Hello You! Did You Know You Inspire Me?


No, I’m being serious here. You, the person reading this right now is who really inspires me.

I began dwelling on where inspiration came from earlier this morning, not long after waking. Going outside, I listened to delightful chirping of birdsong thinking to myself, “how lovely”. I felt a gentle breeze and the warmth of morning sunshine on my face and thought, “how soothing”.

And then I thought about us. As in people. Our incredibly diversity, our amazing talents, our awesome ability to cope with and overcome adversity, to carry on, create new ideas, to prosper and succeed.

Finally I thought about you – a unique individual, one of a kind and what you must have to face each day and on those really hard days how you not only muster the courage to go on, but you go beyond expectation and succeed within yourself inspite of the odds, the naysayers, and of course your own personal and sometimes deeply rooted self doubts.

You keep going on because when all is said and done you know, in your heart of hearts, if you just keep going you’ll make it. And so this morning I thought of you, of both your struggles and successes and quietly cheered, because not only do I believe in you but more importantly, you do too and this is why YOU …

yes, You … inspire me.


Our Real Enemy

You're safe with me. Find these people. They are out there. Stop filling your heart space with that which "isn't" so there is room for that which "is" to enter. Know that you are deserving of this NOW. Release old belief systems telling you otherwise again and again.. Until what you want shows up. And it will.. as soon as you refuse to settle for less than you deserve. Empty, Adjust and Heal, Fill ❤tami:

“A child understands fear and the hurt and hate it brings.” – Nadine Gordimer


So obvious when one really considers. After all, fear is the true opposite of love, not hate. Hate doesn’t happen unless fear is already there first, inside one’s mind.

Fear manifests in many forms: Fear of the unknown, fear of the different, fear of the future, fear of the past, fear of bullies, fear of being thought different from, fear of …. the list is endless and once fear exists, it is all too easy for an entire host of negative emotions to become fear’s companions and they do.

Recognize this:  A sense of feeling less than, or do you recognize perhaps these fellow companions of fear; separating yourself from some by going with the crowd to be accepted (even if you disagree with what the crowd is saying or doing) or prejudice, disdain, scorn, hate, becoming superior to overcome insecurity, being dismissive and probably the worse one of all – indifference. You know, that comfortable place where you dwell because it’s safe (or so you believe).

If you are alive there truly is no such thing as safe. There are however amazing opportunities to thrive in an unsafe world made so by the “fear factor”. Believing in yourself is one. Caring for others is another. There is a tangible strength in a community of caring & sharing, loving people. Power brokers use fear as a weapon, often used to separate people – one from the other – and they do it well. They always have … because it works. History records this fact for those who would see.

In our world of today Fear is alive and well and running rampant around the planet and power brokers are still utilizing this weapon skillfully and to an advantage.

Is there anything one can do to change this? This is a question we each must answer for ourselves. Will we be ruled and influenced by fear? Or step out of the fear induced society of today and become our own person, guided by the richness of love that can become disused and lay dormant in the hearts of mankind.

I say once again that in a community of caring, sharing and loving people, whether the community be your immediate neighborhood or one spanning a country or even our entire planet there is no fear that cannot be conquered where love is the ruling state of (well) being.

~ Penny

Are You The Captain Of Your Vessel? Are You Sure?


During a bad storm on the high seas;

a sturdy vessel, good navigation skills,

and a captain in control can make

the necessary difference for survival.

… And there is absolutely no difference when charting and sailing the high seas of your life,
most especially when weathering emotional storms that come your way.

(Bear with me here – sometimes it makes a positive difference for all of us to view things from a different perspective.)

“If the vessel, in which you travel (your body) isn’t doing so well, and your emotions are overwhelming you; if you find your thoughts and actions doing daily battle with worries, fearfulness, feeling trapped or defeated and you are unsure of your direction, 

think on this …”

one) “YOU” are the captain of your vessel. It is yours to nurture and keep healthy. This makes a huge difference, after all, you would not take a poorly maintained ship out upon the ocean. Eat and drink healthily, and move your body in a healthy manner (exercise) as you can.

two) Your thoughts, emotions and subsequent actions are your “CREW”.

The actions you take in your life come about as the direct result of what you are thinking and feeling – that’s a fact! If your “crew” steering your human vessel isn’t doing well and spending all it’s time reacting to things; then it’s time for you, the captain, to step in and override these poor decisions.

three) Take charge of yourself. You are the captain. Charter your course, (your plans) Determine the direction you want to go (dreams, hopes, desires) and head that way. Make your course strong and clear, in spite of potential stormy weather or bad conditions.

Are you steering in the direction you want to go, adjusting your course as needed until your destination is reached?  Never forget, you are the captain (the one who should be in control) at the wheel. If not, now’s the time. Make those course changes.

And never forget – You’re the Captain!

Happy sailing!


~ Penny

An amazing opportunity – YOU!

 ALONE by Hasenonkel

Okay, so unofficially, I’m “officially” back. What this ‘playfully’ means is originally, I’d not intended to blog until completing current projects, but even as I worked towards this goal, I discovered my connections to people online have become an important part of my day’s activities. Like brushing my teeth, only more fun. Therefore I will endeavor to blog and visit (as I can) while continuing on with other projects.

There’s a saying – busy people get more things done and I do understand this – a truth actually. When we’re busy we tend to boost our “thinking and doing” power, our mind subconsciously organizes things more efficiently so we can stay “on focus” with our tasks.

Right now, as I write this, It’s early Sunday morning. I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Listened to the birds singing. It’s cooling down now, mornings and night. Autumn is here. And I love each Seasonal change!

While enjoying my hot morning beverage, I considered how lucky I’ve been to find YOU. You light up my world. You remind me (daily) what I’ve known my whole life. That we ALL – have value, are fun, special and unique, There  BUSINES MORNING CONCEPT. COFFEE CUP, NEWSPAPER AND REMINDER by Maxxyustaswill of course always be the sour apples, and the confused and misguided, but by and large, almost everyone brings a special “something” to the mix.

This makes being online, and blogging a most excellent “on-going” opportunity. To make new friends from everywhere around the planet. To make the “world” smaller, where we are all metaphoric neighbors, where we truly are a community of loving people – WHO CARE. This is an awesome opportunity, statistically speaking “we” (you and I) are in a very small percentage of the whole number of people who live on our planet.

The majority of our fellow humans cannot read or write and their living conditions may be harsh and brutal. But we “who are communicating online” are speeding up the change happening on our planet. We are doing this (each day) by blogging what we are doing, by making friends, by understanding each other better, by connecting.

All by itself – this is changing how we view each other across the globe and this in turn engenders how we feel about things. And what we share with those who do live nearby. Our context is expanded. Our knowledge and understanding more universal, our ability to look at change, a little bit easier.

Credit line: Hotblack, London UK

When a person is troubled, knowing they are not alone, can be all it takes for them to become empowered, to move forward, making a difference as they do so. Even in the smallest of ways. A ripple can become a wave after all. For the first time EVER, there is a growing world-wide community that is not exclusively bound by government mandates, localized secular and/or religious beliefs (I refer to the POWER aspect of these organizations, not the important and cohesive structures of each one – needed for us to be (somewhat) civilized.

We are meeting and sharing (thoughts, ideas, and images – some spiritual, some creative, some personal) and while we respect each other’s faith and the underlying traditions that have shaped each of our “peoples” progress forward, we’re discovering there is a sameness and commonality to our thoughts and concerns. We are becoming more balanced in our outlook!

As we connect we begin to realize (everywhere on this planet) that we are each more alike than not. And now being instantly connected and somewhat unfettered by the power of propaganda, whether it be “news media” or the powerful 3: ‘Big Business’ ‘Government’ and ‘Organized Religion’ we are getting to know each other at a fundamental and basic level. And we like what we’re learning. Without a doubt this represents for us (all humans) …

… an amazing opportunity! Isn’t it wonderful? I think so!

Have an excellent day, thank you for stopping by,

~ Penny

Am I motivated?

Yes I am.

My library of motivational books is fairly extensive. Why?

Because over the years, when I needed it most, I would find my own motivation in the words of others who had overcome all manner, shape, form, and substance of adversity.

When I was absolutely sure I couldn’t go on, couldn’t even make it through the day I was in (feeling overwhelmed with life and problems and seeing no way out), I would first wallow in self pity and then I’d pick up a motivational book. I only had a few in the beginning. But over the years the number of motivational books on my shelves grew and grew.

And now these books are my friends, my reminders, to not take myself so seriously, to forgive, to move on, to to give, to care, to live, to love but mostly to believe in myself.

I figured if they could do it then so could I. And every time I doubt myself, I read their words again, or go buy another book and try harder to understand more about my ability to overcome and be all that I could be.

We (all of us) need each other. The written words of those who know and cared enough to pass on their wisdom and encouragement, faith and motivation is a testament to this truth!


Stay motivated, search out books, films and people to help you, it does make a difference! Thanks for stopping by,

~ Penny

Perspective – the view from your eyes

Experiencing Life

The simple truth is that your life experiences change your perspective on how you look at things.

Sometimes drastically! Your choice to learn, gain wisdom and move on or be caught up in the past with memories of unfortunate happenings that will prevent you from going forward.

The Secret of Life – Living it!



Thank you for stopping by, have a great weekend, Penny

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You – The Inspiration


There are many things that affect you each day. The one common denominator they all have is You. Each of us has said or heard the words “that is so inspiring”. What causes the inspiration within you are your own emotions. You…are the one reacting.

How you feel plays a major role in the shaping of inspiration. There is no one who has the ability to inspire you more than you. You the greatest motivator. All things beyond that are catalysts that “light your fire” or put it out.

There is a key here, something to think on. No one just leaps out of bed, happy with the world and thinks all things are wonderful and then goes out and conquers. Well nobody I know anyway.

But many understand what is needed and set about searching for that which will influence and motivate them towards a certain mindset. This takes practice and (the hard part) discipline.

To overcome, move forward, take chances, be brave and be inspired you must have the discipline to understand – you are on a mission to find those things (catalysts) in your own life that will advance your own inspiration!

I can say that with confidence. I am familiar with the discipline. The interesting thing to note here is that the daily practice of searching for motivation is actually very freeing.

The more you are outside of yourself looking at potentials, possibilities and what others are doing, the easier it is to be creative. You are no long stuck inside of you wondering what to do next.

The next step is yours. It always was about you, you know! You are your greatest Inspiration!

Your Inspiration, Your ideas -You!

And just so you know, all of you are my catalysts, my inspiration comes from a strong desire to return the favor to you my friends. Enjoy the day ~ All my love, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Everyday – Filled with Life and Love!

Every day – Filled with Life and Love

There is a song that starts the day in our house every morning, because the music/lyrics are rich and full!

When the music gets turned on the sound reverberates through the house (good sound system lol) It is played loud and everyone in our home stops what they are doing and we all join in the living room and all of us, from the youngest ones to the teenagers (Jordan and any friends staying over) and adults, (Christina and myself) we dance and sing all the way through. The scene is in a nightclub but it is the words in the chorus that we sing to and enjoy!

Nope, I‘m not making this up. In this household we have weathered extreme loss and a horrific storm that followed, it took years and a mighty battle raged here, through sickness, pain of loss, sadness, despair, anger, and now we’ve come through and we embrace each day. We haven’t forgotten, and we do remember, but now our todays are as filled with happiness as we can make them.

These are not just words being written. We are filled with life and love. Because we are young, each and every one of us. Think on this, if you will! Enjoy the weekend everyone. This is your life. Yours to live, love and be loved. Embrace it! Right Now!


By the way it’s the 46th Anniversary of Star Trek! Yay, you go Trekkies – Engage!

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