The Comfort of a Loving Kiss

(Throwback Thursday – I first published this August 29th, 2013) It still holds true and always will. There is nothing stronger ‘or better’ than sincere love shared completely.)

Indescribably Delicious!

~  ♥ ♥  ~

I think this photograph says it all, don’t you?


I hope Thursday is being a great one for you!

~ Penny

Holding myself perfectly still ~ a sensual silence,


… overwhelmed by an array of resonating sensations that are clearly impossible. No one can feel this way. No one!

And yet I was feeling the feelings I was feeling … engulfed in a myriad of sensuality.

All this happening around me. I knew … it must be a dream, It had to be a dream. It made no sense, it was toofile0001229361510 much to be experiencing, I must be in a dream.

Things that can’t happen in real life do happen in dreams. We all know that. In dreams all is real, the fabric of reality weaves in and out and all seems possible. So yes, this is a dream. I can accept that. These incredibly wonderful feelings, I could cry for the love of these sensations spreading joyfully through my body. An enveloping of raw and enticing purity.

Every single one of my senses alive with a kind of tingling. An almost touch of reality except, it is carried onward, much as an echo would, carrying through and repeating itself.

This is not REALITY. These sensations coming alive within me. I am not just aware ~ the very essence of who I am is vibrating and returning these sensations. It is to be feeding both upon my emotions and those of another – at the same time. This urge to taste beyond my taste buds, see beyond my vision, smell beyond my olfactory glands, to touch beyond the caress of harsh and velvet textures and to hear beyond melodic harmony of rhythm, and sound.

The acuteness of sensation spreading through and being perceived by the entirety of my being creating the most incredibly delightful feelings. And yet words do not do this justice for the sensation I experience.


An intangible emotion has attached itself to my sensual awareness. And along with it comes a tangible physicality. I have fallen in love mesmerized by the exquisite perfection of your first kiss!


Thank you,

~ Penny


The Perfect Kiss is …

The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss


…one that is perfectly appreciated by the one receiving it!


And yes for those of you who have followed me for awhile this is a photo of Christina’s 18 yr old daughter Jordan kissing her “Guy” who is definitely happy about it!

I am happy for her, since the sudden loss of her father 2 years ago, each member of this family has struggled to move on. For Jordan this is a very special kiss to a very special guy! A perfect kiss indeed!

Thanks for your visit, share a kiss with someone special today if you can!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe