Determined and Persistent!


Bald Eagle

How’s your persistence or determination for getting things done? Out of a scale of 1 to 10 where do you think you’d rate your ability to keep on, keeping on, in spite of what comes your way?

In case you didn’t know, the importance of persistence is HUGE. Almost every single successful person has learned this. They just don’t stop until they reach their goal.

The truth is it was not talent, nor education, nor intelligence that made the big difference. It was … never giving up!


I worry not for little things that interfere with what I do.

I worry not for larger things that slow me down for just a few.

I worry not for largest things that may stop me and impede.

I’ll keep on in spite of fears, I will not stop, I will succeed.

Penny L Howe, 2014


Thanks for your visit, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Oh and regarding the words I just wrote up above … all true!

~ Penny

A Reason for Being!

By wintersixfour


“If you ever doubt your own reason for being –

Intelligence – is the light that must never be allowed to go out!

Even during the pure existence of doing and learning – thinking and being,

each of us still holds the “key” to life itself.

The key is in your hand!

Your reason for being –

to open any door you can to enrich and educate humanity!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

. . .

Love, hope and prayers to all those for their loss and struggles in the Philippines!


Are you aging or “getting old” … Boomer Bloggers!

Its time to start rethinking the “Obsolescence of Value” because of Age!

Statistically speaking, it is amazing how many are aging on this planet – right now! In many countries on our planet, almost one third of the population is over the age of 50.

Take the United Kingdom for example: in a report called Later Life in the United Kingdom (released August, 2013), the one third percentage holds true. There are more people aged 60 and above than there are under the age of 18.

55% of those surveyed considered themselves in the getting old category. They believe age discrimination exists, and that as you age, you are treated more as a child and they feel the country fails to make good use of the skills and talents of older people. In many countries this is a universal truth.

Let’s look at another country. According to the United States Census Bureau’s World and USA population clock there are roughly 316,500,000 citizens in this country (right now). And the largest age group in that number are those that are 50 and older! More than 100 million! Do the math!

In the two largest countries on the planet, China and India the aging populations are (the research was a little more complicated) in China, there are roughly 194 million people over the age of 60. This number is predicted to increase to 440 million by 2050. India, according to the India Demographics Profile, has approximately 150 million over the age of 50.

In Russian, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America we find the same number of increased aging statistics. We are living longer, everywhere. But we haven’t changed our mindset on how we view older humans. It’s long past time to do so.

The aging human being brings a wealth of experience and potential wisdom to the mix. Many who are retiring are still active and I believe with the right incentives would continue to play a role and involvement in the workforce, their local community and country. In turn giving them a purpose that would strengthen their own resolve to stay healthier.

Remember, these numbers aren’t going away, in fact they are increasing daily. This substantial group of people could make a positive difference in the economic climate we currently find ourselves.

What can we do?

Let’s start with how you view yourself or an aging relative or friend. Mindset is everything! Getting old seems to imply being sickly, incompetent and needy. Certainly that is true for some, but not the many … Not yet anyway!

The dynamic potential that would happen by encouraging a re-emergence from the talent, knowledge, and experience of the “aging population” is unimaginable and (which btw is responsible for many of the technological creations and advancements being used today by us all) … so very doable and possible!

Think about it!

~ Penny


Friday Fictioneers – The Smart Get Smarter or do they …



“Okay I’ll bite. What’s with the ladder and the people up there?”

“Oh, well that doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t? They don’t?”

“No, just crazy humans being crazy again.”

“Then we’re here, why?”

“Look at those geometric formations, circle of life, ladder to infinity, triangular and linear abstracts, the patterns of biophysics. Humanity looking up to the universe”.

“Ah, I think I’ve got it. You’ve figured out your formula for longevity!”

“Yes, standing here, observing the insanity, I suddenly noticed the relationship to all the various pieces of the puzzle … It finally fell into place … mathematically!”

“Fantastic!  And who do you plan to share this secret of longevity with?”



Come and join in the fun. Write a flash fiction for Friday FictioneersThank you David Stewart for the photo prompt for this week. Click on the link for all the particulars. Your gracious hostess Rochelle will guide you through the easy to follow steps!

Having a little fun this week. I think we take ourselves far too seriously some times.

For all my fellow American’s have a most excellent 4th of July (do remember why we celebrate this day) and for everyone else have a wonderful Thursday!

Thanks for stopping by,~ Penny


TREES … Can you hear them? Please watch!


They speak to us when we listen!

Can you hear them?

There are lessons in this inspirational video. Please watch! And the message towards the end is a vital one. It is worth the extra time.

If at all possible watch this video in the full screen of your computer. Listen and read with your head and your heart, This video is both scientific and spiritual. It is about all of us on the planet and our ability to survive in the near future. Please watch …


Thank you for your visit, have you touched a tree today!

~ Penny