Up and up I reach so high

fly high

Up and up I reach so high

further than the mighty sky

further than the eagle soars

further than we’ve been before.

Up and up I reach to see

the universe can’t hide from me.

I’ll not abide, nor subside

’til my quest has opened wide

the “Why of This” so deep inside.

I must seek so I will know

these are seeds that I shall sow.

With this journey that I take

on the  ‘morrow we may wake –

to golden, brighter, better, days

where good things will come our way!

But until that day arrives

upward, onward I will strive!

-Penny L Howe, 2013


Stay cool everyone, hang in there, believe in yourself and go for it, remember to make a positive difference while you achieve – Pay it forward, a win-win solution for everyone!

Much love to you,

~ Penny

Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ The Monsoon Comes

Welcome to the weekly Ligo Haibun Challenge. To view the honourable mentions from last week’s Challenge, scroll to the bottom. You will also find more information on how to enter.

The prompts this week are:

Monsoon or Haze


For my haibun entry this week I have chosen the word: Monsoon

The Monsoon comes

His boat touched sandy bottom. Breathing huge gulps of salty wet air, he tugged on the small boat; still fighting the torrential winds, rain, and his exhaustion. Pulling his boat up a little further from the waves he fell onto the soaked sand, rain continuing to pummel his body.

He had almost been claimed by the sea. So very close. The ocean becoming vast, looming over him with deep and rolling waves. The shoreline, far away. Lost and alone in his boat he knew he was too far from shore. Proud. His pride in his boat, the carvings his own. So he had strayed and stayed, out on the ocean – too long.

The struggle, intense. Ocean waves pouring down, tumbling him and his boat over and under the monster waves, his now insignificant and small boat.  But he had a hand hold and held on to the edge of his boat, swimming through the roiling waters pushing himself and his boat in the direction of the shore. He swallowed so much of the ocean, his body was bruised and he lay next to his boat, staring at the carvings, as the monsoon swept over him. He had survived.

the monsoon comes
torrential rains, changing winds
unforgiving of life


The Honorable Mentions for last week’s Haibun Special Challenge are:

Celestine, of Reading Pleasure

Eric, of Peripatetic Eric

Penny, of The Why About This

Thank you, Celestine and Eric for your haibuns. They were both excellently written. Click on their name to read their entries. It was very difficult for the judges to chose from so many quality submissions this week and with much reluctance I allowed myself to be overruled and picked as one of the honorable mentions by the other judges. I am honored to be included along with the others.  

To me, writing a haibun is a personal challenge and I would, at this time, like to extend an invitation to all those who enjoy writing, to join us and become a part of our Haibun community. We welcome your creative talents.

For more information on how to enter click here or go to the tab marked Ligo Haibun at the top of my blog. Your entry should be submitted prior to next Friday, 

Thanks for your visit, have an wonderful weekend!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Are you hiding?

Come out!

Sure some days are really hard! But hiding doesn’t help anything!


Some days are really good too. It’s the nature of things. In fact take a walk today in nature. In the countryside or a nearby park. If you live near a body of water go there. Throw a rock or two in the water as you walk along the shoreline

Remove yourself from that which seems overwhelming while you expose yourself to that which is raw, real and still beautiful. Face life head on.


Nothing does that better than nature. If it’s raining than grab an umbrella. Seeing things through raindrops is a wonderful experience also. When I lived in Florida I would race to the shore line on stormy days to watch the waves crash into the boulders, I’d get soaked but it didn’t matter because nature was having it’s way with me. And sometimes the best thing to do is to just go with that flow

So come out from hiding, remind yourself why you’re alive, it’s the nature of things!

hiding safely


~ Penny


Līgo Haībun Challenge – Peaceful Idyllic Vacation

This week’s writing challenge was a choice of two equally lovely photos, thank you, Nightlake. Difficult to choose from between the two of them. So I incorporated both in the following story. For more information on how you can also be a part of this writing challenge, click on this link  Līgo Haībun Challenge


photo1The beauty of the day was like no other. Soft soothing surf gliding across sandy shorelines; liquid sensation of motion and texture.

Waking to the rushing sounds of the ocean’s tide, Lily felt an overwhelming need to rise, explore her gorgeous surroundings. Beginning with the beautiful plants located just outside.

She stood on the patio her hand on the flowering plant, her gaze on the serene ocean. She shed a single tear, swiping it away with the back of her hand.

He had picked this very cabana, the one with the peace lily plants. He thought it a special touch, her namePeace lily being Lily. Now, although she admired the beauty of the plant, peaceful did not match her feelings.

What should have been an idyllic romantic getaway was the unfortunate reality of a vacation spent alone.

“That’s okay,” She decided. “These things happen!” Lily was glad she’d chosen to come anyway.  The change in plans weren’t his fault, his having to work.

The front door of the cabana opened. Hearing the laughter of his deep voice her heart sang with joy. Her decision to come now worth it. She wondered how he’d known?

She glanced affectionately at the peace lily and turned to greet him, her eyes filled with adoration and love.

He was not alone.


there is betrayal
it approaches so gently
one can’t be prepared


Thank you for stopping by, have a great day today!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Today and all our tomorrows?


Today and all our … tomorrows?

One morning a child of indiscriminate age woke early, washed her face, combed her hair and file0002019869674dressed herself in a simple cotton outfit. She broke her fast and then walked a short distance to the shoreline of a nearby ocean.

Carefully she picked a spot in the damp sand and sat not farfile000251559569 from where the ocean’s outgoing tide could curl about her toes if she were to stretch out her legs.

And then she sat and watched.

She watched the sun rise slowly into the clear blue sky. She file0001906036738watched as it drifted overhead brightening the day with golden rays shining through bits and pieces of white fluffy clouds and then with majestic colors settle into the evening.

She watched twinkling stars come to life, one by one, with the darkening of night’s sky. She watched the moon rise, higher and higher until it finally began to settle down again into the coolfile0001317022358 predawn morning and the sun began to rise once again.

As the sun rose she stood up, carefully brushing off sand covered clothing, and began the walk to her home not far away.

file251341936484She passed an older gentleman who, in amazement, had watched her sentinel performance during the previous day and night.

It had been said by a few locals that she had “the sight” and could see into the future. Generally speaking, people thought of her as a sweet but odd sort of child and thought no more about it.

As she passed him, he raised his hand to slow her passage and asked her “Why did you do this?”

“Were you afraid the sun would not rise again?”

“Were you worried that the night would never end?”

“Why?” He asked more insistently. “I must know.”

The child slowed her walk almost to a stop and looked up into his worried eyes with a peaceful serenity he had never seen before. She reached out and gently held his large gnarled hands with her small ones.

Her gaze never wavered from his eyes as a slow but sad smile broke the features on her face. She answered him. “Because I still can!”


~ Penny L Howe


Two Views – as seen through the eyes of children!

boy and girl holding hands

Children holding hands – viewing the world before them!

Children holding hands


Both of these photographs are of a boy and a girl viewing the scene before them.

And while the same words that separate these two photographs are true for both photographs, the reality is worlds apart from what must be going on inside each of their innocent little minds.

Something to think on.

~ Penny