We the People, of the United States of America …

… are surely one of the most diverse group of people on this planet. As a result we are also highly innovative and creative due to the rich blending of ideologies, cultural heritages, ancestry, history, language, and so on.

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Democracy Isn’t Easy, but it’s worth the Fight!

Of course, this diversity does come with it’s own set of parameters (and problems) regarding our perception of how we view things. Such as the governing of our mighty country and our people (all of us).

The tenets of our country (Declaration of Independence) proclaim loud and clear the very substance of our land that moves our democracy forward (‘lo these many years of alternating strife and prosperity)  is the proclaiming and achieving of individual freedoms.

It hasn’t stopped or diminished. Just changed. We have freedom of speech in this country. This means we are a people accustomed to sharing our  opinions, of airing our grievances –  we aren’t afraid to say them. This in turn, generates (on any given time period) outrage, anger, distention and conversely hope, potential and ultimately, through discourse, resolution.

It is quite the amazing thing, if you think about it. The freedom to express our thoughts on any subject reins supreme. Chaotic, highly uncomfortable, and rife for potentially strong emotions to give rein.

There is never a smoothness to democracy. Being “fair” for everyone just doesn’t happen. But it’s a never ending goal with many balances and counter balances as we work our way to greater understanding and acceptance of changes in our lives.

Fundamentally what drives, (moves) us and our country forward is this exchange of opinions, ideas, concerns and desires. This is what makes our country the greatest on the planet. A heritage that all Americans share in.

And that means we are going to get it wrong, sometimes a lot, but we don’t stop working on getting it right.

Because we all have a “voice” democracy stays permutable, that is to say, a constant work in progress. No easy or permanent “fixing” of the whole.

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Democracy isn’t easy. You better want it bad and you better be prepared to weather the storms of differing opinions that may not be your own. Just remember, It’s these differences that lead to change and further growth.

Right now we Americans and the entire planet are watching our democracy in action, perhaps at it’s worse but perhaps also at it’s best. As for us, we the people … be concerned – it’s important. Voice your opinion – it’s important, be engaged – it’s important, but never, ever stop being proud of being an American, of your Country, your home, your people. It’s yours and mine.

Thank you,

~ Penny

Sticks and Stones …

May break your bones,

 but words can tear you apart!”

“Don’t forget we are now in the ‘Age of


We communicate with words

far more than we do with action.

So actions …

are not speaking louder than words

… right now!”


“The damage being done by words right now

is worth 1,000 pictures!”

 ~ Penny L Howe, 2013


Definitely something to think about!

What direction are your words taking?



Friday Fictioneers – A gathering of writers

It looks like Spring is finally making it’s way everywhere, oh happy day. Speaking of which, time for another happy day of Friday Fictioneers. To be specific, it’s flash fiction time where writers have a ‘once a week’ opportunity to sharpen their writing skills using 100 words or less. The theme is based on a photo prompt. Thanks as always to gracious hostess, Rochelle. For more information and to join in the fun just click on the link.

This week’s photo courtesy of Ted Strutz:



Icon Grill, copyright Ted Strutz, 2013


The Barmaid leaned against her bar sighing. The pub, almost empty, revealed a quiet serenity in the moment. The calm before the storm. Another Friday night. She sighed again, her face a mask of strain just thinking about tonight; the gathering of writers. And not just any writers, those Friday Fictioneer writers! Oh lordy!

The good news, it’d be busy, always was. Time would pass by quickly, although now that she thought about it, time seemed suspended on these evenings – weird that!

But she did enjoy the feelings of fun and creativity emanating from the writers, free flowing like an open beer tap.

It was just … when they spoke of editing … those opinionated opinions that each opined.

“Oh! That was a good one”, she thought. Maybe she’d join the group tonight! That’s the thing! Drink with the drinkers, be at one with all. On a much more cheerful note she began wiping down the counter thinking on the story she’d have ready to share!


Yes – I know, more than 100 words, but I was having too much fun to stop! Besides its a good promo (apart from the word count) for the Friday Fictioneers – don’cha think? 🙂

Thanks for the visit, hope you enjoyed yourself,

~ Penny

penny l howe