Friends – The Power of … Awesome


We Need Each Other!

To be thought of …

…To be supported

To sometimes be helped …

…To sometimes help others

To care …

… To reach out

To feel okay …

… To have value and purpose

To be all we can be …

… to be loved!

Every single one of us!



Have a wonderful weekend and remember ~ take care of you!

Thank you,

~ Penny

Wondering Why – A Child’s POV!

Wondering Why

I look up at the sky and wonder,

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Will clouds still be white?

Will the moon shine as bright?

Will there still be birds on the wing?


I wonder, will I still be happy

or sad, like so many I see.

It’s so hard to tell

my future as well,

I wonder what I’ll grow up to be?


It’s not so much that I worry

It’s more, I think, that I care.

So I look at the sky

Wondering why,

And when… we’ll all learn how to share!

~ Penny L Howe 2014~


Everyone have a wonderful weekend ahead,

~ Penny

Being Cherished

The greatest need of all, after the needs of food, clothing and shelter are satisfied, is to be cherished by someone. To know that in a special someone’s heart we have a home we can count on.

Material goals are perceived as necessary in civilization today. But if that is true, it doesn’t then explain all the divorces, over-eating, over indulging in those very same material goals that obviously aren’t doing the trick, only achieving short term happiness along with a lot of unhappy, unfulfilled, sick and miserable people out there.

Do you cherish someone? Let them know. And let them know you need to be cherished too? Today! It’s important, it matters!

“Truly cherishing and being cherished is at the “heart” of what love is all about.” 

Penny L Howe, 2014


And just so you know, I cherish you, “my worldwide friends” more than you can ever imagine. You matter and I don’t forget it – not for a nanosecond!

With love and affection,

~ Penny


I need you, now!

extending-a-hand-to-a-person-in-need-by-cmlndmI need you!

I need your acceptance!

I need your support for me!

I need your belief in me!

I need your unconditional love!

I need you – right now!


We’re all human, we never stop needing – each other!

Those are words we feel! They are inside each and every one of us on the planet!

If someone say’s they don’t need anyone

they’re the neediest of all.


“Needing is half of life’s perfect equation!
Finish the equation – be grateful, care, reach out,
and you will discover your needing is fulfilled …
by loving and being loved – as it was meant to be!”

~Penny L Howe, 2013

penny l howe

Longing … in the night

by boborsillo
There is inside
a place in me,
a place I dare not go
the longing … in the night.
He must know of my longing,
buried  deep within,
… and my endless, sleepless nights
restless … with desire.
There’d been a time he’d ‘known’
reaching out to me,
… Satiating passions need 
Conquering with … his will.
Now only nights of emptiness
that once were so divine.
Perfection of the night time
… when safe within his arms,
securely loved, a certainty
within … the night time’s hours.
All lost except the craving,
the longing … in the night.
Penny L Howe, 2013

Good Morning World – We all need each other!



You’re in my thoughts – Each and every single one of you!

You aren’t ever alone. We (all living things) need each other

and because we do – we will never be alone!

Have the best week you can have

with the current resources available to you and don’t forget

… even for a second

that we share in life together!

One family living in our home – the planet Earth.

So I say good morning to my family

every single one of you!

And wish for you the best of days today!

All my love!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Life’s bridges … our connections to others!


Are life’s bridges that we build (or that someone has built for us) of the durable kind, or do we take shortcuts in the building of them?

Do we use them and then move on? Be careful, the connections we make with others during our living years are as the ebb and flow of the tides of the ocean, but our personal bridges are an integral part of our living network of communication and support in the real world.

Structural Integrity is a term used to imply the safety and strength of a bridge used for vehicles and people to cross over. Maintaining them makes common sense. The same is true for us.

Is there a structural integrity to your personal life’s bridges? If not, shore them up, make them durable. One never knows when you may pass a certain way again and need a bridge you’d long forgotten and hence discover it is no longer available to you – when you find you need it most.

This video with the song “burning bridges” I picked deliberately. It’s a great movie that does illustrate the stupid insanity of Wars and the leaders who promote them. The words of the song, well they speak for themselves!


Thank you,



If I Didn’t Care

If I didn’t care

it’d be okay, I suppose.

If I didn’t care

maybe no one would notice – maybe.

If I didn’t care nothing would really change – after all.

The sun would still rise

The sun would still set

And life would still go on, I suppose.

But I want to care passionately

with all the love my heart is capable of giving.

And I want to care and want people to notice

because I notice them so intensely.


I want to care so much my heart will surely burst

with the caring inside

And when the sun rises, golden beams of light

pierce my heart with gladness

And when the sun sets

with such majesty and beauty

That the myriad of colors

bring tears to my eyes for the joy of it all.

I find I really do,


Penny L Howe

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe