Waiting In The Wings

Do you write? Do you love writing with a passion?

Are you one of those who put words to paper (does anyone even use paper to write a story anymore? I’m sure they do but they certainly are becoming a rare breed).

Whatever format being used to compose your written piece know that there is a dialogue that begins to take place inside your head at the same time. And this running dialogue keeps pace with the words being written down. It goes something like this:

“Will this be good enough?”

“Have I gotten it right?”

“Will it be accepted?”

“Will I be read?”

“Is it really good enough?”

And as the writing progresses so does the worry, continuing long after the piece is finished. The doubt doesn’t diminish. It’s never far from away.

Don’t let a lack of belief in your abilities stop you from pursuing. We would be much poorer by far in the literary world if some of the best known writers of all time had not kept going, in spite of their doubts or the critics.

Don’t forget that the way to get to Center Stage is to be Center Stage. No one can put you there but yourself.

No waiting in the wings!

And for an excellent dose of inspiration and to prove my point – go to this website. http://www.rickwalton.com/pbclass/miscstuf.htm it’s worth the visit!

Have a very prosperous day today!

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