Act’s of Kindness: Loose Change, A Caring Caregiver,

… A Thoughtful Youth, and another little bird!

It’s Sunday so this means it’s time to present Acts of Kindness that have been shared with me by others, this past week! I have four new ones to share with you.

In the first Act of Kindness, loose change and a caring stranger make the difference for RoSy – of Sharing me myself and i – and her girls. In her own words:

“Just today I received an act of kindness. It was girls day out. My daughters, my niece, & me were going to hop on a local trolley ride. The driver couldn’t make change for the bill I had to pay with & I didn’t have enough small change to pay for our rides. As we were walking away – a lady said that she had some change & if it made enough for our fare with the change that I did have that we could have it. With her change & my change – we had enough for the trolley ride (with a few pennies to spare)!”
Small change made for big smiles —> :D :D :D :D

file000853215458In the second act of kindness, Tez shares a special moment with a very special caregiver, her story:

“This week I experienced an act of kindness from my Home and Community Carer, Carol, who is a lovely woman. She brought me a packet of my favourite biscuits, which we shared with a cup of tea and, of course, a good old natter. She takes such good care of me and is always so kind. I’m very lucky.” Its one thing to do a job, quite another to really care and make a special difference in someone’s life. I agree with Tez, Carol is a lovely woman.

file9571342883720In the third act of Kindness, When Sharla was reading the act of kindness by Lesley Fletcher of Inspiration Import who shared her moving story of saving the life of a little bird last Sunday, it reminded Sharla of her encounter while photographing a nest of baby mockingbirds shared on her blog Catnipoflife posted on July 17.  “In checking on the these newborn ‘babies’ a few days later, there was one left in the nest so I captured a photo. Today, I checked again and the nest was empty. In turning to walk away, I glanced toward the ground and saw the tiny bird on the ground. The click of yet more photos stirred the baby so I knew it was alive. I thought about the tiny baby on the ground for most of the day. With storm clouds gathering and rain in the midst, I ventured out at dusk gently lifting the tiny soul (with gloves on, of course) and placing it back in its nest. I know Mother Nature has a way of taking care of its own but something compelled me to help this new life…maybe it was the impending storm.” A helping hand for a new little bird, is a noble gesture. Thank you Sharla!

file000767348141In the fourth Act of Kindness Lisa shares a story of her young son’s concern for the safety of an elderly neighbor after a recent series of Earthquakes in New Zealand (thinking not of himself but of others) recently, Her words: on her blog of July 22nd: ACT OF KINDNESS FROM MY BOY!

“I’m so proud of my boy he went over to our 86 yr old neighbour to check she hadn’t fallen and all was ok how cool is that ….very proud mom of him! As she should be, a wonderful act of kindness by a caring young man!”


Thank you to each, for taking a few minutes to share these acts of kindness. I’d love to hear of an act of kindness you were involved with or have heard about.

At the top of this page you’ll see the title Acts of Kindness. In the comment section: share your story. Next Sunday I will pass your story on to my readers. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then I hope you have an excellent week filled with many acts of kindness.