The Whisper of Hope



Humanity says: “Share with me just the smallest whisper of hope so my thoughts and emotions will hear you (despite the ever increasing global cacophony of change bombarding me day and night with intolerance, prejudice, inhumanity and indifference) and I promise you it shall be heard as the roar of a lion within my heart sick troubled soul and I shall take solace and share your whispers of hope with all who will listen.”

Life whispers: “You are ALL my children and you are loved.”



The Miracle of Life vs Man’s Misappropriated Melange!

Life offers each of us so many components to consider and blend together within the human acts of our daily existence. Life can be a burden to bear, an experience to rejoice in, and it can also be an education where we, hopefully, acquire wisdom and illumination.

I like to regard life as a little bit of each, presenting alternately, choices and challenges, where we determine the mixture. Unfortunately our melange has hardly been what it should and can be.

We fall short in so many ways through greed, avarice, hate and cowardice. Yet, I still remain hopeful that humanity can survive itself, but there is one thing I do know for sure and try never to forget …

“…Life is the most astonishing miracle

of which we are only a tiny piece of its many recipients

and as such life should never – ever – be taken for granted or misused.”

Penny L Howe, 2014

Searching for Why!

I woke up extra early this morning, aided and abetted by my two cats. Once awake, I began my search.

With freshly brewed cup of coffee in hand, I took myself outdoors and searched there. Amid early dewy grass and glorious sunrise, I took a little time to feed and water (it’s very hot right now) various animals during the process. As far as the search went – no luck.

I came inside the house, walking slowly through each room, searching as I went. Looking at my various accumulated treasures (to me) I found nothing there. Opening my PC, I searched the web, the blogs , all the various multimedia – didn’t find it there either, although I did find a whole bunch of other people searching too.

I turned on the TV and went through channel by never-ending channels (now that was seriously depressing, because of all the worthlessness being displayed).

I checked my smart phone for new texts, contacts, but for the most part everything was repeating what I’d viewed on my PC.

I went for a walk by the river. It was soothing and refreshing, but no luck with finding what I was searching.

Returning home, I sat mulling over all my various searches when it dawned on me I’d overlooked one area. So I looked there – inside me, inside my heart and, of course, I found what I’d been searching for.

…My reason for being.
…My reason for existing.
…My reason for who and how I am.

I found love of life, love of others, and love of self.

And the reason behind all of this love?

Because I care, and I found that even on a bad day, a seemingly empty of “positive things happening sort of day” – that this is reason enough! The health of our human condition depends on the caring of …

We humans are truly one of a kind for not only do we have the ability to care deeply, we also have the very unique ability to communicate/share and give this to others.

And I find this a most excellent reason Why!

~ Penny

An aspect of being … a human being!

contemplationIs it not fascinating that we, human beings, are gifted from birth with so many working processes and capabilities. Attributes (sensory, mental, physical and spiritual) enabling us to embrace, with a wonderful fullness, the miraculous mystery of life itself.

Instead, many human beings chose to view life (at a distance) making judgement calls through the limiting lens of insecurity and fear.

They see life’s inconsequentialities (now that’s a substantial word isn’t it, especially when it means something so very simple – “that which lacks importance”), but they/we leap upon these trivialities making of them meanings of importance, building upon our (and others) manufactured fears instead of nurturing truths that lay within and all around.

But there you have it, the nature of the human “being”. Are weexploring programmed to think so negatively, or has some portion of our “flight or fight” survival mechanism morphed it’s way into this state of being/existence.

I, for one find this a most undesirable trait and “state of existence” to live within.

May I recommend and strongly encourage you to consider a move – from this “state” of being to new territory. One that includes the richness of all that life has to offer. It’s out there, this vast unexplored (for many) territory of being. Yours for the asking, yours for the believing, yours for the doing.

Do not allow your mind to be “house bound” as the result of fears and misconceptions. Open yourself up and live. That is what life is all about, after all! But its still up to you to determine the aspect of your being, your choice – as always!

… In closing, beautiful and enabling words from a woman born without the attributes almost all of us take for granted; vision, hearing and for many years speech, yet she managed to overcome her adversities and indeed fully explored the richness of life itself. If she can do this, why can’t we?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” ~ Helen Keller



~ Penny


Life’s paperback Mystery book! A best seller!


Once upon a time there was a pretty little planet rotating around a great big golden star surrounded by some other fascinating planets doing the same thing. And nearby there were many other stars and planets and so forth and so on. These solar systems too numerous to count simply filled with the flow of universalfile581244116982 life, matter and being! A glorious and unfathomable immensity.

It seems to me in the whole scheme of things that the occupants of the small little planet must surely realize how very special and unique they are to be a part of something so vastly huge and wonderful.

In this landscaped backstory of life we humans exist. To what end or purpose – a mystery.

But what a glorious mystery. A best seller, for certain, if made into a paperback novel! The ending unknown, hbut Oh the adventures, the drama, the excitement, the passion, the LIFE.

This mystery book would be so popular that it could In fact be a screen play in the making for a most magnificent movie.

US, we – all of us – little tiny inconsequential beings, are in fact a part of the bigger picture (in spite of what we don’t know or think we know), In full, living and blazing color. With tons of special effects no less. The potentially biggest block buster of them all. It is to be hoped that the small roles we do play will be played out well and that the mystery of life turns into the masterpiece it is intended to be!

Thanks for the visit, hope your week has been going well for you,

~ Penny


A “Follow”- up to Dreams

Following Dreams

This one’s for you Rosy! There are some people who are very special people, they make you feel a little bit better about the day and yourself. You know it when you meet them. You know it when you interact with them online. You just know it. RoSy is one of those! If you aren’t familiar with her blog it is a good one to follow!

As a follow-up to my last post about dreaming I give you a video from an Elvis Presley Movie. “A classic” for Elvis fans of all ages (I’m one too. lol). Chosing this particular video, well I did that for Rosy. May your dreams be golden ones tonight my friend! The movie that this video/song is taken from is called most appropriately “Follow that Dream”.


Elvis sings of love of a person. The dream calling me is for a love of all people and so I follow my dream to make this come true! Perhaps a silly hope,  but for me a true one!

Thank you for visiting me today,


For all the Women of the World


This was written for all women of the world and where I see the future and their role. The title is “She and They”. I think most women everywhere will recognize the meaning of this.

What is interesting – I wrote this piece 22 years ago, about the future. Interesting huh!


SHE seemed to stand apart from the others in the room, an essence of wisdom radiating from her being.

THEY knew she was strong and feared for their own – futures. Futures, laid out in neat little orderly patterns and packages so many years ago – patterns of steps, packages of goals, always in line, always the same.

THEY had structured their lives so they fit the system, the sadly eroding system which they had caused but were just beginning to notice … so intent upon steps towards goals, steps toward goals …

THEY had felt secure in all this sameness … until SHE came. SHE who had never followed sameness, or structure, no not HER.

THEY knew of her; a maverick, an independent, separate from, different, unique.

SHE was in her element, secure in her beliefs.

HER supporters and followers (many) gathering about her; shoring up her vast internal strength, wiping out the last small remnant of lingering doubt and … Fear?

Ah yes, FEAR.

Years, upon years, upon years – stumbles, slips and falls. Always, seeming to slide backwards, further and further, a plethora of never ending blind alleys, wrong turns, and failures.

SHE knows of Fear, its moods and personality.

Cause and Effect – she’s lived it and learned it, paying her price again and again through a loss of harmony, always seemingly out of step.

Now, with the coming of CHANGE

SHE blends as one; in tune, in time, not a step out of beat. Effortlessly she knows which way to turn, how to proceed.

THEY can only stand frozen huddled around themselves wondering and worrying about their futures.

And SHE, a survivor to her past, stands poised on the brink of tomorrow, a mantle of rightness and harmony settling about her. Her future and THE future – finally one and the same.

Penny L Howe, December, 1990

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do I have strong feelings on this subject? Yes, yes I do. Today more women are educated, reaching out and making a difference for themselves and their families. And they are more aware than ever, not only of the plight of their sisters in some of the countries around the world, but of the planet itself. And they are doing something about it! So do I mean the words I wrote 22 years ago? Absolutely. Is it coming true? Absolutely. Are women amazing? Absolutely!

Thank you for stopping by my friends, bless you all!

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