The Essence of Truth

So I hung out with my friend “Willy” last night (William Shakespeare – love his words) and Muse showed up desiring to play, so my prose discusses the “today” of life that is so filled with commercial artifice and pretense, please enjoy!



Is that you
The persistent hovering
near the backstory of my being …
Truth,where art thou?
I sense your longing
to reveal all.
You seem so close yet far away
I can’t quite touch you
surrounded by life’s illusions,
this glamour of falsity,
enticed by artificial pleasures.


Are you still really there?
Cloaked dissimilation,
you present naught
but ambiguity of manner,
I cannot bear your distortion.
trapped within life’s backdrop
the current unfolding drama,
or should I say comedy
(of errors perchance?).
I sigh for such is life today
where truths are only words
… of which are played.
And we, most amateur of playwrights
unable to see you as you really are,
make much of puzzling enigmas,
while busily
fashioning the fashions
of the state of our being.


Alas, the curtain will still rise
the show must go on.
If  I could but see and know you
But truth be told
I don’t know that I would recognize you
the falsity of purpose
you’ve become.
Could you, would you
come a little closer
and give not just an essence
but a pureness of thought
word and deed,
For I find, we need you now
more than ever.
Penny L Howe, 2013


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Being in the company of bloggers

…I am happy to be here!



Blogging is about sharing but also about being heard! Being noticed.

Isn’t that what we all want? Each one of us?

To be needed, an essential part of things but recognized through our own individual expression.

Reaching out to others on our own terms. To explore, experience, learn, grow and share all with the strong desire to make a positive difference while learning to understand the nature of who and why we are.

I have met and continue to meet so many wonderful bloggers presenting interesting and well-crafted words from around the globe in the blogging world of today.

I have viewed and continue to view beautiful and well executed photography. I have read and continue to read inspirational moving thoughts and ideas. Reflections that range from new information in any given subject to that of experiences and coping with pain, joy, beauty and laughter – and last but not least the powerful and creative written word.  All through the medium of blogging.

We bloggers have a need to share, to connect – express ourselves and be heard. We need to make a difference and we want to grow and learn about ourselves while we do so.

“Blogging is an artistic medium for individual expression

 I for one revel in it!”  – Penny L Howe, 2012

Penny L Howe

Inspiration ~ the value of the written word!


You are beautiful


Inspirational words are so wonderful and uplifting. And whether they are presented in the form of quotes, a sentence or two, a poem, a fable, a true story, even a book; the nature of the inspiration is viewed and appreciated by all.

But what of the value. Well that’s something else, all together.

You see … for the true value of an inspirational piece to be achieved you must really believe the words you are reading, perhaps even reading them again until you do believe and then put into practice and achieve that which was so inspiring to you from the beginning.

And then you, yourself, become an inspiration to others which proclaims loud and clear the value and worth of the inspiration of the written word as you pass it along yourself by thought, word and deed! And so it goes.


If you treat an individual … as if he were what he ought to be and could be,
he will become what he out to be and could be ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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Penny L Howe


The Why about number one!

The ‘one‘ number in our counting system we write about in a most creatively inventive style when it comes to who and how we feel about things!

number one.

Understandingly enough, the number “1” is the symbol we frequently use to express our state of emotions. We refer to  “the one and only” or a “singular individual”, or “you are number one in my book” These meanings when personalized can become ripe with the raw emoting from our very inventive imaginations. 

We view ourselves as singular. I am one person and you are one person. But we do tend to wrap our emotions around a theme of “oneness” in a very inward and selfish way too frequently. (we all do – without exception here.)

The word one, when it has to do with humanity is important. In my future world “one” will unify, encompass everyone, no exclusions. Time will then be better spent on solving the problems of one people, one planet and so on.

One can also refer to an individual feeling alone. Apart from the rest – lonely. A very sad place to be. And yet each of us have occasions where we live in the land of the lonely. Hopefully for only a short duration. Life is rich with the potential for each ‘one’ person to love many others and more importantly, themselves.



Hard not to go to an emotional place with that song, about the number one. In summation, numbers are a science to be utilized best by mathematicians, but mathematicians are people too, so I’m thinking emotions will always reign supreme in the whole scheme of things.

Make the number one, a wonderful one today – you and all those around you. Make one – count for something!

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Līgo Haībun Challenge – Peaceful Idyllic Vacation

This week’s writing challenge was a choice of two equally lovely photos, thank you, Nightlake. Difficult to choose from between the two of them. So I incorporated both in the following story. For more information on how you can also be a part of this writing challenge, click on this link  Līgo Haībun Challenge


photo1The beauty of the day was like no other. Soft soothing surf gliding across sandy shorelines; liquid sensation of motion and texture.

Waking to the rushing sounds of the ocean’s tide, Lily felt an overwhelming need to rise, explore her gorgeous surroundings. Beginning with the beautiful plants located just outside.

She stood on the patio her hand on the flowering plant, her gaze on the serene ocean. She shed a single tear, swiping it away with the back of her hand.

He had picked this very cabana, the one with the peace lily plants. He thought it a special touch, her namePeace lily being Lily. Now, although she admired the beauty of the plant, peaceful did not match her feelings.

What should have been an idyllic romantic getaway was the unfortunate reality of a vacation spent alone.

“That’s okay,” She decided. “These things happen!” Lily was glad she’d chosen to come anyway.  The change in plans weren’t his fault, his having to work.

The front door of the cabana opened. Hearing the laughter of his deep voice her heart sang with joy. Her decision to come now worth it. She wondered how he’d known?

She glanced affectionately at the peace lily and turned to greet him, her eyes filled with adoration and love.

He was not alone.


there is betrayal
it approaches so gently
one can’t be prepared


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~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Much ado about … everything!

This musical video “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!” has a few words in it that can be considered offensive (I am being serious here). The song is from Monty Python’s movie The Life of Brian (1979) but the point is still well made. We take ourselves and our lives (and everyone else’s) far too seriously, too often.

The good news is … (wait, there’s good news?) … as I was saying, the good news is there is so much news, events, activities, things happening that everyone seems to have an opinion about, and so on, that the word “boring” (unless your referring to a drill) isn’t in most people’s vocabulary. At least not too much.

This is official “Lighten up Week” (well I don’t know that it’s actually official) but for goodness sake (your own sake – for starters!) look on the bright side of things. It is waaaaay to easy to look on the dark side (Imagine Darth Vader breathing here!) of things.



Take a break this week from the “Much ado” aspect of living. Be thankful and grateful for what you do have right this second. Enjoy those around you, make their day and yours a little bit better.

Have a great week,

~ Penny

penny l howe

A nice cup of coffee


A nice cup of coffee


What is it about a rich cup of coffee
That breaks up each passing day
Sipping the brew
Enjoying a view
Listening to what others have to say.
The aroma awakens our senses
Our pallets alive to the taste
We partake of the drink
We pause as we think
Then move on with our day in some haste.
Is coffee a part of reflection
A habit to fill in our day
An addiction of course
But a passage of sorts
A cup of coffee is the adult sort of way.
I’m sitting here drinking my coffee
beginnings of the new day
taste and aroma aside
this cup of coffee must abide
… until the next one happens my way.

~ Penny L Howe, 2013

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~ Penny

Penny L Howe

“The Shy Butterfly” is Published


The Shy Butterfly

The Shy Butterfly is published. Now available at As I write this announcement there are tears running down my face. When I first wrote this story six years ago, the inspiration for the story (which I shared with him at the time) was Duane Brownlee. My daughter’s husband.

the brownlee familyA man endowed with an amazingly happy outlook on life and people. His, a gentle positive attitude about living each day to the fullest. This then was Duane. Three years ago on the weekend of his son’s tenth birthday, Duane was struck and killed by a drug using motorist, just several blocks from his home. I was there, a tragic traumatic event, his family’s lifeDad with children changed forever.

They’ve carried on. Filled with the memories of his loving and happy nature living within each of them.

This book is dedicated to Duane and all my monies received from the sale of the book go to this family for the now and future of their financial needs.

The book is about a shy butterfly afraid to come out of the shadows of a forest and live life in the sunshine. He meets a beautiful Monarch butterfly who encourages him to be brave and step out into the sunlight, to see what he’s been missing, to fully appreciate and enjoy his life.

Currently the book can be purchased and read on all kindle apps. I’ve discovered I like to view this story on my personal computer using kindle cloud. Any device that supports the kindle app will be able to view the wonderful colorful illustrations by Debbie Edwards as they read the words to the story. It is an uplifting story filled with all the positive reasons a child and an adult should brave the everyday challenges of life with a full heart and happy outgoing attitude.

illustration by debbie edwards

The book is available at all Amazon websites around the world. Thank you in advance for those of you who purchase this book.

~ Penny

Penny L Howe

Friday’s Child

little girl
What are you thinking my darling
in that devious little mind
What’s going on in that head of yours
If I seek what will I find
Why do you look so mysterious
with your clever little grin
I can tell you’ve got something going on
But will I lose or will I win
If you didn’t look so adorable
and clever in your pose
I’d be more concerned with my thinking
than adoring your turned up nose
Are you about some mischief
Should I worry, even care
Or laugh because you are playful
A happy child – so gloriously fair
The innocence of youth is powerful
And gone much too soon today
I’ll embrace and enjoy in your gaming
Yes, I’ll laugh and savor this day
~Penny L Howe, 2013

 Friday’s Child is “loving and giving”… This line is from the English poem “Monday’s Child” A rhyme first recorded in A. E. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire in the year 1838.  

My version and poem for this ‘day of the week’ child came to mind as I viewed this little girl’s mischievous expression in the photograph. Hope you enjoyed, Have an excellent weekend.

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penny l howe