Rainy Day Blues

It has certainly been a week filled with sad and depressing news, coupled with an amazing amount of rain in many places.

Not surprising, it becomes very easy during these times to feel melancholy. Blue. Even depressed. We all have them. Those sad days. Today is not one of my sad days, I’m having a very good day today, but I was reminded as I watched the news of the day and the weather channel that “rainy day blues” can happen at any time, to any of us. So I thought I’d post a few words on this subject!

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!” Bob Dylan

They can be “okay” days if we are reflective during these times. Be “in the moment”. Experience the melancholy. Understand that those feelings shall pass, they are helping you emotionally vent that which you have been unable to adequately express or release in any other way.

And should you encounter other melancholy souls, perhaps a little bit of cheering and companionship may be just the thing to help them move beyond the sadness of their day.



On life’s lonely days recognize them for what they are – a brief passage of time where your loving heart is being made aware of it’s sadnesses and understands the importance of that recognition so that you can love more fiercely and with greater conviction.

And although you may feel lonely, know you are never alone. You are one of many and are loved!

With warmth and affection,

~ Penny

Poetry and Contemplation!

I’ve been pondering quite a bit these last handful of months as to whether or not I wanted to continue blogging. The friends I’ve made here in blogland are awesome (you know who you are) and I can’t say or feel enough good things about you!

I have been going through the archives of some of my older posts and found a couple of poems I’ve written that I decided to share (or if you read them before, share again).

Hoping your weekend is a great one for you, with much love – Penny!

Solitary contemplation of the kitten kind! While musing over the unfinished strings of life.

Life – A Privilege to Nurture

The first to give honor
The second to share,
The third to be humble
and try to be there.


When making the difference,
in that which you do,
you make for a difference
the truth within you.

Penny L Howe, 2013


For all That I am Not

If I be poor in spirit
may I be rich in deed,
If I be poor in doing
May I still plant a seed.


For all that I am not
may I be something more,
For all that I can be
Is what I’m striving for!

“It’s the doing of a thing, that makes it happen!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Ethereal Life

Enjoy what you are given – in the moment,

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Share what you’ve been blessed with – in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Laugh with the richness of life – in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Love all you can love in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Live every moment of your life to the fullest.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Penny L. Howe, 2012


Go With the Flow

Melancholy – The Nature of being…

This is a fascinating word.  Evoking in each of us an immediate awareness of emotions conveyed by just saying the word.

Melancholy – the essence sneaks up on you, I’ve noticed, slowly seeping in through sensual crevices, the underpinnings that create our structured and unstructured thoughts.

Melancholy – interfering with all things mental and physical, at once insidious and hard to ignore. Hovering invasively but in such an unobtrusive manner that there is no notice until its fully-fledged arrival has occurred.

I know it’s a deeply personal state of being, whether or not we recognize it happening to another, we certainly realize when it’s happened to us. There is a specifc set of signals going on in the brain that are impossible to ignore. A fatiguing elusive quality of not caring or caring so deeply that it becomes easier to just ignore life and the people around you.

So on those days I … go with the flow!

And I’m thinking it’s okay when this happens, taking time to reflect on what might have been.

“May your muse embrace the many prisms of life contained within” – Penny L Howe


Gerry Rafferty is one of my favorite musicians, although he has gone home, his music lives on. I listen to Baker Street when melancholy. This is a nice rendition video put together by 65Seasons, if you feel so inclined click and enjoy!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe