The Song of All Souls


Misty morn or perhaps early evening.

The Song of All Souls

Within seedlings of trees that grow

And the whisper of winds that blow

In the river flowing down to the sea

Hear the song of all souls singing free.

In the laughter of people at play

The bright sun giving light to each day

All the planets and stars in the sky

Share love’s song deep inside you and I.

The waves as they crash on the beach

Golden moonbeams we look up to reach

And the love that we all need so much

From this song, closed hearts can be touched.

Deep inside where love has no wall

Our souls they do sing out to all

They guide like the outgoing tide

to the seas where all hearts open wide.


Sun bursts through the trees high above huge waterfalls and cascades in Oregon's Columbia Gorge.

Sun bursts through the trees high above huge waterfalls and cascades in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge.

Thank you, have a wonderful week,

~ Penny



Here’s to Love

This is February. My favorite month of the year. Valentines Day comes to mind. A day of love (In my humble opinion, every day is a day of love) but commercially speaking we have an official day of celebrating love.

Then two of the most famous presidents in the United States have their birthdays in this month. I refer of course to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. and I’m an Aquarius (for whatever that’s worth, lol). So there you go. I love February. And it’s a good reason to be more poetic.

So here’s to LOVE:

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I Shall …
carry the sun
on a tray just for you.
And if you wish,
bring the moon too.


But should the moon
disappear from above,
Even still I will fetch,
bring to you with my love.
Penny L Howe, 2015


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Hope you enjoyed, thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

The Mysterious Passions of Life!



“Ah, sweet mystery of life … at last I’ve found you …” These are oft spoken words, but are they true – for you?

Is there mystery in your life? Do you have a passionate regard for all things living? The known and the unknown? Are you a life explorer, ready for each challenge that may and will come your way?

Do you embrace each new day, crave the wonderful potential waiting to unfold before you?

You should, you know. It’s your life and it’s happening right now, all around you. Each morning the sun rises, each evening moon beams shine down from celestial  skies, the composition of which is mysterious and marvelous.

As Robert Heinlein once said, “Life is short, live wide.”

And a final quote from the wisest and one of my most favorite people ever,

“Remember the most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead and his eyes are dimmed.” ~ Albert Einstein




Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Filled with all good things, especially those cherished memories brought to mind on this Memorial Weekend here in the USA, as we are are reminded of those no longer with us. Let us celebrate their lives by celebrating our own.

Take care of you and yours,
with much affection,
~ Penny


Life’s Reality – or another crazy night? Ligo Haibun Challenge

This week the Ligo Haibun Challenge presents two quotes as prompts! I have chosen the George Carlin quote:


dreamstime_xs_15208561 - Copy


“And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.” ― George Carlin

A full moon out tonight, as I walked alone. A clear sky too. Very cool, the air crisp this late in the season. I didn’t notice the full moon right away, my mind turning out to be every bit as full as the moon shining down on me. My thoughts confusing, taken up with the insanity of life’s struggles! The moon seemed to have it’s own agenda anyway, up there so high, aloft from everything happening down here.

I remember shivering, pulling my jacket tightly against my body, I don’t know what possessed me to walk down to the river in the first place. It’s even chillier there, but I could hear the water lapping against the shore and it seems soothing – does that sound crazy – and I’m tempted, indeed drawn to the dark liquid. The need to touch, so strong. It won’t change my existence, still I scoop up the water in my hands, feeling velvety ice water threading through my fingers.

Damn, everything feels so futile tonight, an emptiness. The moon mocking my solo sojourn to the river, as if to echo those meaningless feelings. I see my kneeling silhouette illuminated against the rippling water, proving my reality, at least. My fingers are frozen numb now, doesn’t matter. I could hear the moon, you see. It was howling and I recognized the tune. I’d heard it before.

And with that recognition I could walk back home, even with the moon still mocking in it’s solitary mode. I’m impervious now, entirely focused on rubbing my hands together to get some warmth back into them.

just another night
no winners, no losers – just life
and the howling moon

For more information about The Ligo Haibun Challenge and to give your writing talents a try click here! A great activity for writers to take part in!

~ Penny

“And we danced …” Līgo Haībun Challenge

The  Līgo Haībun prompt for this week is “And we danced …”.

Please click on the preceding link for more information. This is a wonderful opportunity for writers to improve and enhance their personal writing skills! My offering follows.

Reaching for the stars

goodreads“What was humanity thinking? What are we even doing here?” He thought, realizing he’d spoken aloud when she replied.

“I don’t know? Improving our lot in life, I suppose.” She leaned back against the crater wall.

Sitting next to her on the surface of the moon beneath the shadow cast by the overhanging crater, he looked out over the moon’s dry and lifeless terrain.

He glanced up at the great cosmic darkness sparkling with trillions of stars while here they safely sat, encased in an invisible shell. Scientific technology had come far. He sighed, a heavy sigh of uncertainty.

“What are you thinking now, dearest one?”

“What do we do next?” He replied turning his head to gaze into her soft brown eyes filled with so much love.

She smiled, a gentle little playful smile, so adored by him from the moment of their first meeting. She rose and held her hand out to him.

…we dance!”

Their bodies swayed in fluid motion together, moving to the rhythm of their universal souls.

(We are the searchers of our futures. We are the seekers of our tomorrows. We are the dreamers of our possibilities. We are of the planet Earth.)

dance for the future

beckoning stars await us

our past stepping stones


Thank you,