Motivate yourself – Your own guide

what-to-do-book-manual-advice-instructions-by-iqoncept.jpgLast fall I wrote a piece about how to be inspired and motivated. The words are no less true today.

And I’ve yet to find someone better at inspiring ourselves than – ourselves. We are, our own best motivators. The one who decides how we’re going to feel about the new day ahead. The one that lays down at night reliving the happenings of the day. That’s You!

And while you may not be the catalyst for positive change, I guarantee, you are the one that decides what “lights your fire” or what “puts it out”.

There is a key here, something to think on. No one just leaps out of bed, happy with the world everyday, thinking all things are wonderful and then goes out and wins all the time. Well nobody I know anyway.

But many understand what is needed and set about searching for that which willideas, influence and motivate them towards a positive mindset. That could be you!

Make life a mission for finding those things (catalysts) that will motivate you!

Each person’s quest in life becomes either finding the motivation to make things happen or coming up with excuses for why things won’t.

The more you wake up looking for potentials, the easier it is to find possibilities. The more you move forward, the more you believe in yourself. And yes even through your failures, you know what to get right the next time you try.

It has always been about you – you know! You are your greatest motivator!

~ Penny


Where your heart leads

burning desire

Your heart is a symbol for creative activity. It is through your passions that you find the will to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be.

Fire up your heart, kindle your passion, dream BIG, imagine BIGGER, and fire up your desire so greatly it will become deeply ingrained in your subconscious! You will not be able to stop yourself. Your entire personality will willingly follow where your heart leads.

You’re creating a groove that becomes fixed in your mind each time you become passionately determined to accomplish something. And as you win your heart’s desire, you will come to expect the best from yourself.

So on those days when you don’t think you can do something, rekindle the passion and desire for that which you want. and do remember …

“Where the heart leads, the mind and body follows!” ~ Penny L Howe, 2013


~ Penny


There is so much …

 … we can be.



There is so much we can do.

 This means opening yourself up inside.

Taking Risks!

Sometimes great big ones!


And we are so very capable!




And then pass this love of life along,

by giving and sharing it with others.

Go back to my last post and watch the video of Astronaut Chris Hadfield just one more time. Look closely at his face. He is feeling the words he’s singing. Really, really feeling each word – because he “knows” the words he’s singing. He’s living those words with every ounce of his being, up there at the space station, in outer space! And that is what life is truly all about!

The living of it!

It is your life! And there is so much you can do and be!


You can do this, I know you can!

I believe in you!

You should too!


Thank you for your visit!

~ Penny


The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Key to success!

A while ago I wrote a piece about being an entrepreneur. Today I’d like to include the most important ingredient for (successfully) owning your own business. But first ,,,

step by step

The meaning of an entrepreneur:

entrepreneur: One who owns (or is in the process of owning/operating) a business enterprise – selling a product or service (always with an accompanying degree of risk!).


While the meaning above is certainly true, there is a bigger truth!

An important part of being an entrepreneur is about having an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’! In too many cases this turns out to be the determining factor as to whether or not a business venture makes it or fails.

step by stepWhat is an entrepreneurial spirit? It’s a feeling, a driving ambition, a burning desire to be successful. In a word – The passion of the thing!

Without a doubt passion is the motivation that often makes the telling difference. 

In the course of my marketing career I’ve met a handful of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Without exception the one thing they all shared was this huge desire to make it happen. A ‘never give up’ attitude. An understanding that there will always be “financial risks” involved, but the desire to have a successful enterprise is greater than the fear of taking the risk.


So the key word in this article today is PASSION!


If your strongest desire is to become an entrepreneur and you are committed to making that happen – then youPASSION are one. If you are determined to be successful in your enterprise (regardless of obstacles) you are an entrepreneur.

And if you’re willing to learn well and apply what you need to know, while you never stop working towards your dream, then YOU are not only an entrepreneur but you have an excellent chance of becoming a successful one!

Just remember, it’s the passion of it all! That’s the stuff successful dreams are made of!


Good luck on your venture, thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny


A Touch of Inspiration …


What really inspires you? What warms you up inside and makes you feel so good that you just want to … well do whatever it is that you feel inspired to do?

But what causes the spark? What lights the fire inside? What makes the something inside of you come alive with desire? A desire so strong it burns, a driving need that grows within and urges you on. A special something? What is it?

We all have it inside us, waiting to come out,


A quiet gentle touch

whispering as it came.

Mmm, so very delicate

I was enraptured just the same.

It played upon my senses

calling out my name.


a current, ebbing flows

stirring my wishes and wants.

Changing dreams into great desires,

my inspiration into burning fires,

because of this feeling that grows.

A touch of Inspiration!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


I hope this brief little touch inspires you today,

all my best to you, thanks for stopping by!

~ Penny


copyright © 2013 by Penny l Howe,