The Strength of Her Convictions – A Reminder!

Dwelling deep inside is an abiding nurturing spirit and lest you ever forget it, the strength of a woman’s will is of a most awesome and passionate kind. Reread history. Many, many females of the past and present have had to endure, suffer, survive and overcome (just for being a female) all the while nurturing, loving and protecting as she can.

She has always understood, within her very being, her distinctive and real human role. The role to help insure the survival of her (sometimes violent and brutal) species. Intellect, caring and loving are a huge part of that capability. Now is a good time for females to be reassured that the way they are made is not a “weakness” but a strength.

She IS the strength of her convictions and regardless of being handicapped by those who think and tell her otherwise, she still will always be the She who most will count on, from birth going forward! It is not a coincidence that Nature is called Mother Nature. The sobriquet for the greatest force on the planet is Mother. Think on that one for a minute.

All humans are flawed. Each of us come with our own personal set of shortcomings. When I speak of females I am referencing the universal understanding of the gender as a whole, not one sort of individual.

We are not only equal, we are ‘equal to’ the challenges now being presented to us.

For all the women out there: This post is for you ~ be you a mom, daughter, sister, friend or other. Inside us is a strength that has always been. In no way are we the “weaker” sex. We never have been …

~ Penny L. Howe

The Beauty of a Woman

The beauty of a woman is not an exterior thing. Although from a physical perspective there are many beautiful women. The beauty of a woman isn’t just an interior thing. Most women are amazingly loving, caring and giving. The beauty of a woman lies in the unique combination of genes that created her.

dna_2-t2She stands alone on several fronts. It is a given that ‘needs be’ she can accomplish more in a single day than thought possible but even that isn’t the main beauty of a woman.

Her very essence and nature draws people together. Encourager of Humanity if you like. She is a nurturer and a teacher (regardless of her own educational level) she will immediately go into a teaching mode with another when seeing the need. For most women it is instinctive. She is a nurse and seems to know when and how to fix a wound, a hurt, an ailing part of another human being.

And while she may look for her place in the order of things and struggle to be recognized for her true value and worth … know this … it is already there built into her very being.

She is a female and this defines her better than any other. Mother of all and essential to life, not because she carries, gives birth and then nurtures us as children, but because she also sustains us as adults.

And she always will … regardless of the ever increasing roles and responsibilities she has in her life.


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful remaining week and always remember … take care of you!

with much affection,

~ Penny

Alastairs Photo Fiction – Simple is and simple does!

Each Sunday my good friend Alastair offers up one of his excellent photographs as a prompt for writing a short fictional piece. Be sure to check out this fun activity, click here for more information.


Photo Credit: Copyright © Alastair Forbes, 2013

Simple is as Simple does.

“I just want to leave, daddy!” the little girl said. “I’m not having any fun!”

“But honey, you’ve hardly ridden any of the rides.” The dad was concerned to see the unhappy look on his daughter’s face. He had been so sure, when he picked her up at her mother’s house for his “weekend time”, that she’d love to go to the carnival. Didn’t kids like these things any more?

“I don’t care. I just want to leave and go some other place. It’s noisy and all the rides are scary with people screaming. They’re rude and they keep bumping into us on the ground.” His daughter’s small hand held tightly onto his while tugging him in the direction of the exit.

“Well, wait a minute,” Her dad tried again. “Let’s go by the food stands, they have yummy treats to eat there. That’s always fun at carnivals.” He patted his substantial stomach while deciding there was always room for one more corn dog!

“No daddy, my tummy still hurts from the last ride and we can buy treats everywhere. I just want to go.”

The dad looked and felt very frustrated as they slowly maneuvered their way through the noisy throng of indifferent people who, now that he noticed it, all seemed to be running around in hyper mode; looking for the next great thrilling ride, or fat engorged snack or cheap plastic prize to be awarded for winning a “fixed” game.

When they reached the exit the dad turned to his daughter and impatiently asked “So where do you want to go?”

The little girl answered quietly. “Could we go to the park, just the two of us, walk around, feed the squirrels and maybe you could push me on the swing. Doesn’t that sound like fun, Daddy?”


Is there a loss of pleasure in “simple things” today? Are we perhaps so inundated with the never ending media of thriller type videos, movies, TV shows, books and of course real life activities, it has become difficult to go to a simple and happier place!

Good Morning World – We all need each other!



You’re in my thoughts – Each and every single one of you!

You aren’t ever alone. We (all living things) need each other

and because we do – we will never be alone!

Have the best week you can have

with the current resources available to you and don’t forget

… even for a second

that we share in life together!

One family living in our home – the planet Earth.

So I say good morning to my family

every single one of you!

And wish for you the best of days today!

All my love!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Be at rest



Be at rest

Be at peace

My child in slumber

Be at rest.

be unencumbered

my child in slumber,

All is well.


The unknown

will always be.

But you’re protected

you have me.

Be at rest

My child in slumber,

You are safe

I promise thee.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


~ Penny


Perception – A misleading thing!

Our society is so quickly judgmental today that we immediately assume things, based on an exterior appearance, and look no further.

I’m guessing your initial reaction to this photograph is that of a beautiful model within a choreographed setting. This is not the case. Because of her looks people have mistakenly presumed to judge her as nothing more.

Allow me to introduce to you Jack and Emma’s big sister Jordan. This beautiful young lady is 18 years old. That is her bed in her bedroom; she had actually been awake for only a short time and was temporarily babysitting a stray kitten that had wandered into our neighborhood until Jordan could find it a good home. Which she did two days later.

I had gone into her room to make sure she was awake (she had asked me to check in and make sure she was up, as she had an appointment to keep that morning, and like many teenagers is up late at night!) I was struck by the black and white of most everything except her hair (She’s a teenager, her hair changes as frequently as her mood. :D)

On a more serious note two years ago when the children suddenly lost their father in a senseless accident caused by a meth-using driver, Jordan (just like her mom) went into extreme shock.

Her dad had been her buddy, her pal. He and her mom taught her to believe in God (she is an active member in her church youth group), to love life, music and that beauty comes from the inside out. With her youth group she has travelled twice to Mexico – called A Labor of Love, to help construct homes for the homeless.

And her dad also taught her to drive and to love the river. The last two years have been very hard for her. They had spent every summer on the water. One of the first things to go (financial needs) was the ski boat. (Interjecting a quick note here. I live with this family now and I am a close relative, I help as I can since the accident, the focus here is on their journey after a tragic event in their lives).

For Jordan her loss of her father turned to anger and depression. It was a struggle for her to overcome. She’s moving on now – in a good way, but it was a very hard loss for a young impressionable teenager just at the beginning of her awareness of all that life can offer.

The musical notes you see in the background of  two of the photos are all over the walls of her room. Her dad had lovingly done this a few years previous. (taking weeks, in his spare time to complete a score from her favorite song “butterfly kisses”– he was like that with his whole family. All those little extras bits of love!)

So this is Jordan today. She was always kind, loving and giving; now she is also wiser and more reflective.

She is also amazing when it comes to repairing the engines of vehicles. Her male friends call her for advice (Yup, totally true – luckily her boyfriend isn’t the jealous type, in fact he asks her for advice in that area also).

She is also an excellent photographer, a photo journalist although her special knack in this area is cinematography. I am hoping this becomes her chosen career.

So there you have it. Jordan, As beautiful on in the inside as she is on the outside and the third of the four members left in this amazing family of loss and courage.

I have two more to write about in the near future. These children’s brave/persevering mom and of course their dad/her husband Duane. Who we all miss so very dearly!

And after that I shall introduce the other most important people in my life  – My son and his wonderful family!