dot.(com) what may!

The Passion of Creativity

Well here we are. It is the year 2014. Nothing seems to be larger than interactive internet and the innovative technological inventions that permeate all, totally and completely overwhelming, and we are extremely addicted to same.

So what’s next? I don’t know but I believe it will be exciting and a very good thing. The global internet (as we know and understand it today) has brought people from all parts of the planet closer together. There is the business to business aspect of partnering world-wide (ecommerce), for not only multinational concerns but also the small business entrepreneur, and even greater than this is the private citizen’s amazing ability to communicate almost immediately, anywhere with anyone.


Team Spirit

More humans on the planet are understanding that the passion of a thing (fires the hard work that is necessary and) can produce results. And building reality from a dream, happens faster with a team and team spirit. (One only has to look at Silicon Valley to fully be aware of this.) Many, many, more humans are realizing there is potential, and that their dreams can become reality. The internet fosters those dreams and this is a very good thing, I believe.

hopeful dream to idea

Hopeful Dream to Idea to …

In conclusion I’d just like to add, there is no doubt or question that we humans are the proud parents of the Internet and while our baby continues to grow, we will continue to learn and grow with it. Why? Our passion for the creative, our need to grow as humans and our desire to be all we can be … come what may!

Congratulations to Jack Ma, his wonderful team and of course Alibaba … May you live long and prosper!

Penny L Howe, 2014

Blogging for our lives – filling creative needs and desires!

Credit line: © Alexaldo |

Blogging (in it’s truest form) is three separate things rolled into one. I) A palette or template for us to create or view (feeding the creative soul). II) A method of communicating our thoughts, emotions and creative endeavors (sharing our creative souls) and III) a conduit for directly connecting with other like minded people (helping us to fill our need for uncritical companionship (mostly, lol) so we don’t feel so alone in the “life” of things.)

All forms of social media “online”, do accomplish one or more of these. However it does seems as if blogging has the ability to combine all three better than any other Internet media platform. Most especially, the “alone-ness” that all of us have (more or less).

The truth is, In spite of all the connectivity (online) – we are lonely today. Disenfranchised from many traditional connections that used to be a part of daily routines that we, our parents and their parents grew up with. And a sad true is that while the online connections ease these lonely feelings, they can also foster them.

It’s safer (emotionally) and easier to communicate from a screenCredit line: © Dario Lo Presti | (computer, iphone, etc.). The quick “Twitter and Facebook” FIX and the more leisurely blog interactions remind us we are not alone and that we can instantly share our thoughts and opinions about what others are saying and doing while we also present new thoughts and ideas continuously adding to whole “instant connectivity” of things.

The result of which is when we aren’t doing this “instant connecting” we’re lonelier. Why? Because for those brief bursts of interactions we did feel “connected” a part of a larger whole. Having a voice, making a difference, no matter how small. And that … well, it’s very important to us. To be heard. To “matter”. And so the addictive “online” personality develops within us – feeding our soul while longing for even more!

So where do we go with this? I’m thinking we need to keep blogging and being creative and sharing and interacting. We, social media active people are the next step towards a global unity … commonness of cause. In the bottom line of things, we are making a difference and … it is extending into the offline world even as we are continuing to create, connect and Credit line: © Alexmillos | Dreamstime.comvoice our concerns and needs.

We (that’s you too) are making a “huge” as in H-U-G-E difference! So my wonderful blogging friends, please feel good about your blogging and our blogging community. Keep creating and sharing and reaching out! I’m loving it and many, many others are too!

I hope you’re having a excellent weekend of things (rainy here – but I love the rain so am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of rain falling while I write this post to you! 🙂

~ Penny

Are YOU an Innovator?

The Passion of an Innovator!

Are you an Innovator, just hovering inside a niche waiting to move into the mainstream by making a sizeable impact? Do stylistic explorations of “newness – being different from” define your idea or thought, (your personal creativity) going forward?

Understanding why this happens is not easy. Do you need to be “special?” A “genius?” No I think not! Do you need to be a superior marketer of your work? I don’t believe so, many artisans (of all shapes and sizes, crafters and creators) shy away from promotion even while being aware of its need.

What makes one brilliant “idea or creation” wildly successful, and another ignored? Look beyond the individual, however gifted, and beyond even the idea itself. Just as a painting is encompassed within its frame, innovators always operate in a market of some kind, and the success or failure of their idea is invariably contingent on its individual peculiarities.

First, the nature of the consumer is constantly evolving: Young, elderly, middle class, wealthy or not, local, national or global in its focus.

Second, new channels of distribution keep expanding and for each – a new breed of marketers emerges as well. These young, hungry and ambitious marketers are competing to find the next new thing first and sell it at the most compelling price possible.

In short, although I’m sure you’ve noticed, the Internet is a breeding ground for and very receptive to the commercial possibilities of risk-taking. Innovation appears to be extremely economically viable. Breaking with the past seems now demanded. This is the environment where an innovator will make his or her leap into the unknown.

Having an exceptional idea isn’t enough: if it is to catch fire, the market conditions have to be right – a question of luck and timing! The closest analogy is Silicon Valley in the early days of the dotcom boom, when venture capitalists and entrepreneurs were “out there” in the cutting edge of tomorrow.

Jeff Bezos success of Amazon was the product of a unique set of converging economic, technological and cultural circumstances, although with his passion for success he would have made it in any era. Steve Jobs, another who was passionate with his ideas, was “sure” of his innovative design at a time whenone_red everyday design was already becoming more important to consumers.

With the innovator, their talents have to be perfectly suited to the movement of the market. In a world that increasingly rewards experimentation – at a time when it’s cool to bend the rules of artistic endeavor – the level of the passion of the innovator seems to be the one key ingredient in all of them.

Stating this in another way; for your innovation to succeed YOU must still reach out and seize the moment.

Are you an innovator?

~ Penny L Howe


Interesting stuff – The first spam email!

Every wondered when and how the email world started? Enjoy!



Wow, quite a difference today! Just amazing isn’t this! For more information about this years World Science Festival taking place May 29th to June 2nd, 2013. Click on link. Check it out, stay informed!


For kindle subscribers you can view this video online
at You Tube. Look up World Science Festival – first spam email!


Penny L Howe

A new word for bloggers – Melafluidity!

Human emotions. They can be strong can’t they? Then add to these emotions a talented voice (artistic medium) you get a powerful and moving experience.

Celine Dion lost her father 10 years ago. On the occasion of this video, a live performance, she was in a country far from home. Prior to singing this song she had been speaking to the hostess, a personal friend of hers, about the closeness she always shared with her dad (always her biggest fan). She then took to the stage and sang.

This is a singular rare performance because this incredible songstress is putting every single bit of the loss for her father into her voice. She is clearly almost overcome with emotions but her voice comes out strong, clear and true. I call her singing this song in the manner that she did, along with the viewers sharing both the music and the depth of emotions with her. – Melafluidity*!

Her husband is there for her right after she finishes her song and her friend explains to the audience why Celine was so emotional. An amazing woman, with strong loving emotions!


Thanks for stopping by,


*Melafluidity – A new word. The (evolving) exchange of blended thoughts,emotions and artistic expressions, as people experiment and share with others on a global technological platform. “We are reaching out to each other  – Increasing and enriching our interactions with one another online. Our creative format and connections grow with each passing day!” Penny L Howe, 2013


Are you hiding from Life … Don’t!

hiding from life


Life is waiting …

… patiently – just for you – right over there on the other side of all your doubts and insecurities.

Waiting for you to recognize your own self worth and come exploring.

That’s what life is about – after all!

Living that is.

It isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s incredibly hard; the good, the bad, all of it! I believe we decide, not only what we’re going to do or be in our lives but of greater importance – how we’re going to respond to what happens to and around us (on any given day) – how we react to that which comes our way. Our choices, always!

plhHi ~

If you’re a new blogger, Welcome! You will be very well received here in the wonderful world of blogging. I was – and you will be too. There’s a whole rich community of bloggers all around the world just waiting to meet you, greet you and visit your blog site. So come and explore. Visit other bloggers, read, view, comment and then write entertaining blogs about things that interest you.

Share yourself and your talents. Come on! Speaking for myself I can’t wait to meet you!


It's A Blogger's World After All!

It’s A Blogger’s World After All!

Thanks for the visit today, And a special “Hi” to my friends out there in blog land, I’ve been away for a few days. “Yes”, and having a wonderful time also! It’s still a busy time for me but I will be here as I can, I’ve been missing you all so much. I hope your holidays are proceeding in a good way – for each and every one of you.

With much affection ~ Penny

Guardian Angel – Finale and explanation

Guardian Angel

In my last post I wrote the beginnings of a short stage/screen play. The script was about a fictional interview between myself and my guardian angel. I’ve had some close calls in my life and so there have been those comical comments about me wearing out my guardian angels.

However as I wrote I discovered that the direction that the piece wanted to go was different than I had original intended. I became a little frustrated and ended the piece. Some of my wonderful followers asked lifeme to finish it, please, and so I did this evening.

It is much too long for a regular post so if you look at the top of the blog you will find both Scene 1 and Scene 2 in the tab called A Short Screen Play to consider!

I wasn’t comfortable having such a long piece as a main post, but I am hopeful that those who were interested might find the time to read the second Scene of “Interview with A Guardian Angel”.

Just a few final words on the subject. I belief all spiritual beliefs are important and precious to us. We, each of us have our own faiths and what we have decided to believe or not believe. And I think it is personal to us each.

My work of fiction was an exploration of possibilities beyond our understanding right now but still fascinating to think on! So I wrote from that perspective only. For those who wish to take the extra time to read it, thank you.

Have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy the day!

~ Penny