Friendship … A Great Elixir for Happiness!


“The thing about shared friendships is the absolute love that flows from within and without one’s own heart. No exceptions. It just is.” ~ Plh

*Friendship, the ties that bind us ~ one to another ~ cannot be overstated. Every single one of us needs friends. Every single one of us needs to be a friend – to as many as is feasible. At a distance or close up, it makes not a difference. A friend is a friend is a friend.

Being a true friend is caring, encouraging, making a difference – as you can – where it counts. And there is always room in our hearts for another friend, always.

But I have no friends“, you say. Then go help someone in need. Step out of your own, self imposed but lonely, comfort zone. Help several someones, but help because you want to. Set no conditions, no requirements and you’ll discover friendship along the way.

And as friends come along, nurture these relationships. Share, care and be there! Some will become true friendships.

Know there are those who will use your friendship by taking advantage of your good will. Do not be discouraged for they do not really understand.

Help others as you can with good intent. They will be the ones who decide the direction your friendship will take.

Always remember … “a friend in need is a friend indeed” – Be there!

*Also an additional bonus: It greatly increases the potential for giving and receiving caring hugs! And today hugs are needed more than ever!

I had written this post a year ago and decided to share it once again (with a few changes). Thanks for stopping by, hoping your weekend is going well for you.

With affection,
~ Penny

Rainy Day Blues

It has certainly been a week filled with sad and depressing news, coupled with an amazing amount of rain in many places.

Not surprising, it becomes very easy during these times to feel melancholy. Blue. Even depressed. We all have them. Those sad days. Today is not one of my sad days, I’m having a very good day today, but I was reminded as I watched the news of the day and the weather channel that “rainy day blues” can happen at any time, to any of us. So I thought I’d post a few words on this subject!

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!” Bob Dylan

They can be “okay” days if we are reflective during these times. Be “in the moment”. Experience the melancholy. Understand that those feelings shall pass, they are helping you emotionally vent that which you have been unable to adequately express or release in any other way.

And should you encounter other melancholy souls, perhaps a little bit of cheering and companionship may be just the thing to help them move beyond the sadness of their day.



On life’s lonely days recognize them for what they are – a brief passage of time where your loving heart is being made aware of it’s sadnesses and understands the importance of that recognition so that you can love more fiercely and with greater conviction.

And although you may feel lonely, know you are never alone. You are one of many and are loved!

With warmth and affection,

~ Penny

Ligo Haibun Challenge – The unfillable thirst!

For my haibun I’ve chosen the following quote:

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

Life is lived in gulps when you’re creative, when you’re beautiful, when you’re smart, when you’re born very poor and a female. Those irreconcilable differences of who and why you even exist, much less the fabric of who you are become inconsolable when alone, so once famous enough you gulp at things in a curious mixture of compelling needs, desires and forbidden fruit.

Filling needs unfillable by your definition of life and understanding. Too little, too late, and the unendurable doubt of what is real and true.

So more and more those gulps of life lived on the edge take over, the extremes of danger, risk, passion. Either that or through oblivion’s eyes watch as  night stretches endlessly out towards the unattainable, cleanly defined by who you are not.

To be just who you are, not who you made yourself become – to be recognized.

not who I am
filling nights endless void
all I am not


Marilyn Monroe (photo above “street art depiction”) is undoubtedly one of the most famous recognizable hollywood actresses in the world today although her stardom and death happened more than a half a century ago.

She is viewed as a major sex symbol and yet Norma Jeane Mortenson (her real name) poor, lonely and indifferently bandied about foster care homes for most of her youth understood, at a very young age, that her best chance at life was to become something other than what she was. The view from her talented and intelligent eyes being that what she was – wasn’t working very well as far as life’s conditions went.

Her last few years are indicative of the emotional trauma within her. Illness, drug problems, depression. And yet today she is a pop and cultural icon, due entirely to the fact of how well she recreated herself – sadly for the wrong reasons – Acceptance! She died of an overdose of barbiturates in 1962! Her legacy lives on.

Here is Elton Johns tribute to Norma Jeane:


For more information on how to enter this weeks Ligo Haibun Challenge click here!

Thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed, have an excellent weekend!

~ Penny


I wish you could touch me now …

I am vulnerable because of loving so pure and deeply, my walls of protection cannot keep my desire for you at bay.

and so … I wish you could touch me now. Not my heart, you’ve touched me there too deeply, it’s still bruised and bleeding. But my body still hungers for you.

I need your touch …

I desire the warmth of your caress, the closeness of your body, the physical contact of … you!

I wish you could touch me now …

… even as I understand morning light will illuminate the true reality of our relationship. I know for all your tender caring words, you would be gone and my loving soul will still be bruised … for all your promises said in the moonlight hours of sensual need and gratification. I know all this.

But the longing remains so …

I still wish you could touch me now.

I’ll always have our memories of the night time to sustain me, in daylight hours spent alone, reflecting on why you said one thing and did another. Belittling my efforts instead of supporting them, and yet still I love you. And wish you to be happy.

I am pleased to hear you are where you’ve wanted to be for so long. I am happy for you. Resigned, accepting and aware of some of the hard learned lessons of life, when one exposes one’s soul during love.

But now in these evening hours I dream of you touching me again, filling my sensual needs. Even, as reality has come full circle and comprehension of the cruelty of those who love and those who take in the guise of love, is complete.

Touch me … but let it be only the physical, my bruised soul cannot bear the mockery of a pretense at true love (yours were personal and emotional needs for yourself. I don’t believe you really thought of my needs – perhaps as an afterthought), but my body does respond to your loving body. So in that, there is truth.

I wish you could touch me. I’m prepared now for tomorrow … it hurts, but I understand. With all the love in my heart that I give so freely, I was so sure someone might love me the way I loved them in return … it seems I was mistaken!


Most definitely an unrequited love piece here. Not to worry, my next fictional piece is part two of adventure and excitement. Dry your tears and stay tuned for fun! Our fictional young lady in the piece above (p.s.- she’s the one trapped in the tunnel , although brokenhearted, she’s about to kick some serious a..!) More to come!

~ Penny


Lullaby of Hope and Love (for my friends)

you are loved


love's lullaby

Love’s Lullaby

Just as a mother feels the beat of unborn child
I feel the rhythm from your heart ~ you are loved.
The music of you heartbeat so piercing and so sweet
you are special and unique and ~ you are loved.
 Yes there are those bad days, bad times,
(hard, hard, hard ones too),
but, hush now, hush now, do not cry ~ you are loved.
I sing for you a heart song to nourish you within
You are safe, and you are cherished ~ you are loved.
 Let my strength pick up your spirits
carry you along.
You aren’t alone, you aren’t forgotten ~ you are loved.
 You my friend so beautiful
I sing to let you know.
Do not be sad, I’m here for you ~ you are loved.


“On those loneliest days when you feel such despair
Reach out your hand, a friend will be there!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Stand your Ground!

This is for YOU! And you know who you are! I shared this video and song with my followers last year. And just so you know. I watch it myself on the days that seem harder than other days and we all have those. I send this out today to remind you that You can do it! You can carry on. You can be strong and brave. You have it within you!

I believe in You after all, with all my heart and you (my blogger friends) know I mean the words I write. It is overwhelming out there, changes coming so fast, hard to cope with, loss, pain, loneliness, too much of too much, and in some cases feeling terribly alone and disconnected.


You are not disconnected here in blog-land! And I know (for a fact) that the bloggers “out there” believe these words too.

We are here for you during your struggles, just as you are here for us. It makes for a HUGE difference. So today, remember you are loved and STAND YOUR GROUND … you’re worth it, you know!

~ Penny


Eyes wide Open – Mind wide Shut!


As you go through each day

how much are you missing?

I mean really!


Right now, stop reading my post.


Doesn’t matter where you are. At home, at work, in a car.

Doesn’t matter if you’re with people or alone.

Just take a good look around.

Look at each object your eye encounters,

or person if there are other people where you are.


Now … ask yourself this

If there are others where you are:

Am I connected with them?

Do we touch each other?

Do we care about each others lives?

Do these other people really have any place at all in my own life?

And if they do am I communicating and connecting and sharing.

or are they just a part of the noise of the day that I respond to.


And what about “things”. The almighty “stuff” of life. gadgets, furnishings,The latest, newest and most innovative stuff. Is this what is important to you? And if it is …

… Why?

As you go through life I know you have hopes and dreams.

Disappointments and fears.

But is any of the “stuff” you’ve accumulated making a difference

for what is inside of you.


How can you get what you really feel you need

when you’re going through life

with …

“Eyes wide open and mind wide shut”.

Take a few minutes right now and contemplate

the time you spend on things that really don’t achieve the purpose

of making you come alive.


That which helps you feel needed, wanted, loved,

cared for.

Right now,

Do something about it.

Make those changes in your life.

It’s not hard.

See what you haven’t been seeing.


And then

Make a difference.

For you and all those that you didn’t really notice before.

They’ll notice you if you pay attention to them.

Yes they will,

with their previous wide open eyes and closed minds.


Go for it,

Your move!



Thank you,

~ Penny


The Reasons to be Brave …


Life can be so darn hard! Some days are … well … just about impossible to get through aren’t they?

Really, really tough ones, when you don’t think you can make it.

This is when we need to remember why.

The Why About This is what I do best after all.

So let me remind you the reasons to be brave. Just a few, but I think they cover most things!













All of us




charlotte uptown_7579749672_l


And one more thing, if you’re really having trouble … then reach out …


…You are never alone. We are in this life together. It is a truth.

Open your heart and your mind. Let love come in and you will see all of us who care. We are here waiting.

There will be a helping hand if you need it. There are hundreds of millions of us out there, waiting to be there for you! Believe, love, let go of fear and hate and reach out!

~ Penny


The Nature of our Natures


What is yours?



There are the thinkers and the soft spoken too.

And then there’re the loud ones, it seems quite a few.


There are the happy and joyful, who’re just filled with glee,

The serious who pontificate … “to not or to be”!



There are those very weary and tired so it seems

And when I’m around them, I’m yawning in reams.


There are those always angry and spit-firing mad,

The lonely, disheartened, bedraggled and sad.



The Nature of our nature is unique to us each

A prune, grape, or raisin, an apple or peach.


We may think and act different, still each is the same

Because under our natures we all of us came …



… From the very same place,

… The blue planet in space,

… it’s home to us – The Human Race!

So please no more fuss

Because the US is … ALL of US!

~ Penny L. Howe, 2013


Thanks for the visit, I broke a few rules of poetry with this one to make a point! Have a good one this weekend!

~ Penny


copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe