The Illusive Illusion of Love … and it’s true nature!

Men fall in love with me, you know. Yes they really do. I began to notice it quite young, and had no idea of what to do with it either, or even why they felt those feelings for me, the way they did. I never saw myself as having LOVING COUPLE IN THE MOON LIGHT by Adyoothose specific type of feminine attributes that most men find alluring.

I suppose I made it easy for them to love me, though, as I loved them back with all my heart, listening attentively to each word, pleasing in any way I could be, and then waiting to be received and treated in a like manner.

And I wondered when that didn’t happen, why? Some lacking in myself, I initially thought and believed for some considerable period. I didn’t understand at the time you see.

But life moved on and so did I, and being a shy but inquisitive soul I explored life more fully and discovered women loved me too, and so did children and animals, even plants thrive around me. Even nature’s wild animals have approached me, and I have pondered the why of this also.

What is it that I project that appears to be appealing to all life forms? (on an interesting side note, there is a small handful of individuals who strongly dislike me when meeting, the hairs on the back of my neck actually stand up and I wonder about the nature of their negative vibrations – spooky that!)

Could it be that what emanates deep from within my soul, and radiates outward, that which is stronger than any other thought, feeling, emotion, sensation I may have – is my pure love of all things living.

And when I am with and around any and all life I embrace it fully. I know of no other way to approach life than by loving it. All the parts and pieces of it, shapes and sizes, actions and causations. It is the “who, that I am”!

I’ve always felt this way. As a small child, a growing youth, an adult. So after years of exploration and experimentation and experience, I ask the question, if all that I say be true … Is love an illusion manufactured in an overly imaginative mind, or the primeval essence of what all life is really about. Is the true nature of love far more than we mortals think it is, and are life’s experiences just varying degrees and shades of this force of nature.

I lean towards the second. I believe really living life is loving life. And because I love living, life loves my living of it – and loves me in return! So “take that” all your scholarly type psychoanalysts and sociologists and make what you will of it! When all is said and done – it works for me!

The answer to my blog’s title THE WHY ABOUT THIS – Because you are loved!!!

~ Penny

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From a Negative to a Positive – 2 quick thoughts!

morning glory

morning glory


The fastest way I can think of to leave unwanted thoughts behind is recall that they originate from you yourself. you’ve decided how you feel about things, whether or not it is re-enforced by others, it is still ultimately how “You” (singular) decided to allow yourself to feel.


ego’s reflection

Thinking in terms of fault or blame is also not good. Perhaps better to say, “Have I accidently set myself up for feeling bad by dwelling on what was wrong with the situation instead of what I can do to make it better.

The other way is to change the ‘ego’ of things (where we are always thinking of our problems first) to a we-go experience! think beyond yourself by thinking of others.  Focusing on what’s wrong with yourself and your life is much harder when you are focused on making something right for someone else!


plhJournal Entry ~

This morning I woke up very early, my problems weighing on my mind. Well actually it started with my cat waking me up extremely early and things pretty much went downhill from there. It’s a little later now and I’m back in balance with my thoughts. It is amazing how easy it is to set oneself up for a lousy day, pre-determining results with negative thinking. I’m good to go now!

Journal End ~ plh, 12-8-12



Some times it is too easy to go to a bad place … but try to start off with good thoughts to begin your day.

Thanks for visiting me,

~ Penny