Finding Your Imagination!

The Creative World of Imagination

When I sit and ponder, on any subject, my imagination always seems to gain a foothold in the process.

With very little effort, I find myself (in my minds eye) anywhere, anytime, doing just about anything. Of course the creative process of my brain is coming alive and I become (quite literally) “lost” within my imaginary world.

Imagination is a human thing (well as far as we know anyway), none of the wildlife, domesticated animals, plants or other entities have shared with me whether or not they imagine things.

Although it would be cool to think of a flower with an imagination, or an insect or animal, and as you can see my imagination has entered the words I am writing to you right now.


My door is always open!

I’ve been asked where my inspiration comes from when I’m writing. The first two paragraphs really do sum it up!

I simply cannot view anything without imagining what might be. It’s why, to me, there is always potential for everything and everyone.


“The door to my imagination is always wide open
as imagination pours in, creativity pours out.”
 ~ Penny L Howe, 2014

Today is a good day for you to use your imagination. Be creative. Pick up a camera, sketch something, cook creatively. Sing a song, write some lyrics, or a poem.

Think creative thoughts you don’t normal allow yourself to think. Explore your imagination! And, for all of you writers out there, let go, imagine what you want to say. Let’s get that book going!

Your imagination needs no reigning in. Follow where it leads. You will be very pleased with the destination, I think!

 IMAGINATION by Zizimars14

My three “hero’s in life epitomize imagination at it’s finest. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Walt Disney!


Make this an especially creative weekend. Your muse will thank you,

~ Penny

Fantasies of Autumn – Haibun!

There is a place, hidden from everyday view, my mind wanders there frequently – The “Other Place” – where reality lies suspended. A retreat into the world of pure Imagination. A calm from the storm and a safe haven. Both balm and catalyst to those of creative natures. I’ll introduce you more fully to my Other Place later on, but for today, a brief glimpse:

autumn sprite

Autumn Fantasy

vibrant and rich
yellow, red, orange, tan, brown

… Autumns arrival.

Fall fairies abound, pixies, brownies and the like, woodland creatures. Seasonal changes find them everywhere painting our landscape with colors of autumn. My favorite creature is the “Sprite of Leaves”. Gloriously fluid, she performs her acrobatic dance in whirl winds. Spiraling leaps with twists and turns as she glides across the land. She is glorious isn’t she?

leafy sprite dancing
vibrant colorful myriad
autumn sensations

Thank you,

~ Penny


A Pigment of My Imagination

Imagination– A Pigment in the Minds Eye

I’ve been an artist since I could hold a pencil and draw. Colors constantly fill my world! I’m fascinated by patterns, designs, shapes, colors. When I’m thinking on what to write about, I doodle. Here’s a doodle on the paper where I was beginning to write today’s post. There I am holding a pencil, which was my very first creative tool for expressing myself.

When my senses are invoked by anything and I am being creative, my minds eye immediately races to my imagination. I’m sure it’s an actual place inside my head, where all these creative thoughts hang out just waiting to be used.

Just about anything triggers my imagination. And while there has been much written about imagination scientifically, it remains as illusive to scientists as quantum physics are to most of us.

So I’m doodling (as you can see) and thinking about writing more about  imagination.

Imagination has no boundarys, no limits (like you and your potential). Anything goes with imagination.

So I doodled and sketched a bit more and came up with these eyes. And I thought “colors and eyes”. Then the saying “A figment of my imagination” came into my head and looking at the eyes in my sketch I replaced the word ‘figment’ with ‘pigment’ and Voila I had my topic for the day – A Pigment of my imagination!

Your imagination is the equivalent of a treasure chest. Something to dig into again and again for inspiration. It is no coincidence that some of the most talented and brilliant humans on the planet who have ever lived refer to “imagination” as the most important thing there is! And it’s yours for the doing. Set your mind on fire with your imagination.

Open those gates to what’s waiting just inside your mind, better yet jump right in and explore. As I’ve already said imagination has no boundaries, yours to do as you wish, go where you want…nothing holding you  back…but you! Be imaginative, have fun, there’s a glorious world waiting inside you…imagine!

Imagine this!

Use your imagination. What might this be a picture of, or where, or when?

May your days and nights be filled with laughter, fun and love ~ thank you for stopping by, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe