A serious study in the importance of …



contrasts one


Sometimes the right thing to do, to get a true feeling for the importance of contrasts, is to experience them yourself.

Certainly if one were to partake of an ice cream bar on a sunny day at the beach, one might be able to indeed compare the subtle and unique differences that can occur with contrasts. One might even say – up close and personal.


contrasts 2


 You find yourself enjoying the first few scintillating icy bites of rich chocolate and creamy vanilla ice cream, while sitting in the hot sun near the sandy beach contemplating the contrast of hot and cold.


contrasts 3


After a few bites, however you determine there are too many contrasts to be considered as the creamy melting ice cream glides over your lips and down your sand covered chin.

Wisely you decide contrasts are one thing, but a mouth full of delicious flavor suspends any further contemplation that one might wish to make on the matter. Your focus becomes the task at hand. Enjoying the delicious taste of an ice cream bar on a hot sunny day.

The study of contrasts is postponed for another day, maybe a rainy one, unless there are mud puddles. Ah, the never ending complexities of life to be considered.


Hope you’re having a great weekend,

~ Penny


Presuming to know

.At every stage of our lives we gather information, process our thoughts and gain experience.

And as each further development occurs we presume to know what we didn’t know before.

After numerous years of living, we presume to know many things. We become educated, very knowledgeable and often streetwise through our many experiences. We presume what others know or don’t know. And we presume we have all the answers.

I thought about all of this morning.  About presuming to know.

And I came to the sudden realization – on the day I begin with presuming to know nothing, that will be the day that I might actually begin to know.

Yes, this most beautiful spider web, glistening with dewdrops from the early morning is being shown again.

I just couldn’t help myself. It is so gloriously compelling and natural. I keep thinking about it. It was an accident that I saw it at all. When we talk about spiders we don’t ever find anything nice to say about them. More likely creative ways to get rid of them and their cobwebs.

But mother nature in her wisdom create’s a spider’s web into a thing of beauty. So once again I’m presenting, for all to see, the original art work of a spider and mother nature – close up and personal!

Also today in closing here I would like to extend a very warm and special thank you to all of those who came, liked and commented on Jack’s first post. He is very happy. I am very appreciative. There will be more Jack and Emma Posts in the near future, please watch for them. Thanks again, have a wonderful day.