Me … tagging and a Challenge to Bloggers!

tag_your_it_xlargeSo my lovely friend Gys over at her blog in France “tagged” me. Me … who is notorious for not being very good with following up tags and awards and things!! This time I decided I would participate. I know, surprised me too. , First order of business – check out her blog! You’ll be glad you did! She and her posts are a delight to the eyes and the mind. And now for the TAG of it all!


Tag Rules:

1 – Post these rules.
2 – Post a picture of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

You guys certainly know my photos but here’s a new one taken last week! And no comments on my messy office, Please!

Penny’s random factoids:

  • According to anyone who has known me for awhiledon’t make her mad!” Whatever that’sSnapshot_20130219_2 supposed to mean?
  • I’m a natural blonde, always have been. Scandinavian you know!
  • I have no tolerance for intolerance chew on that one for awhile!
  • I’m a “nature” girl. Not into artificial anything!
  • I’m currently waiting for my fav. Canadian sci-fi writer Julie Czerneda’s next book! Most impatiently I might add, as it’s a follow-up to her first series Web Shifters” 
  • Whenever I’m upset or worried I tend to … take it to the kitchen (yes, oblique reference intended you Godfather fans) and make something. Oh, okay I make FUDGE alright … happy now?

  • My favorite animal I ever knew was a big German Sheperd name “Ruke”. A trained protection animal who lived with me and ended up being my “best friend” for quite awhile! You animal lovers know what I mean!
  • I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches! Hey it’s better than peanut butter and pickles!
  • A very special friend in my life, is fighting for her life (Intensive Chemo) right now. She’s a blogger. If you have the time I would be most appreciative if you’d visit and follow Roxi . Her photography, her written words, her posts, her blog all are awesome !  Thank you for those of you who do!
  • I think bloggers are the greatest people. EVER!
  • Last week I was given an assignment by a Publisher to write a book, YAY!!!!!! More on that later, I promise!


3 – Answer “eleven” questions that are given to you in the position of the tag. 

  1. If you were offered a meeting out of the ordinary, what would it be? The leaders of the Planet. I know but you gotta try, right?

  2. What do you find attractive on WordPress? Ease of posting and commenting. Is this contact?  Yes, close up and personal interactions. What do you learn? Many flavors of our rich humanity. Specify. We share ourselves with each other, a most excellent thing!

  3. For what reason did you first start your blog? To be creative and explore life.

  4. Do you like your readers when they enjoy your work? Love ’em!

  5. If nobody leaves you comments or one’s that are indifferent or other does it bother you? Sometimes, but then I remember we all have our own individual thoughts, ideas and opinions, as we should, so I try to understand and learn from this.

  6. In your relationships with others, are you listening or do you prefer to be listened to? Both, always!

  7. If you were offered a trip, where would you go? Everywhere! Hey the whole planet fascinates me!

  8. Do you have any hobbies? If yes, which ones? Lots! Kayaking, nature walkabouts, reading, drawing, painting, writing, photography, Loopweaving (working creatively with yarn), collecting elephant figurines, Listening to music, watching videos, etc ~ Living life stuff.

  9. What is your favorite animal? All that live!

  10. What event has most influenced your life? Being born, lol, sorry Gys couldn’t help myself!

  11. If you are allowed to have a second life, who would you be? Me!

q and a

4 – Create new questions and tag eleven new people to meet them.

My questions for you are:

  1. If you could influence anyone on the planet in a positive way, who would it be?

  2. What would you say to this person?

  3. And why?

  4. When you find yourself looking up at the clouds and you then you just keep looking at them, Why?

  5. When you find yourself looking up at the stars on a clear night and then you just keep looking at them, Why?

  6. What is the single most important thing in the world to you (the first thing that comes to mind right now!)?

  7. What do you feel (Think positive here, no negative answers please or … see Penny’s first random factoid above!) … you share the best … with other bloggers?

  8. What does the word “Love” mean to you? Hey no one said they had to be easy questions!

  9. If you could remove from everyone’s memory (on the planet) one word and it’s meaning, what would it be?

  10. Why do you blog? Come on I mean really why?

  11. Why do you think we have and need friends, my friend?

youAnd the lucky recipients are: YOU!

Can I email all of you? No! Twitter all of you? No. Time is the problem here. So I’m seriously breaking rule 5 which is: Go to their blog / twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

However I will say that for those of you who decide to be … tagged, Consider this a challenge! Even if you’ve been tagged recently. From me to you! Just let me know! I will be most interested in reading, liking, tweeting, linking, and sharing with as many as I can.

You are all special to me, singling only a few out just wasn’t in the picture! Again thank you, this was a lengthy one wasn’t it!

~ Penny

More than a blog … More than just a post!


Catching the perfect shot


Yes definitely more than just a post …

When you sit down in front of your computer to create your post for the day it’s more than a post!

More than just a clever grouping of words and/or photographs/music or works of art.????????????????????????????????????????

This is a space that you call your own. You may share your thoughts, your feelings, your explorations of life, both those inside your head and in everyday life, but more probably the creative side of you that you don’t show anywhere else.

Being a blogger allows you to expand your vision and share what life means to you. It’s special and unique!

I’m a blogger and this is a space where I can write and say what I want to, the way I want to, when I want to. I can inspire if I wish to, or I can perhaps introduce new information to you.

Not just another faceless entity

Not just another faceless entity


This then is the most special place on the planet because when I’m here I own the persona that is reflected in ????????????????????????????????????????each and every word, photograph, illustration, musical video, and any other creative application that I choose to use this place for.

And when you come to visit … it’s me you’re coming to see. The me I want to be noticed, the me I want you to like and remember. That me. The me that, maybe, no one else see’s or notices, at least not in the way I want to be seen.

And when I’m here, I’m at peace. There is a special feeling that I have here that I get no where else. Something that enriches my soul.

It certainly improves my ability to communicate (through words) with others. And as I go about and visit other bloggers I sense from their posts the same proprietary sensations that they have about their own blog as they (like me) share that very special creative side of their nature.



Our blog and our posts are palettes, and journals, a creative landscape opening us up to greater and better things.

For some of us there are creative goals we are reaching for. And here in our blogs we share in the reaching of those goals together, even as we come to know one another personally as friends.

And this is the WHY ABOUT THIS! The Why a Blog is more than a Blog and a Post is more than a Postfile0001561596841 and a comment is more than a mere response by another blogger. We’re communicating because it’s about us. Each other.

We’re the ones that are blogging and commenting. And this makes it extra special and more than the sum of all it’s parts.

We aren’t the only one that feels alone when standing in a group of people. There are many of us, different, unique, special. Talented.

We blog to be creative but we also blog to meet and be interactive with others like ourselves. Blogging is enriching, and informative. It enhancing our intelligence and our creative muse, but mostly I think it nourishes while fulfilling our need to reach out to others and be accepted for who we are!




All these things given/received by the bloggers who blog and all the reasons why, a Blog is more than a blog and a post is more than a post. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

So if your a blogger I have a table waiting just for you to share a visit with, or at your place, yours or mine doesn’t matter – I can’t wait! Blog on!

A fellow blogger,

~ Penny


The Talent of an Artist, Writer, Musician…

… and Constructive Criticism,

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Truth of it all!

It’s quite possible, in fact probable that I may take some heat from this post, which is of course perfectly acceptable. Bring it on!


The word “artist” here applies to anyone who creates. They may use any format, any medium, any creative talent and will produce something original. Written words, musical sounds, lyrics, paintings, photography, movies, videos, sculpture, crafting, dancing, acting, and so on)


To me “Constructive Criticism” is a refined and effective type of critical feedback. The reader/viewer/listener will tell you what they find “good” about your creative endeavors and share what can be improved upon. So far so good. When you ask a person to “critique” your work pick someone you know to be skilled in the area of your artistry. They will give you an informed perspective of their opinion. Most artistry comes with learning the “tools of the trade”. This is important. The person who is offering critical feedback should be knowledgeable in this manner. If you don’t personally know someone like this, ask a fellow artist who they may know.


There are many out there in the online world wide web of everything that profess to being “experts”! Many are well qualified but some are not. Research! Find out more about those you would ask for advice. Be very careful in whom you approach for critical appraisal.


Okay this is where I think I’m going to take a hit from some “professionals” in various fields. The world is in a flux of change. Some of the tried and true “rules” of what and how you should create (in any given medium) is evolving. There is a wellspring of innovative talent from around the world merging with one another right now. This means experimentation and creative new styles and methods.

Don’t let “experts” rain on your parade and tell you what is wrong with your art because it is different. Those who are tied to the past cannot easily see the essence of the future springing from your words, your art, your style of acting, your music, your photography, your videos and so on. Be you! Creative from the heart. You’re the Artist of your work, not them.


“The artist is still a little like the old court jester. He’s supposed to speak his vicious paradoxes with some sense in them, but he isn’t part of whatever the fabric is that makes a nation.” ~ William Faulkner


So there you go, I’ve had my say. Thank you for stopping by have a most excellent weekend!

~ Penny

ps – I was asked how old the pictures are that I use of myself, in my posts. Some are recent. None are more than 4 months old, this one I took a couple of hours ago! I know I look tired, I was up late last night! lol

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

You – The Inspiration


There are many things that affect you each day. The one common denominator they all have is You. Each of us has said or heard the words “that is so inspiring”. What causes the inspiration within you are your own emotions. You…are the one reacting.

How you feel plays a major role in the shaping of inspiration. There is no one who has the ability to inspire you more than you. You the greatest motivator. All things beyond that are catalysts that “light your fire” or put it out.

There is a key here, something to think on. No one just leaps out of bed, happy with the world and thinks all things are wonderful and then goes out and conquers. Well nobody I know anyway.

But many understand what is needed and set about searching for that which will influence and motivate them towards a certain mindset. This takes practice and (the hard part) discipline.

To overcome, move forward, take chances, be brave and be inspired you must have the discipline to understand – you are on a mission to find those things (catalysts) in your own life that will advance your own inspiration!

I can say that with confidence. I am familiar with the discipline. The interesting thing to note here is that the daily practice of searching for motivation is actually very freeing.

The more you are outside of yourself looking at potentials, possibilities and what others are doing, the easier it is to be creative. You are no long stuck inside of you wondering what to do next.

The next step is yours. It always was about you, you know! You are your greatest Inspiration!

Your Inspiration, Your ideas -You!

And just so you know, all of you are my catalysts, my inspiration comes from a strong desire to return the favor to you my friends. Enjoy the day ~ All my love, Penny

Copyright © 2012 by Penny l Howe

A Writer’s/Artist’s Passion

A Writer/Artist’s Passion

Oh no Penny’s not going to do another “passion” post?

Sorry, (okay so actually I’m not sorry) but you guys keep inspiring me. I just can’t help myself. This is another post for every single blogging-writer,artist out there! Especially the one’s entering the Competition (see how cleverly I snuck this in here) So this one’s for all of you, you know who you are.

There is a feeling of passion deep inside me. I feel them you know, – your words, they move me, they reach out to me and they just keep getting better. I wrote about the sense of “touch” the other day and a writer, blogger, (who I believe to be very inspirational) from half way around the world commented to me “Can you feel it? I have just touched you?” (it was a virtual handshake across the miles) yet still just for a moment it seemed real … and the thing is I couldn’t get the thought, or his thought out of my mind. The connections with all of you, through your words.

… An intangible something I recognize deep down inside when I read your written word. From post to post I go and the passion inside grows, reading your emersion into creativity. I am witnessing, written words, photography, illustrations, hearing your ideas, thoughts, all of it, everything – stirring around inside me as I watch each of you grow, reaching for all you can be … Your passions are finally being released and what a glorious thing to view! I applaud you all!

The Colors of Passions

I see them gloriously descending

The colors of your mind,

This kaleidoscope of riches

Cascading from captivity,

those hidden creative wonders

A gossamer catapulting

Of strong desire,

… Awareness …

Spiraling waves of

Words to paper,

Colors to canvas,

Photographic movement


An inner dream’s awareness

Prisms of thought

Reflective evolutions

Colors of passion




To those who create ~ this is your time, your dream. Your tomorrow’s are happening right now ~ make it so!

And for all of those who have not entered the Poetry Challenge/Reward, now is a good time to do that also. For details click on The Bloggers Challenge. There’s still a week to go! Hope to see your entry here,

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the read, Penny

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Blog, the missing letters

I’ve been giving some thought to the word blog. Where it came from? What it means? How it sounds (Ick!) What I think about the word?

The original meaning of the word blog meant a chronicle or a written diary (web log – blog). That was then. But this is now. Blogging has evolved for the private individual and the enterprising soul.

Blogging has become a personal highly interactive form of communication. Where not only our written thoughts and ideas are shared, but also our creative muse, whatever format this takes.

The new breed of individual blogger cares, and wants to be nurtured in return with comments and words that will further them along in their endeavors, their hopes, their dreams, their goals, their disappointments, their pain, their successes, their joy, their laughter. Blogging has become much more than a written diary but now is a personal connection and a medium of exchange in the finest, truest and most meaningful manner.

I think that blogging and bloggers are pretty wonderful. But the word, I’m convinced it’s not the true word to describe who we are and what we do.

And then it dawned on me. There are a couple of letters missing from the word blog. So I’ve added them and here they are:


Belong. That’s how I feel when I sit down to write, upload a photograph or share some thoughts, ideas, art, music, food, anything. I feel connected. And when I’m reading other people’s words or viewing their visual images I’m filled with a feeling of making a difference with my comments. And when I read their comments to me that inspire and make me feel better about myself, then I feel a part of something enriching and vibrant. I finally feel I’ve found a place where I fit in, where I – belong!

And now in closing a final photo of my guys who define belonging.