A passage of time

All of us are on a journey through life. Each journey encompassing a passage of time.

barefoot boy

Sometimes we travel with someone on our journey. And sometimes we don’t.
The blogging experience is a journey too.  A “blogging” passage of time. One where we are definitely sharing our journey with others.
These last 10 months of blogging, to date, have been wonderful and I’m grateful to so many who have made this passage of time such a good one for me. I’ve met some wonderful people online that have become friends that I cherish.
The time, for me, has been well spent. I’ve learned much and enjoyed more. I hope the future will be even better for all of us in our blogging adventures.


Thank you, for all those who come by to visit and comment. I greatly value you and your comments more than you can know. I’m looking forward to visiting and sharing continuing journeys with you.

~ Penny