Change … Come Gently To Me or The Universality of Love

You are safe even though you feel an exhausting fear and from your fear comes a strong dislike of change.

Change is rarely understood consequently often hard to accept but, as with all change, is temporary and if accepted as such can be soothed by the cohesive balm of our universe … love. This calming spirit is always involved with healing; resolving a myriad of emotional issues (which in any given moment can be overwhelming).

You are safe, even as with many other restless souls you continue to torment yourself with the demons of worries and concerns, rights and wrongs, good and bad.

Do remember, not all things are as they seem and while reality yet beats upon our souls, our spirits are alive and well. Take heart, you are protected as never before and even as you believe in yourself and your own goodwill towards all, believe also in the love from others. Even those at a distance. Even those unknowing to you. They are as you and I.  And there are many, many of us loving with an inclusive universality of awareness and understanding. Many of us.

So come you gently into the Universal fold. In substance you are already there and thrice welcomed, always. And safe, not ever alone, after all.


It is the beginning of a new calendar year. I wish you well with health, happiness, prosperity, peace … and most of all with love.


~ Penny


Keeping Promises – Very Important!

But what about those little promises you made to you?




As the year draws to a close, it is often a time for reflection, thinking about what’s been accomplished … and what hasn’t. For many of us we’ve been busy on behalf of others; our family, our friends, our work, our community and so on.

What about the promises we made to ourselves? With the new year – 2015 just around the corner, perhaps you can rethink things. Set out with a positive attitude where you make a little more time for you and your personal goals.

And remember – it’s often true that when one takes time for his or herself, they become renewed with more positive energy to be shared in turn, with others.

A most wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, my friends. Those I know and those I’ve yet to meet.

With much affection,


On the 10th Day of Happiness – The Riches You Possess!



Once upon a special time, there passed a great decree.
There would be ten days of love for thee and thou and me.
On the first day of happiness, warmth and love afar.
On the second day of happiness, joy and blessing reign
On the third day of happiness, sharing peace throughout the lands.
On the fourth day of happiness, the ‘starlight’ memories came.
On the fifth day of happiness, success for all this year.
On the sixth day of happiness, discovering You are dear.
On the seventh day of happiness, cherishing each and every thing.
On the eighth day of happiness, seeing what friendship brings.
On the ninth day of happiness, discovering it in your heart.
 On the tenth day of happiness, realizing this is just a start.
Ten days to get things going, to be happy deep inside,
let go your fears and open up – your heart both far and wide.
While gold may bring you some things, the richest thing you’ll own
Is your state of happiness and loving seeds you’ve sown.


May each day begin and end with a happy thought. It is after all your choice to make it so!
~ All my love,

The Fifth Day of Happiness – A New Year …


… And A New Beginning – for YOU!

If you review your past year by continuing to focus on the difficulties encountered, you will carry these problems and negative thoughts and feelings with you into the New Year.

January 1st, 2014 is the beginning of a New Year. Make it a new beginning for yourself as well. Let go grudges and blame, they can only harm you further. They will be of no value to you in the coming year – so cast them off. Remember you are the only one who creates the life you want. You’re the one that makes it happen.


Begin with deliberate intent. Have a strong focus on what you want to happen in 2014. You can start right now. Generate feelings of harmony and happiness as you release the magic that is built deep within you – just waiting to be set free. It’s past time to believe in yourself. Know that you can make it happen! Yes you can!

The Happiest of New Years to everyone!

~ Penny

The day after the night before …

Out of it!

For those of you who had a little too much cheer last night …


and are feeling the effects today I hope it will be of short duration and you’ll recover quickly and realize you have a whole new year to do something with.

Relaxing in a chair

Something fun, filled with joy and laughter! Happy 2013!

~ Penny

Not a Dalek!

Resolution Solution

steps to success

It’s just about the time of year when once again people start talking about New Year resolutions – things that they are going to change or improve upon. I have always been fascinated by this.

It’s a great deal like buying an expensive piece of exercise equipment and then it just sits there in thesuccess two corner and varied excuses start happening for all the reasons why the equipment isn’t being used.

Resolutions to improve your life only work if you follow through. Easy to have good intentions, easy to make a list – quite a bit harder to get the job done. As it is for most worthwhile things in life!

So here’s a solution for your New Year’s Resolution – if you’re making any that is. 

Dream big, but resolve to have a short list that is doable, small steps (successes) added to more small steps (successes) lead to remarkable goals being achieved.

Your New Years Resolution: Small List – Big Determination.

It works!


Success three

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success … but significance! Then even the small steps along your path will take on greater meaning!” ~ Markesa Yeager


“Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.” ~ William R Inge


Thanks for visiting, enjoy the last few days of 2012

~ Penny


The Flavors of Love


Have you ever thought of love as having flavors? And just so we’re clear on this subject I am referring to a non physical application. Love of a sunny day.

Or the pure love of a parent/child relationship. Or the love of footballwatching your favoritefirst steps sports team in a close game of skill. Yes even love of different kinds of food.

I know when we think of food, just a million different potentialities come to mind. What kind of food, sweet or savory, strong or mild, delicate or heavy, just so many possibilities.

I think love does have flavors, A variety of flavors that mix and match on any given day for any given reason. a special feel good spot that can have nuances to it in the moment where some particular extra something happens that sets that moment apart for you. Putting in the last piece of a difficult puzzle.puzzle A day spent with a friend or family where each moment adds a positive feel good feeling.

Christmas villageIn this country, at this time of year. the flavors of love are plentiful. Many of us have cherished memories to associate from holidays past, decorating is a love/chore in and of itself.

Viewing the decorations everywhere is a daily pleasure. But more than that the verbal exchanges from people,

the happy music, and videos, the hustle and bustle, the smells and tastes of delicious treats all of it blending together weaving so many flavors of lovenew years right up to the New Year.

I for one love bringing in the New Year, the ending/beginning and the rejoicing of same!

I’m hoping this year as many of us ‘as is possible’ will  hold true to the spirit of the holiday season and cherish the many flavors of love.

~ Penny