A Loving Touch ~ pure innocence or life’s learned wisdom!

Young and old


“The very young and the elderly extend a loving touch far better than many. Either from purity of action or a greater understanding of the importance of love. 

~ Penny L Howe, 2014

One is innocence, intuitively reaching out. The other, acquired wisdom reaching out to knowingly make a caring difference. A good idea to spend time reflecting on this!


Have a wonderful day today, many blessings to you and your family on a day of Thanks giving!

With affection,


Believe … Let go … and …Trust!


The Trusting Heart

Now that’s a tough word isn’t it? TRUST!

I know it is.

I think that most of us have had issues with that one, both in the past and present.

Quite a difficult thing to maneuver around. Lack of trust does seem to get in the way of many things.childs trust

It is so extremely hard to trust sometimes, but not trusting can become an anchor that weighs you down.

Have you ever had a child leap off of something towards you and say “Catch me”? You barely have time to acknowledge their request when your arms go out to catch them. They trust you.

They haven’t learned any painful lessons yet that can make it harder to trust so unconditionally.

Brutal lessons in life can take innocent belief away. But for your own health and well being and as difficult  as it may be – Let go, forgive (as you can and then move on towards the trusting heart!



I believe in you!

~ Penny