Being an Artist – Your 6th Sense

Sum of all the Parts

When we (each of us) use the five of our senses all together a wonderful thing happens. While this is mostly unknown to scientists even they will admit to this “something other” that we humans can do that goes beyond understanding. The 6th sense – the sum of all the parts. Like feeling love from every pore in your body and wanting so desperately to share this passion with everyone, your passion for feeling the need to share your words, your thoughts; your artistry in all forms.

You’re an artist. When the written word slips from your fingers onto a page your sixth sense (has combined together all of your various senses) and is waiting to come and assist you. Sometimes it’s already there and you do recognize it. Sometimes it’s lying in wait, waiting to be reached for…

I wrote this series on sensuality with the hope of awakening (a little bit) your artistic passions. I included enticing information, exciting graphics and (hopefully) inspiring poetry, to show (all together) what your senses can do for you creatively.

I do see (feel) your words, your artistry. I believe in you with every breath I take, I believe in you and what you can accomplish for I think it is the beauty and truths that we artists share with each other and the world that will be what ultimately moves humanity up and beyond where we are now.

It is “us” with our creative gifts, and the beauty in our souls that will provide inspiration for others to follow. Some important thoughts to think on: “All life is sacred and beautiful” “We are what we write and artistically present to others for viewing” “We are all connected…the stronger the connection when based on the passions of love, the stronger is our connection with everything and everyone” – and so it goes…CREATE!

A Writer/Artist’s Passion

I am

all that I am

the sum of all my parts,

I love and feel


I create with magnificent intensity

to move and inspire you,

When you view me

Do you see

who I am,

the sum of all my parts

I am … you!



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Remember everyday is your day to shine ~ make it so, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

Prelude Finale – Embedded Passions

Passions of the Mind

Hello and welcome.

Today I will be discussing once more – the nature of passion. In the next post I will begin exploring each of the individual senses within our body (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell).

The thing is (sigh), passion is tightly interwoven with our senses. So intimately are they connected that you can’t discuss the one without at least understanding the other.

When I first wrote about passion, I discussed the passion of both the writer and the reader. Later on I referred to “symbols” and used the heart for example while relating to love and the desire for one another. But passion is so much more vast in its encompassing.

Our passions in life are really what move us to do what it is we do and I believe the power of passion is embedded within every single one of us! It only needs an opening to be released.

Being passionate is really about your thoughts and senses overflowing with the strongest of your emotions – IN ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE on ANY SUBJECT!

There are those who feel great passion inside, but releasing it is a whole ‘nuther thing. Embedded passion needs a spark to be ignited. But there’s a trick here, I think.

You are the one that will allow your passions release. For some this comes so easily, it seems…for others it is a struggle to open up your senses fully – breathe life in with big huge gulps – and embrace all that amazing passion. Yours for the taking, just sitting there inside – waiting.

Passion is risky. You know that. There can be…consequences. But important things in life come with a risk. Living life itself is a risk, but we can’t grow if we don’t challenge ourselves. This is the very nature of the fabric of life and your choice as always…But one worth taking, I think. Right now would be a very good time for you to release your passions.

Passion’s Release


I am here, inside waiting

Release me

I can promise you emotions you have never felt

The depth of my promise is as deep as

the deepest ocean,

as high as the mightest mountain

as wide and full

as the canyons of dreams within your mind,

You will live as never before,

this I promise you

Release me,

I will give you all you desire and so much

more, yours for the taking

We will explore everything in life

and beyond

the reaches of time and space


I can do this, I promise

release me

I will set fire to your dreams

I will recreate ever wonder ever conceived

fashioned only for you


Release me

I am your reward for daring to live and love

and dance and sing and laugh

Set me free


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe