I Had Planned on Writing Something Different Here, but …



… I read something that made me change my mind.

Funny how that can happen. You’re all prepared to go ahead with plans and then something untoward will occur and there you are frozen where you stand or onto a new and different pathway of being or direction of heading. Serendipity is a great word when things occur that change your life in a happy way. Fate seems to be the word we use when sudden change brings about things that are less than cheerful … or worse.

And yet, having said all that and having lived through a few both serendipitous and fate oriented experiences I must say that I believe there is an undercurrent or relationship to those things that mold and shape us – our life experiences – that is still a rather large unknown.

We, humans, will analyze the heck out of a thing to figure it out and when we are still unsure it becomes a magical unknown. Speaking for myself, I rather like the magical unknowns. It is wearisome to try to determine the how and why when we are so easily influenced by our emotions that insist on getting involved too. Then you find yourself dealing not only with the circumstances of an event but also your own feelings. Guilt, Anger, Depression, Hurt and so on.


Now that I have your undivided attention …


We are easily influenced. I believe I already mentioned that … Still it’s worth mentioning again … and the words I read earlier now make me want to write the following to pass on to you:


“Yesterday is there for a reason. It’s over with. The past. Record the events in your mind, file them in the proper place and move on. Really move on. Let go your susceptible emotions still hanging in there. Recognize them for what they are, then let go and move on.

You are now living in the today of things. This is where you should be too. Not yesterday. Yesterday is for memories and reminders, but not negative emotions clogging up your today. Let go so that when tomorrow comes, you’ll be ready, or as ready as the magical unknown allows you to be – lol.”


Have a great week ahead everyone.

With much affection,

~ Penny

An Antidote for Fear, Anger and Guilt


There are some words that when understood and utilized actually activate your life’s energy flow. A proven fact. They can fortify your immune system (so you’re healthier), strengthen your resolve of things and assist you in overcoming doubt and other obstacles in your life.

file3421246505623Love – Unconditional acceptance and understanding empathy for the human condition.

Faith or Belief – The pure feeling and revelation of our relationship to creation and the infinite.

Trust – Confidence, believing in and relying on the qualities of integrity and goodness.

Gratitude – A feeling, a humble emotion of sincere and heartfelt thankfulness.

Courage – Bravery, the quality of the mind enabling one to prepare for danger even through fear.

file7241263059338Sounds good doesn’t it! Well if you’re in a store that stocks those items to purchase, you can say I’ll take one of each,  just put it on my bill!

If they came in the form of a pill, we’d pop the pills into our mouth in a heartbeat. 

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. There’s a little more effort on your part required. The good news is that all are readily accessible, you just need to change your mind on how you view yourself and your capabilities.

So how can you accomplish this?


The “you” who is convinced of what you can’t do, and your head full of all the reasons why.

You believe you can!

You change your ATTITUDE!

You wake up tomorrow and say “I CAN DO THIS” !

You go through each day regardless of what happens believing you can do it!


The only one stopping you is … you,

your fears, your anger and your guilt.

So there you go.

The antidote you need, yours for the doing!


Have a great week,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

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In most plants (such as the tree) the roots are the part of the plant that attaches it to the ground to convey nourishment to the plant so it can grow. Strong roots are essential for the well being of plant life.

file00073353901Humans need roots too. Might I inquire as to the nature of the roots that human beings are utilizing right now?

Roots of ancestry are less and less important as cultures combine with others in the ever increasing migration of peoples to different countries and lands.

Roots of family ties have been pretty much pushed usunder by societal changes where individuals are grouped by ages, and employment as to where they will be, becoming separated from the nurturing of a file4651278643375rich, healthy family environment (of all ages, young, adult, elderly).

Roots from comradery within the workforce where people used to get a job or hire on for their career for most of their working years. This happens rarely now.

Roots from the community and organizations where change is constant and many organizations (including churches) are failing because of monetary considerations, and different values and interests by local individuals.

And as a result of all the above, more and more of us prefer to connect with one another via the instant connection of modern technology.

Politics – local, national, and international? Well, let’s not even go there, shall we? So what are we left with then!

Where are the roots to be found for humanity to come together, and grow on? And how can we find them?


We create our roots. Beginning at the heart of things. The heart of the human being and who we really are. Remembering that some things are of a natural order. No special studies or double blind testing needed to just “know” how you feel about yourself and those around you.

And we are at the beginning of awareness again. The hearts are gathering around the world. The roots are beginning to spread. We, many of us, are remembering. More time is needed, but it is happening.

In the meantime civilization goes on it’s way, not necessarily expanding humanities capabilities but running parallel with technology, nudging us, reminding us that this isn’t quite right! that at some point in time, we lost our way.

And it’s time to get our roots back again, so we can finally begin to realize our full potential in life as human beings! Past time, actually, but not too late!

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Friday!

~ Penny


The Perfect Kiss is …

The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss


…one that is perfectly appreciated by the one receiving it!


And yes for those of you who have followed me for awhile this is a photo of Christina’s 18 yr old daughter Jordan kissing her “Guy” who is definitely happy about it!

I am happy for her, since the sudden loss of her father 2 years ago, each member of this family has struggled to move on. For Jordan this is a very special kiss to a very special guy! A perfect kiss indeed!

Thanks for your visit, share a kiss with someone special today if you can!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Perspective – the view from your eyes

Experiencing Life

The simple truth is that your life experiences change your perspective on how you look at things.

Sometimes drastically! Your choice to learn, gain wisdom and move on or be caught up in the past with memories of unfortunate happenings that will prevent you from going forward.

The Secret of Life – Living it!



Thank you for stopping by, have a great weekend, Penny

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Everyday – Filled with Life and Love!

Every day – Filled with Life and Love

There is a song that starts the day in our house every morning, because the music/lyrics are rich and full!

When the music gets turned on the sound reverberates through the house (good sound system lol) It is played loud and everyone in our home stops what they are doing and we all join in the living room and all of us, from the youngest ones to the teenagers (Jordan and any friends staying over) and adults, (Christina and myself) we dance and sing all the way through. The scene is in a nightclub but it is the words in the chorus that we sing to and enjoy!

Nope, I‘m not making this up. In this household we have weathered extreme loss and a horrific storm that followed, it took years and a mighty battle raged here, through sickness, pain of loss, sadness, despair, anger, and now we’ve come through and we embrace each day. We haven’t forgotten, and we do remember, but now our todays are as filled with happiness as we can make them.

These are not just words being written. We are filled with life and love. Because we are young, each and every one of us. Think on this, if you will! Enjoy the weekend everyone. This is your life. Yours to live, love and be loved. Embrace it! Right Now!


By the way it’s the 46th Anniversary of Star Trek! Yay, you go Trekkies – Engage!

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Hey, Who turned out the lights?

Okay if you’re a died-in-the-wool whovian, (that would be a fan of the popular Dr. Who syndicated sci-fi tv show) no further comments are necessary about the title and photo. As it turns out I’m not a fan of the show. But I did watch a few episodes that were very well written and funny. “Silence In The Library” was one of those.

My title today is taken from that episode. In one of the scenes a guy wearing a space suit with an opaque (blacked out) viewing screen on his helmet has been zapped by an alien being and becomes one of them. But he doesn’t actually know it yet, or maybe he does…well anyway his final words keep repeating from the suit “…Hey who turned out the lights” as it replays in a loop his final thoughts. He (or should I say “it”) keeps turning up in various scenes throughout the episode repeating the same phrase.

I guess the point here is (yes there is a point it just took me a while to set the stage) how many times, do you suppose, does something unexpected happen in life, something so totally out of the blue that it throws you for a loop. Usually something completely unanticipated or so overwhelming that I’m thinking you probably feel like the spaceman who kept running through the library saying “Hey who turned out the lights?”

The other point, the important one actually, is what you do in those moments of unexpected situations or crises. Generally speaking most of us will go to the emotional place first. But after that – then what? There are always choices to make. You can stay frozen with fear, anger, sorrow, or in many cases – physical pain or you can try just a little more, maybe just one millimeter more to move on.

I hope I didn’t make it sound simple. Because it’s not simple or easy. It’s hard. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. And you may have to do this hard thing again and again and again. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what needs to be done. Making hard choices defines who we are. It hones our character and the person we’ve yet to become. (I do know of what I speak –click on “Backstory”. It shares a little information about my past.)

Life is going to trip you up whether you want it to or not. It will be your choice in how you handle it. I, for one, want to be one of those able to find a spare light bulb and turn the lights back on. I know you can too. Really you can.