This is not an Awww moment…but you’ll laugh!

“Can those cute little kitties do this! I think not!”

This cat is thinking the following “Okay so I get that those pictures of kitty cats are cute…but can they do this … touch their tongue to their nose while closing one eye at the same time … I think not!” (All cats seem to have that quality of disdain don’t they!)

Enjoy the moment and I hope this brought a smile to your face,

Thanks for the visit today!

~ Penny

Awww-someness to the 4th Degree…

A cup of pooch! A very cute one!

Yes I know, not another one. The thing is, these cute little photos do an amazingly fast job of elevating one’s mood (a happiness quickie so-to-speak lol), for a brief period to be true, still, ya’ just feel good in that moment! Well I do Anyway…So here you go! Awww away!

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Presuming to know

.At every stage of our lives we gather information, process our thoughts and gain experience.

And as each further development occurs we presume to know what we didn’t know before.

After numerous years of living, we presume to know many things. We become educated, very knowledgeable and often streetwise through our many experiences. We presume what others know or don’t know. And we presume we have all the answers.

I thought about all of this morning.  About presuming to know.

And I came to the sudden realization – on the day I begin with presuming to know nothing, that will be the day that I might actually begin to know.

Yes, this most beautiful spider web, glistening with dewdrops from the early morning is being shown again.

I just couldn’t help myself. It is so gloriously compelling and natural. I keep thinking about it. It was an accident that I saw it at all. When we talk about spiders we don’t ever find anything nice to say about them. More likely creative ways to get rid of them and their cobwebs.

But mother nature in her wisdom create’s a spider’s web into a thing of beauty. So once again I’m presenting, for all to see, the original art work of a spider and mother nature – close up and personal!

Also today in closing here I would like to extend a very warm and special thank you to all of those who came, liked and commented on Jack’s first post. He is very happy. I am very appreciative. There will be more Jack and Emma Posts in the near future, please watch for them. Thanks again, have a wonderful day.

Ethereal life

Ethereal Life

Enjoy what you are given – in the moment,

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Share what you’ve been blessed with – in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Laugh with the richness of life – in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Love all you can love in the moment.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Live every moment of your life to the fullest.

From one heartbeat to the next it can be gone.

Penny L. Howe, 2012


The young man holding the dandelion fluff is significant. Several years ago on his 10th birthday weekend while preparing with his dad for a big birthday party, his dad had to run an errand, (I was there with the family), he said “I’ll be right back”. And the young man never saw his loving caring dad again as a careless motorist struck and killed him 5 blocks from the families home. I wrote the poem because it is so very very painfully true. Do cherish the moment with those you love. That is the very sincere and emotional message of this poem, and while I first wrote it last July I felt it was worth reblogging again. Thank you.

~ Penny


Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

The Accidental Gift – Part 1

I was born with a hearing defect that went undetected so I learned to speak with a bit of a lisp while running words together in a sentence.

The adults in my family assumed I had a form of mental retardation because of how I spoke and also because I did not seem to pay attention (couldn’t hear very well) therefore I was regarded and labeled as slightly retarded – today more socially correct words are used, but that was then.

My parents felt they could handle the situation themselves. No doctors were involved.

My hearing problem was finally observed and understood by both teachers and the adults at home by the time I was in the second grade. At school I was moved to the front of the class where I could hear more of what the teachers said. School was brutal the first few years as other kids made fun of me and the way I spoke.

Unfortunately the die had been cast at home and not much changed for the next few years.

…To be continued!

A Package of…Cat

Is it just me or are some of the changes in the ‘modern’ world really scary? The new norm!

For example recently at an outdoor farmer’s market I overheard pieces of a conversation between a mommy and her three children of varying ages (Estimating age range from 6 to 10 years.)

Mommy: “Isn’t this fun?”

Children: Various responses of disinterest!

Mommy: “Let’s pick out some fresh veggies and fruit!”

Children: Various responses of disapproval! “I don’t like those.” “WHAT is THAT?” “Can we go now?”

Mommy: Stating the magic words of immediate turn off for kids everywhere. “Vegetables and Fruit are really good for you.” You’ll grow big and strong!”

(Now don’t get me wrong. I grew up on a farm where we had our own homegrown produce and there were honestly very few vegetables that I really liked. So in that area things are pretty much the same. It was the next response that was a little chilling to me.)

The eldest child: “Can’t we just go to the store and get some real food. You know, the stuff in packages!

When the “Normal” food that we eat is heavily processed, chemically altered, packaged for the purpose of longer shelf life while providing greater marketing appeal – how much have we really gained/lost in the translation? And how far will it go? When does it end…?

p.s. – I don’t know how franky got into the empty plastic wrapping and it did take me a few minutes to extricate him from inside. However I did think the photo brought emphasis to the point I was trying to make!

If change be a constant, may we not aspire to become part of the change…in a good way * PennyQuote

Dirt and Worms

Nope this is not a post about the earth or anything that crawls within it. It is a post about a cookie that my mother made for me when I was a little girl, a cookie that I love. My mom’s nickname for the cookie was Dirt & Worms.

Basically these cookies are fudge (made from cocoa) with oatmeal added. (These are good for you because of the chocolate and fiber – okay total cop out here, but very yummy.)

So it begs the question “what’s up with the name?” and I’m glad you asked. This post is about a very delicious cookie and my mom’s quirky sense of humor.

I asked her why she called these cookies dirt & worms and she didn’t explain she gave me a demonstration by breaking one of the cookies in half.

“See for yourself.” she said. And I did and she was right. When you look at the side view of the inside of the cookie it does look exactly like little white worms in dirt.

So is there a point to this story. I’m not sure. If I ask people if they’d like to try some fresh dirt & worms (Yes, I grew up and learned to make them for myself) I do get interesting responses. But without exception, they always ask for more.

Sometimes things aren’t what you think they are.