For The Romantics – Remembering the Passion of You!

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I’ve Only To Remember …

the shadow of your smile, and there’s a …

a delicious feeling of passion remembered – when held close in your arms.

I’ve only to hear ‘our song’ to remember …

intoxicating intensity from the rhythm of our love.

I’ve only to dream of you and I remember …

delectable ecstasy during shared intimacy.

I’ve only to close my eyes to feel your hands upon me …

and I remember the searing heat from your touch.

I’ve only to think about you to remember …

the exquisite passion we shared throughout glorious nights

– when we were together.

I’ve only to remember …


As I said, this is for all the romantics. And yes I do have a romantic soul – rather obviously. For all those in love, hold fast to what you have. To all of us “Others”, well, there are always the memories and the tomorrows to look forward to! Never give up being Romantic, Passionate, or believing in same – it is worth it!

with much affection,

~ Penny

Love me – No more, no less!

What every partner in life deserves from the other!

Aimez-moi – ni plus, ni moins!

Si tu m’aimes, alors m’aimer de cette façon.

Ni plus ni moins que ce qui suit …

me traiter comme égaux,

mais chérir moi comme quelqu’un de spécial.

Soyez fidèle à moi, en pensée, en parole et en acte,

m’aime plus que n’importe qui d’autre – jamais.

Soyez là quand j’ai besoin de toi,

faire une différence dans ma vie,

Soyez mon amant, compagnon et confident

Vous qui je peux faire confiance avec tout mon coeur.

Est-ce trop demander?

Je ne le pense pas.

Je vous demande juste de me donner que ce que je vous donne.

Pas plus, pas moins.

– Penny L Howe, 2013

Thank you,

~ Penny

Elusive Dream Lover

So here’s the thing, several of my blogging friends have been speaking about the “muse” of things. So there I was thinking about love as it would be with lovers, or perhaps even an elusive thing and this poem happened, so, hold on, it’s a little bit out of my normal style but it’s all you creative and wonderful bloggers fault. You just inspire me so much!

She came to him in the night

While he slept,

A delicate whisper caressing his skin

He felt her words

“I am yours”

He sighed in his dreams

Drifting within the magic of night.

Her voice softly whispered

“I am yours”

He breathed deeply, her taste intoxicating

He stirred but did not awaken

Her moist breath enveloping his senses

“Take me”

His body flaring forgotten passions

His longing so intense

The music of her sultry and sinuous words

“I am yours”

He slumbered on

 Asleep, impassioned

“I am yours”

He sighed in his dreams

Gently she lay down

By his side

Her body contouring with his


Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe