Fourth of July, Celebrating with Introspection


Today the citizens of U.S.A. celebrate their country’s independence day.

I am proud to be an American. I’m proud of my fellow Americans, even if I disagree with some of them on various issues and actions.

One of the things that I hold dear is that we can agree to disagree (for the most part) in a democratic government, even with all the problems currently being faced, when adversity strikes, we band together, unified, to make the positive difference.

Today in Richland, Washington, my home, there may not be many fireworks. With unusually ongoing hot weather (100°-110°F) and the outbreak of fires nearby, it is not safe.

So today is a quieter day of celebration and introspection. It has become a good day to reflect on the direction
our country is headed and how …We The People … can help make a positive difference for the good of ALL Americans.

Freedom is a two sided coin, the other side of freedom is accepting responsibility, by making tough choices that insures our right to remain independent. This includes voting, so our free voices get heard and count.

I have faith in uswe Americans. I believe in the awesome diversity of our great country and our people and in our ability to make a positive difference going forward.


“…one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!”

Happy 4th of July! 🎉🎆☺


Freedom and Justice for All

american flag


I Pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America

And to the Republic

for which it stands

one nation – indivisible

with Liberty and Justice



Happy 4th of July America!

Today the people of the United States of America celebrate their Independence Day. The day  they became their own country.  Freedom is important. The Foundation so many things grow on.

Lisa, in her Time Out For Art (Series, each Thursday) of Playmart – Zeebra Designs illustrates well the importance of the “foundation of things” when it comes to a work of art. The sketch, the first drawing of a piece of art, is the foundation from which the beauty of the finished product will emerge. And equally important is the loving and nurturing (of her talent with art) that she shares and encourages with others. A Foundation of Love! Just excellent!

Thank you,

~ Penny

 Penny L Howe