A Message From The Universe


We all have tough days. Where regardless of how positive you are with your mindset, things keep going wrong.

I was having one of those days recently when the most fascinating thing happened. But let me back up a bit and share what led up to the moment.

So a series of “OMGosh can the day get any crazier” things having occurred, I sat down at my desk completely exhausted, weary and frustrated, after being interrupted for the zillionth time and happened to look up at my small bookcase. On the shelf I have 3 balanced rocks. Being a rock lover, I enjoy balancing various ones at different times. These are small rocks I’ve had for some time.

The thing is, as I viewed them in that moment I saw something I’ve never noticed before. The shape of a small heart located in the right corner of the bottom rock. How cool is that?!


I must have stared at the heart for 5 minutes (at least). For me it was definitely a message from the universe letting me know I was loved and things would be okay. So needed in that moment and the rest of my day passed uneventfully.

Just too cool and had to share! ♡

Have a great weekend.

Always with sincere affection,

Nuts and Poetry – works for me!

squirrel reading poetry

Hey this book is pretty good it’s filled with poems about nuts.

Ode to a Nut

The nuttiest nut I ever saw

was one I never had

And though I tried my best to save

It ended up going bad.


Nuttier than Usual

If never I see another nut

How happy I shall be,

for every single one I find

does not belong to me.


It seems that life is most unfair

Why can’t just one be mine,

But no it always seem to be

It’s never mine – its thine!


The Stash

I’ve hidden a whole stash of nuts

Noone knows where they are

But even if they do get found

They won’t go very far.


You see I rigged a trap inside

Each nut that’s in my stash

So when somebody tries to eat

Instead they will get thrashed!


When I show up, retrieve my nuts

I’ll offer them a share.

Had they just asked, I’d have given them

you see because I care.


Definitely a nutty day today ~ And yes there is a hidden message or moral in each poem if you can figure each of them out! lol!

Thank you for visiting me I hope your day is not as nutty as this post, but do take time to have some fun!

~ Penny

penny l howe

Who is your Angel…in this life of yours?

There is a Special Someone out there for everyone. A Mother, a Father, a Grandparent, a Sister, a Brother, an Aunt, an Uncle, a Friend, a Lover, A husband, A Wife, a Confidant. Someone who is always there for you. Who knows what to say and when to say it with a word, a look, a hug. Right now, stop what you are doing and say to this person … I love you!


To every single blogger, tweeter, facebooker, lol, (anyone reading this from any form of social media) all human beings on the planet I say from my heart:

I Love you… in 100+ different languages.

There are many more on our great planet than these. I would like to say to each of you as a member of my family – our human race …

I love you, Ek het jou lief, Te dua, Ana behibak, Ana behibek,Yes kez sirumen,
M’bi fe, Ami tomake bhalobashi,Ya tabe kahayu, Nahigugma ako kanimo,
Obicham te, Soro lahn nhee ah, Ngo oiy ney a, T’estimo, Tsi ge yu I, Ne mohotatse,
Ndimakukonda, Ti tengu caru, Mi aime jou,Volim te, Miluji te, Jeg Elsker Dig,
Ik hou van jou, Mi amas vin, Ma armastan sind, Afgreki’, Eg elski teg, Doset daram,
Mahal kita, Mina rakastan sinua, Je t’aime, Je t’adore, Ik hâld fan dy, Ta gra agam ort,
Mikvarhar, Ich liebe dich,S’agapo, Hoo thunay prem karoo choo, Palangga ko ikaw,
Aloha Au Ia`oe, ani ohev otcha, Ohevet ot’cha, ani ohev otach, ohevet Otach,
Guina higugma ko ikaw, Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae, Kuv hlub koj,Nu’ umi unangwa’ta,
Szeretlek,  Eg elska tig, Ilonggo , cinta padamu, Negligevapse, Taim i’ ngra leat, Ti amo,
Aishiteru, Naanu ninna preetisuttene, Kaluguran daka, Nakupenda, Tu magel moga cho,
Sarang Heyo,Te amo, Es tevi miilu, Bahibak, Tave myliu, Ech hun dech g..er,
Te Sakam,Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu, Njan Ninne Premikunnu, Inhobbok,
Wo ai ni, Me tula prem karto, Kanbhik, Ana moajaba bik, Ni mits neki, Ayor anosh’ni,

Jeg Elsker Deg, Syota na kita, Inaru Taka, Mi ta stimabo, Doo-set daaram,  Kocham Ciebie,
Eu te amo, Te iubesc, Ya tebya liubliu, Tha gra..dh agam ort, Volim te, Ke a go rata,
Sign Language – ,..,,/, Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan, Techihhila, Lu`bim ta, Ljubim te, Te quiero / Te amo,
Ninapenda wewe, Jag alskar dig, Ich lieb Di, Mi lobi joe, Mahal kita, Wa ga ei li, Ua Here Vau Ia Oe,
Nan unnai kathalikaraen, Nenu ninnu premistunnanu, Chan rak khun, Phom rak khun, Seni Seviyorum
Ya tebe kahayu, mai aap say pyaar karta hoo, Anh ye^u em , Em ye^u anh ,’Rwy’n dy garu di,
Ikh hob dikh,mo fe ran e, أحبك , أحبكي , আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি – I love you.

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Why am I Smiling?

Why am I Smiling?

The purpose of my smiling exists on several levels.

First of all I am only one of a small handful of “Perfect Predators”. My species has existed since long long before you were even an idea. That all by itself is enough to make me smile.

Second and more to the point (and these are all true use your “googler” and check for yourselves!) I have some awesome capabilities and apart from my species being several hundred million years old I can …

  • … go 2-3 years without eating (well maybe a snack or two)
  • … move exceedlngly fast if needed (30 mph)
  • … and do live mostly in warm sunny weather (nice, huh!)
  •  … but rarely kill humans (not worth the effort actually, you’re busy killing us off however, just saying!)
  • … regrow any tooth I loseI And I have many so no dentures needed and that’s handy!
  • … and am a very very very good Mommy!


With specific reference to the last one. I am an excellent mother. An important thing to remember. You do not want to mess with my babies, ever!


As a female alligator I pretty much has control over things – except for the men killing me off so I am currently on the endangered species list in most of the areas where my kind live!

I am so not smiling about that.


So there you are! I smile because in almost every way I am a perfect specimen for what I am – A cold blooded reptile (scientifically known to be of the ectotherm category which means that while I do not directly control my bodies temperature I can change my environment to my satisfaction which does affect my bodies temperature – handy that!)

Also smiling is a very good thing, Always!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this fun light-hearted approach to making us a little more aware of the current plight of one of mother nature’s entire species. For more specific information and how you can help. click on this link STOP EXTINCTION! Just a part of our (human) responsibility!

~ Penny

Looking for Love in all the Right Places


Don’t all of us look for love, in some way or other? I think we do.

I believe with a quick reference to multimedia here, that while commercialism is certainly in the mix, whether we go online and “search”, or twitter, facebook, blog, or a variety of interactive things in the everyday world we are looking for love. To be loved and love in return. It is important.

Noone should be or feel unloved. Noone, Ever! So my piece today references the search for Love



I searched for love the world at large

I searched both day and night.

I looked and looked so very hard

but could not get it right.

And then I loved (because I could)

And shared myself therefore …

And then much to my own surprise

Love knocking on my door.

“Why do you come here”, this I said

With wonder in my eyes.

I couldn’t find you … there was dread

That Love would be denied.

Love bowed its most magestic head

And wisely said to me.

“Love returns to your homestead

When given out for free.”

“I’m always there, so close – nearby

You only had to care.

Loving pathways light the skies

I come each time you share.”

“Give freely of the love you have

Give freely onto all.

Love will always be returned

I come when I am called!”

~ Penny L Howe, 2012


Love, the most important word on the planet – pass it on!

Thank you for visit, may your day be filled with love!

~ Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe