Ligo Haibun Challenge – Parade Rest

This week the Ligo Haibun Challenge presents a choice of two photo prompts. A photo courtesy of Meme

(shown here) snake6and the other below, byYePirate. I picked the photo I felt would be more challenging. But before my written piece I’d like to encourage all writers, those who’ve been writing for awhile as well as those just getting started, to enter this Challenge.

For more specific rules on the whys and how-to’s – click on the tab at the top of my blog marked Ligo Haibun. I’m hoping you’ll decide to give it a try. To submit your entry (after publishing it on your own blog) click on the “link box” (with the happy face) below. Others will be able to come and read your offering as well! I hope you enjoy the experience.

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And now my entry for this week!



Parade Rest: A formal standing position of rest in the military.

He sighed, shoulders hunched slightly forward, rifle held casually. Looking out at the people enjoying their weekend, he meditated, searching for a purpose to his life. A mental process he engaged in each day while on duty. Did what he do really have meaning? It wasn’t as if the Royal family needed protecting; at least by him standing here at parade rest, watching the world go by.

He sighed again, almost time for the changing of the guards. Still, he was proud to be a part of the history of his country; playing his role, now just for show, the tourists enjoyment! Straightening his back, he moved his rifle into the exact and correct position. The mounted squadron approached, signaling the beginning of the ceremony.

For the moment his purpose was to be the best he could be in performance of his duties. At the back of his mind he continued to search for something more, a validity. Life today was more like a changing of the times instead of a changing of the guard. He supposed he was just one of many struggling for a renewed purpose, a reason to be more than a guard standing at parade rest.

one’s purpose in life
true value and meaning
change redefining

Have a great weekend,

~ Penny

Penny L Howe