“My Portions Are Magnificent!”

Two Peas in a Pod

As most of my friends and blog followers know I have two ‘substantial in size’ cats. They are “my guys” I have had them with me since they were 5 weeks old. They are now almost 7 years old. And as I say they are substantial.

Franky and Jonny

Both Franky and Jonny are gental and gracious, easy going (unless cornered) and pose in a manner that lends itself to great beauty. So I was most astonished, the other evening, when I came upon them where the light was rather dim, to find them in disagreement with each other.

As the lighting is bad the two photos are blurry but here is Jonny who is distinctly portlier than Franky and he is definitely taking exception to Franky, who off-camera appeared to be smirking at him. Truly, Jonny is in a most unattractive, undignified pose. (although if you look in the first picture at the top you’ll notice Jonny has always liked to sit in that pose, LOL)


Jonny showing his, um muscular physique.

and the second blurry photo is Jonny pointing out to Franky that he is not a chub!

Franky giving Jonny the word.

“I am not chubby, My portions are magnificent … is that clear?”

In a little while all was made up and the evening ended amicably between the two.



Animals are amazing and I love them all. I hope you enjoyed my playful take on my two favorite felines.

I hope all are have a good week and taken a little time out for fun!

With Affection,

~ Penny

My C.O.U.S.’s


Jonny checking out my laptop. For comparison purposes it’s a 17 inch screen!


So there I was going about my busy on a normal day when my C.O.U.S.’s decided to assist me with the writing of my blog. For your edification, My Cats Of Unusual Size are very large. I think they’re still growing. I know they weigh more now, but they seem larger too. Anyway as a result I have renamed the dynamic duo C.O.U.S.’s. Pictures included to prove my point!.

Franky and Jonny

Full size dinner table, I’m seated to the right of them with my laptop!


For those of you who have seen the the iconic movie “The Princess Bride” you will be familiar with the R.O.U.S.’s (Rodents of Unusual Size) in the movie! It seems to suit my guys now. Good thing I have a large bed!


Franky checking out my chair!


I’m the only one I know with guard cats!


Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and better tomorrow!

~ Penny