero ono, head honcho, main man, king of the hill, queen of all and so forth and so on. The Big Boy is The Bloggers Themselves.

That’s what makes the awards so special. They are a special breed of people, a good kind of people and the Blogging Award is a unique and special way of acknowledging this to one another.


Many of us have limited time at our disposal so the time it can take to respond to a nomination can be daunting. Each blogger deals with this in their own way, but never doubt for a moment that there is a sense of gratification in being thought of when it is received.

I have been amazingly fortunate to have a multitude of bloggers honor me with blogging award nominations, gifts, and tags and exceedingly negligent in responding. Only a handful have I acknowledged and today I will do my best to set the record straight in this.



                   inspiring award                 

          Thank you Lada Ray         Very Inspiring Blogger Award                one-lovely-blog-number                                             




Anyhow, Jake Sprinter at  sorta’ called me out a while back when he gave me two more excellent awards and reminded me that he had done so more than two months previous (hanging head here). And shortly after that Tina at also reminded me of same (Sorry Tina). Also Sharla, Barb, Alastair, Nizy, and Della who have been so very generous with the multiples of nominations given to me.

In addition today I received several more nominations and was honored with a tag from Esenga’s Voice for a virtual dinner party. The Sensual Bloggers Award from  Christina, and The Prolific Blogger Award from Clanmother,  and the Wonderful Team Member Readership  Award from Nightlake So what can I say accept be true to oneself. It is an honor to receive a nomination.

Bloggers are wonderful and I am guilty of doing (blogging) the things I’d rather do than accepting the responsibility that goes with blogger nominations. Yes I am guilty!

Each one of the nominations, awards and tags that I have received I am honored and extremely flattered to have been thought of for these nominations and very grateful as well, please consider this a (for some of you) an extremely belated thank you!

In the coming weeks I will happily bestow and pass along these nominations to others, if I did so today this would be a Bloggers Book (re: the length). And I will happily answer the questions that go with the corresponding nominations … a little at a time.

If you nominated me for an Award and you are not listed here I apologize most sincerely, I have tried to be thorough, but I may have overlooked someone, not my intent at all. Please let me know and I will acknowledge same immediately. And now here are those wonderful and generous bloggers of whom I am both grateful and thankful.

A most special thanks to those already mentioned above and also to:

Luann, paintyourlandscape











Stefan (Maxima),


Another journey,

Cimplicity rocks,








My most humble thanks and sincere appreciation to all of you!

~ Penny

The Shy Butterfly

This is an excerpt from a book I wrote 8 years ago. It is a story about a shy butterfly that lives his life in the shadows of trees and is afraid to come out into the sunlight and play. The illustrations are by the talented Debby Edwards who added the perfect touch with her delightful pictures to my words, enjoy:

The Shy Butterfly

The shy butterfly hid around corners, ducked under leaves

and never flew out in the bright of day.The shy butterfly kept to itself, not happy,

not unhappy, just shy and unaware of the beauty of life waiting but a few feet away.


Each day as the sun would set and night begin to descend,

The shy butterfuly would emerge from the shadows flying cautiously from one nearby place to another.

In the full darkness of night the shy butterfly would sit quietly in place until dawn arrived.


With the arrival of daybreak and sunlight the shy butterfuly would move again into the shadows of the trees.

The shy butterfly lived a half-life of in-betweens in sheltered dark surroundings never realizing

what he was missing!




This is the beginning of a short story, a childrens book I wrote a few years ago. I wrote the book to remind children to not be afraid of life, it is an uplifting book filled with child-like drawings where the shy butterfly eventually (with the help of a Monarch butterfly) spreads its wings, and comes out into the sun to enjoy life fully.

Recently I was reminded that adults need this reminder too. There is a young lady artist/blogger, that I’ve been privately communicating with, right now, who is feeling this way and so for you …here is the ending to this story. This is for all to read and perhaps think on.



“Come,” She said, beckoning to the blue sky with its high fluffy clouds. “They call to us. Let us go and enjoy the day. This wonderful, glorious day.”

She flew up into the sky, sure-winged and effortless. She looked back calling to the shy butterfly, still perched on the edge of the rock.


“Remember, this new day is a gift for living and must be lived, or why have we bothered to be alive at all.


The shy butterfly took one final look back at his former world of shadows, then rose to follow after the Monarch. His heart filled with the light and beauty of life.

As he winged his way into the brilliant morning sunlight, he finally understood what he’d missed before. If you don’t live life to the fullest, then you haven’t really lived.

Don’t waste the most precious gift of all – Every day of your life!


Penny L. Howe, 2004

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe