How about a nice game of “Catch”? And Blonde Coffee?

Just couldn’t resist another Lion joke when I found this photo!




“Um you throw the ball and I’ll um … catch, Okay?”


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~ Penny


 ps -This is me first thing this morning, pre-coffee, scary huh! Hey that reminds me Starbucks has a new coffee  roast out there (this is true actually – Google it). They are calling it “blonde coffee”.

I wonder if this means when you drink it that ” … you’ll have more fun and a caffeine kick to boost the experience”, lol! This post is a two-fer. two jokes instead of just one. 🙂 Take care of you, love ya’ all!

The Lion Laughs tonight!

So for all of those who remember my Rock Humor , here’s some Lion humor, also at the expense of us humans!


“Hey here’s a new joke about ‘humans’ I heard the other day your just gonna love it!”

“Okay, I’m Listening.”

“What do you get if you have every human line up, one behind the other until they stretched out around the planet?”

“A human belt? I don’t know I give up! What?”

“The Greatest Smörgåsbord Ever!”


Hope I brought a little laughter to you today, thanks for stopping by,

penny l howe

~ Penny

Rock Humor – you gotta love it!

Rock Humor - To be taken with a grain of sand!

Rock Humor – To be taken with a grain of sand!

* * *

First Rock: “Hey, you’re gonna love this one!”

Second Rock: “I doubt that very much but go ahead I’ll humor you!”

First Rock: “What did one human say to the other human?”

Second Rock: “And I’m supposed to be interested in this … why?”

First Rock: “No, trust me, you’re going to laugh out loud. You know those humans…”

Second Rock: “Not particularly well nor do I wish to.”

First Rock: “Seriously, this is to die for … it’s so funny!”

Second Rock: “Okay, okay, so whats the joke?”

First Rock: “What did one human say to the other human?”

Second Rock, “Ah… we’re talking about human beings here – they don’t communicate with each other!”

First Rock: “Oh … you’ve heard that one!”


Deciding some time ago that rocks can have a sense of humor too I’ve created my original brand of the human condition with my rock jokes – RockhumoR®

Hope it’s good for a few laughs and that your weekend has been a good one for you!

~ Penny,

penny l howe

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